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    Macro Lens > Cheap Scanner

    It's been 27 years since I've had any serious discussion on image quality and as such I'm struggling to recall the appropriate terminology. So please bear with me.... I know the 2 stop push will be detrimental to the quality of the recorded image...that's a given before we go anywhere else. But wouldn't the light transference qualities of the styro cup also come into play and reduce the quality of the recorded image too.? After all, the image has to travel through the tunnel created by the styro cup 'and' the extra amount of light that cup allows into the image path? I hope it makes sense m8.
  2. pekkahead

    Leaving on a jet plane

    Enjoy it shiki.... Check out their case mod skulls too... ;-p
  3. pekkahead

    Kalyway 10.5.2

    apols for the ot question.... But what's that yellow cable in the foreground of the top pic used for... I know it's a data cable for hd/rom etc But why the power leads too? ty :)
  4. pekkahead

    Cadillac WTF (concept car)

    Personally I prefer the look of the GT40 that won Le Mans....all those years ago <3
  5. pekkahead

    Tomb Raider: underworld - mini review

    Coat hangers...huh?? That's odd, Due to the thickness of the metal used, I would have thought that there was too much resistance to carry the sound properly. Especially for silver eared audiophiles....
  6. pekkahead

    New Stalker Cleasr Sky patch v1.5.08

    go here for the goodness... http://cs.stalker-game.com/en/?page=patches grab it you rabid stalker bunnies ;-p
  7. pekkahead

    New Stalker Cleasr Sky patch v1.5.08

    OL 2.2 is a very nice mod, but The Priboi Story 1.1 is far better. It totally changes the perspective of the game as it has you playing the military side. Just a shame there wont be a v1.2 anymore...the dev team broke up. Look into it... Hook into it. have fun ;-p
  8. pekkahead

    Fallout 3 - mods.

    This site doesn't have a mods section per se', but it's a start... It's the site homepage and the mods are under 'Latest Files' (opposite item 3.4 of the faq contents). There's only 6 so far. Go here... http://www.nma-fallout.com/article.php?id=37329 ------------------------ I did a search for Fallout3 mods and the above was all I found in one place. If you find more drop them here pls :-) ------------- more here... http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/ ----------------- This page of mods and updates, may be of interest to you also :-) http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/recent.php ---------------- If you remember timeslips' OBMM <Oblivion Mod Manager> Well now he's made FOMM, Fallout Mod Manager, not yet at v1, but getting there. http://timeslip.chorrol.com/
  9. pekkahead

    What are your gaming albums?

    Game sounds are everything so... In all bar one case, not even the game music, but... There is only one exception, and that is Diablo2. Damn good music there. Works totally with the story line, very atmospheric.
  10. pekkahead

    Plemix - for cheap as hell cameras.

    Price wise that's what I figured after comparing their prices with others too. But still, for a lot of people, a 5% saving is still a viable option, even for what appears to be a gray market item.
  11. Whilst reading reviews and doing searches I came across this site . They're US, Oz -Sydney and UK based. I don't know anything about them. Never heard of them before. Anyone know them...any 'news', good, bad or indifferent about them. The camera prices are very good indeed. http://www.plemix.com/listing-dslr-page1
  12. I spose if you have never seen one, then any design is a good design. Also... I'd hate to see the robot that thing came from O_O ;-p
  13. pekkahead

    Google Chrome ditches the Beta

    It's google.... That's enough for me, FF will do just fine, ty Mr Google. And no! I don't want bloody fries with it either...ok? ;-p
  14. I'm looking at a 1000d or maybe...at a struggle, a 450d. Is the software that comes with Canon digital cameras provided for free... Or is it trial based for x days and then you have to pay for it after that. If pay after x days...how much is it...? cheers.
  15. I'm contemplating buying a digital camera that can be operated, in a limited fashion, from a computer. It has a usb connection for the transference of data to and fro between it and a computer. What I want to know is how long is the max for the usb cable. And also, is there an interface that I can buy or kit build etc, to convert the usb to cat3, thus allowing a longer distance cable run. Or am I really pissing up a rope. ty guys.
  16. LB, Yeah, not wrong.... I've looked at so many reviews and specs in the last two and a half months. Confusion abounds to the degree that I really thought it did connect to the 100d but alas not so. The length question was just something that I wanted to know to satisfy some ideas floating around my head. cheers m8
  17. pekkahead

    $5.00 to pickup an item worth $23.50?!

    Usually when you order something, providing that you have dealt with them before, it's a guaranteed sale for them. The $5 sounds like a sting. As you live in a area where there are a lot of computer/it outlets, I'd go elsewhere, unless you like dealing with that store that is.
  18. pekkahead

    Hi everybody !

    Greets nomis :-) Don't worry about everyone telling you to read the FAQ.... They're just trolling.... It's nearly everyone's favourite past time here. */cough....cough\* Have a nice day....and no fries please. :-)
  19. I'm looking to buy a Canon digital camera, model 1000d, and it comes with a remote facility. Thus enabling it to be controlled from a computer via a usb2 interface. I was hoping that a usb to cat3 converter might allow me to have a much longer cable run, which hopefully, I think will be the case. Even if it's one of those little plug like ones in one of the above posters links. I think I might get one of those smaller converters and run cat3 from there into the computer. It wont run at cat3 speed but that's ok. It will suffice in the interim, whilst I scrimp up enough to buy the powered screw on remote control, which runs cat3.
  20. pekkahead

    Re-installing on a HP Pavilion Dv5-1138XT

    misread post...apols. Have a nice day. ;-p
  21. pekkahead

    Speakers into Headphone jack. good or bad?

    For, I think $24 bux, you can buy the MS cable for connecting to a vga monitor. That splits into 2 parts, the vga plug part and the stereo left, right plugs. The cable is quite a long one from the xbox plug to the vga in, and the stereo split off is approx 24" long.
  22. I know it's the full program but... How much does it cost or is it free? cheers m8 ;-p
  23. pekkahead

    Help on creating a moving GIF

    You have probably found something by now, but anyway.... I found this stuff on youtube...looks fairly easy. <this vid's not really a good start, but there's others available>
  24. Thanks fellas, You've given me some food for thought, greatly appreciate it. ty. ;-p
  25. pekkahead

    Speakers into Headphone jack. good or bad?

    I've been running audio out of the head phone plug for about 10 years. From the old p166/p200 era boxes to lappies to the oldish 2.66 NEC I'm running now, without any problem. I now run the audio through a cheap 4 year old 2:1 set up sans the original 2, and feed the stereo out to a couple of very old, op shop bought, Pioneer S-X7 boxes. Very tasty. ;-) I also plug the audio from my xbx360 into the same system. The only annoying thing is changing the plugs over each time I use the xbx. But it works like a charm. /edit spukkin felling erras.