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    Some Flying Action! Clips inside.

    thanks for the link. 2 questiions m8, 1/ What's the name of that little thing you fly? Not that I want to get into flying them in real life. But I wouldn't mind seeing if the flightgear or x-plane sims have one. 2/ What's the music/band to wind rotor eh!...? thanks again cheers
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    Some Flying Action! Clips inside.

    Walt, A little bit of advice, but you don't have to take it on board... Get a new music director. ;-p ---------------- It doesn't matter what you're learning. It's nice to have an instructor that you get along with, that's about 90% of the learning curve. ---------------- Loved them mate, simply delightful. Thank you.
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    I <3 Radiohead

    Robzy, you oughta be shot for putting that link up. And me too, for watching about 40 seconds of it... GAK!!!
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    Computer Bored

    delete it and don't post when you're bored. Or if you have to post, then put it in the bloody green room where it belongs. tyvm!
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    Stalker -older alpha build 1935 - for free

    I wasn't going to dl it, but looking at it in an historical context, pursuant to the Stalker saga. From when we were first told about it, to it's actual release date that is. And how many times in between there were delays through re-designs of game world ideas and engine etc. It's starting to appeal. Plus I'm hoping that the modding guys will get into it too. So that's another bonus to be considered as well.
  6. Don't sell it keep it. A twin lappy system running linux is a good thing, even if one of them is an old P3 one. ------------- IBM is usually very linux friendly. Check these out to see if your model is listed. Then hopefully you can take it from there with a newer version of the working version. http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/ibm.html ------------ Have fun and welcome to the linux world. :-p
  7. pekkahead

    Steam now has automatic, regionised download servers

    Krispy, Click on the Games link on the Bigpond homepage, then GameArena...and then register. They will ask if you are a Bigpond member, tick yes and answer any questions about that one. Then you ought to be good to go. This one's not games, but it's useful all the same. http://files.bigpond.com/
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    Bill Gates bans Ipods and Iphone

    Insipid outlook from a hater of any other OS competition. I really like the way they are targeting 'extreme poverty' :/ So I suppose that having that much money allows you to infer that poverty that is deemed to be 'not extereme' is good. O_O
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    Epic quotes.

    Put the bunneh down..... And later on, Why didn't you just, put the bunneh down...? Nicholas Cage - Con Air
  10. A few months back I over heard some people discussing the merits of cider vinegar as opposed to detol... So I tried it and.... It works really, really well. Plus there is a goodly cost saving too.
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    Wanting to learn the guitar

    A very nice guitar m8 100% drool worthy :-) With the exception of two.... One was a Fender slim line jazz guitar, a Starcaster. It had the 73 tele deluxe pickups...pure honey they were. The unfortunate things about that guitar were, it had a tele like baseball bat neck and large frets. If it had a Strat type neck and lower frets, I'd still own the bloody thing today. The other was a 72, large headstock Strat....words really do fail me for that guitar. Awesome, amazing, stunning, great, brilliant etc...really don't do it justice. I think that every now and then guitar makers do make a 'GOOD' guitar and that was one. Fuck it was a good guitar....sigh. All the rest have been cheapies. R.I.P ;-p
  12. pekkahead

    Wanting to learn the guitar

    To get a not shit instrument you do need to know something about guitars, and that will come with familiarity over time with the instrument. But if you know anyone that plays guitar, and has for a while, then if possible, get them to check out your prospective purchase with you. Bottom end brand name guitars aren't that much better, if at all, than any other el cheapo, made in china guitars. The starter guitar market is a quagmire of short cuts and bad timbers that defies the imagination. But having said that, you can find some very decent guitars to start on, if you're prepared to take your time and look around. ----------------------------- OK.... The non-definitive quick and dirty short guide to what to look for.... 1/ nylon or steel strings - nylon for classical styles <flamenco too?> steel for rock, blues etc. 2/ round shoulders or cut-away, Round shoulders only allow comfortable fret board access to where the body and fret board meet and that's about it. Cut away, One shoulder is cut away and this allows you easier access to the upper part of the neck. 3/ The action, This term describes the height the strings are above the frets, at the 12th fret and/or at the sound hole end of the neck, On cheapo guitars the action is usually high. If the action at the 12th fret is 1/4' or 6mil, then I'd say that is a high action. Note, some players like a high action - it all depends on the style one plays. <It's a bit like art, some people don't know what it is , but they know what they like.> ;-p 4/ Straightness of the neck. Most important to ascertain this when looking at the prospective purchase, as a wonky neck will be a major annoyance, period! In other words, irrespective of sales person opinion.....don't buy it!! To check for a straight neck - Look along both sides of the fret board at the timber edge, not the frets, from the nut to the bridge...the bridge is on the body, it supports the saddle, which is what the strings go over. There ought not be any deviation from a straight line at all! Also A/ look along the frets too, to ascertain if there are any frets that stand a little proud, high. If any are proud then all they need is a gentle tap to seat them properly. B/ look along the fret tops to see where they line up with the top of the bridge. They ought to line up no more than 1/8" <3 mil?> below the top of the bridge, immediately below below the saddle. 5/ Electro acoustic or plain acoustic - Electro ones have a pizeo pick up in the bridge under the saddle and the cable connection is on the bottom or the side of the instrument. For the annoyance of neighbours in another post code, these can be played through an amplifier :) Plain acoustic - These guitars do not have a pickup in them at all. 6/ The sound of the instrument. Do this with all the guitars that you like the look of, and even ones that don't appeal, as they might take your fancy just on their sound alone. Before you even take it off the stand/wall etc, strum it as it's hanging or standing there. Just drag your thumb or index finger across the strings a couple of time and listen to the sound it makes. Even if it's out of tune, it's the sound of the instrument that you are listening for, not how in tune it is. ---------------------- I was going number this 7 , but it's more of a remedial thing than a what to look for thing. All the same it's handy to know, if you're a do it yourself fixer.. You can lower the action by... Tensioning the truss rod that runs down the neck under the fret board <ie screwing it up tighter> . Undoing the truss rod will cause the neck to rise more, thus raising the action.. The neck normally rises when you tune the strings - the string tension causes it to rise. You can also lower the action by sanding down the bottom of the plastic saddle. Use a medium grade wet and dry sand paper, but use it dry. Saddles in cheapo guitars usually have plenty of plastic to work on. ---------------------- That will do for now...the rest will come with time and familiarity. -------------------- As i said earlier that is the non-definitive quick and dirty short guide to what to look for.... It will get you started in the right direction. Write it down and take it with you when you go shopping. Reference it when you see a guitar that you like. cheers. ;-)
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    Wanting to learn the guitar

    Welcome to the wonderful oddness that is music. I'm assuming that you have a guitar already...? If not, then get one. Definitely have some lessons!! Even if it's only once a week for 3 months... You will benefit enormously by having a grounding in the basics of music theory, and that is a very good thing. Also.... "PRACTICE" what you are taught. A minimum of 15mins a day of scales is a good start, more time if you can, is better....much better. Learning scales teaches you 3 important things, 1/ the scale name and the notes that make up that scale. 2/ the sound that the names relates to. 3/ and their placement on the fret board. ----------------------- Have fun. ;-p */edited for clarity...
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    Levelling up

    Uncle.... Don't be a drama queen..... People have died for the lack of lesser knowledge than this, Did you level up and get the goodies???? ;-p
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    Age of Conan

    When AoC first hit the streets it was a very badly done product. As it was then, it ought not to have been released in that condition...It "WAS'" bad. My first 3 days experience, when AoC was released, were abysmal and I canceled my acc. But having said that, there was a 3 hour window where everything worked and worked exceptionally well. And I loved it to pieces...a great game! Thankfully those bad days are dead and Conan is now a wonderful game to participate in. So much so that I am about to put that pleasure onto the plastic, so I can keep going. --------------- I too am a solo player and I am glad that I went back to Conan. And I'm loving it to death. ------------- My machine is an, Nec Powermate, core duo 2.66, 2gigs 667 ram, 80gig hd and a 1gig 9800gt. And I'm finding it a real treat to play. It stutters a little bit, but I think that's because of the game settings that I'm running. Gotta lurrrrv that eye candy ;-p I change it when it 'really' bugs me, which isn't often. --------------- Go for it, it really is an enjoyable game to play. The art work in general and the scenery, is drool worthy 100% It's an adult game, but you would never know by the in game chat ;p cheers :) edit/ I thought that this might be of interest too.... http://forums.ageofconan.com/showthread.php?t=184825 bye.
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    Future of portable gaming

    I put a link to that iFreeze thing in the Apple<?> forum about a year> back. But way back then it was just a drawing and, I don't think it even had a name. I Stumble<d>upon it...
  17. pekkahead

    Age Of Conan freebie?

    Yeah, I'm even thinking of hitting the plastic for this one... I went with 2 game cards as I wasn't sure if I'd stay with Conan. Now my second game card is about to die and I really do enjoy playing this game.. So I'm a seriously looking at you, my plastic card of doom >_>
  18. pekkahead

    An... interesting... youTube video

    2 minutes of purgatory was enough...
  19. Try here, And I think they're in Perth :) home page... http://www.p4laptops.com.au/ or here for $1949. http://www.p4laptops.com.au/bestprice.htm
  20. This is PCuser magazines own Linux distro, built on xubuntu8.10 and running the gnome gui. And as the topic description says, this isn't on a netbook, but a desktop. Why a desktop, well simply put, it's all I have and I wanted to try this iteration of UserOS. I liked the original UserOS when it appeared, so it was a given that I'd try another version when it came out based on ubuntu 8.10. The box is an NEC powermate, coreduo 2.6, 2gigs 667 ram, a 1gig 9600gt and an 80gb sata hd. Aside from dual booting with Mandriva 2009 there's no radio or any other form of networking either... It requires 5gig of space to be allocated to it in the windows partition. */NOTE... After rebooting into Windows, I find the Ubuntu folder is 16.5 gigs./* It's a two part install, the first part sets it all up and after a reboot, the second part is the installation of all the files. I'm not versed in the arcane workings involved to get this to work in a windows environment, suffice to say that I am very impressed that it can be done. Considering that it's linux and it's in a Windows environment, it's really hassle free....tres cool. After the mandatory post install reboot and when at the dual boot screen, I select windows, then up comes a dos screen with 2 choices - windows or xububtu. Selecting xubuntu is the go...and I'm in, it's that easy. Then it's the usual synaptic package manager updating process, and that's it... All up it took about 50 mins from go to whoa, including the 165 file update. Seeing as how the gui is gnome and the update <190 files> includes KDE file updates too. I just unticked those and the dl was 165 files. Only gripe... As it comes, VLC for videos, is ok... But if you really like watching vids under linux, well then you are going to have to work on that one to be happy with it. Other than that, this is a great idea and it really works. The mandatory brown nosing part... And a big thank you to Darren for doing it. Cheers mate :-) ps, Yeah, it probably works a real treat on a netbook too. ;-p
  21. Have a nice day everyone..... ;-p
  22. Kerberos, I know zip about. Maybe your search engine is your friend there. Or better still start another thread on it. ------------------ Basically, There is more than one way to achieve a desired result and with linux you do have a plethora of tools that do the same thing. But when you look at how they do what they do, plus their eye candy, then you will see differences and some like a choice. If you have more than one audio player or vid player you can, through your package manager, remove the one you don't want or add others to see what they're like. With your package manager, you can customise the hell out of a linux distro, it's so easy to do it's almost a crime. ------------------- File managers... Thunar is the file manager for the xfce environment. Nautalis is the file manager for the gnome environment. If you like a particular file manager, then I dare say that you can have it in other environments, but through bringing their associated support files with them, they will add bloat to the foreign host system. ------------------ Xubuntu runs on the xfce environment and xfce has it's own, minimalist, gui. Which for a lot of people can be quite a daunting experience in itself. But again, you can customise it by choosing the gnome gui or the kde gui or any of the other less<?> popular gui's. ----------------- UserOS The original iteration of UserOS was quite basic and minimalist to say the least. As it was created to be a speedy experience, basing it on xubuntu was a good move. This current iteration is more like a normal distro, in that it provides, in a smallish form, tools that will enable you to interact with the web, watch vids, listen to mp3's, write letters and create a home video. There's more, but that will do for the moment. UserOS only has one of each tool to do a job, not multiple options, as that would defeat it's purpose. ----------------- Also, I don't think PCuser magazine has a download for UserOS, I think it's only available off their march 2009 cover disk. ----------------- Hope it all helps. :-)
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    OOh cool tattoos!

    If you have any friends that have tats and you like the look of their tats, ask where they got them done. But remember... Line work is everything! Make sure that the line work is fine <thin> because... Dark, heavy line work is absolute crap....it's the pits!! It's the sort of work people get who don't know any better and just want a tat. As for the design, go into a tat shop and have a look at their art collection, it's usually the wall paper of the shop. There's bound to be one you like....but don't theme it...that's so passe'. If you have an original idea...all the better.
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    Apple does it again......

    Just plug one into each ear for heavenly sent stereo.... ;-p
  25. I'm assuming it's all on the one machine ..... Can't you set up another HD with a system AND the kernel that you want to add into the existing system and then, once it's running , all ok.... Just copy that kernel and the appropriate code bits that it requires, into your existing system, < as opposed to installing it into the existing system> Then script up a suitable selection screen for when the machine boots... so you can select the option that suits your usage purpose.. sorta like a dual boot screen.....? Press 1 for RTA kernel Press 2 for Ordinary Kernel. That sort of thing. -------------- Coding isn't my bag, I gave that idea away a few years ago when linux started to work...much better that it once did. ;-p