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    To ban or not to ban.

    hard topic to decide on. on one hand it is a security risk, hell, it could be anyone hiding behind it. on the other hand it is their culture and way of life. i tentatively want to say ban it, mainly for safety's sake, but also as its not "common" in our culture, they should have to re-adjust (as horribly racist as that sounds :( )
  2. 0M39A_1337

    Can't PM? Can't get into Trademart? Read Here!

    pretty much just posting to gain access to trademart again. thanks for the info :)
  3. 0M39A_1337

    Why modded consoles are better...

    wii modding is rather easy, and a great way to get more out of your console. my wii currently has cios rev13b (hopefully only till saturday providing rev14 comes out on time), usb game loading (via usbloader gx), media centre capabilities from smb shares(mplayer ce), scummvm, snes9x gx, psx + n64 emulators (not running that well yet though) and plenty of other things. totally brick free thanks to bootmii installed as boot2 i got a modchip a couple years ago (wiikey v1), but cant even remember the last time i used a wii disk (still use gamecube disks every now and again though, as gamecube loading via usb is currently impossible) cant wait for cios rev 14. nand emulation from usb/sd, wiiware/vc from sd/usb (and not the crappy feature that system menu 4.0+ has where the games have to be installed to the wii first, then copied to the sd card, and whenever you want to play it copies them back to the nand) anyone else checked out the new system menu replacement named freedom from crediar? public beta 2 came out yesterday. interesting, but far from complete yet.
  4. 0M39A_1337

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Opeth - The Apostle In Triumph [Orchid]
  5. 0M39A_1337

    And what did you get during the festive season?

    I got an awesome new executive chair off the parents, been looking at getting myself one for a while which makes it all the better. also got a few random bits and pieces for the new home. missus got me an mx revolution mouse (very nice), cordless voip phone and some socks and undies (was shopping with her the other day and went to grab some, and she was like "youre not allowed to get them!", so i asked why and her reply "... Youre just not!" got the missus her ticket to the falls festival, an iron (haha, woman in the shop said when i was buying it "this better not be a christmas present!" it was something she asked for though, and she loved it. now i have the great excuse "i cant do any ironing, as its your iron, and i dont want to use your present", and a set of nice crystal wine glasses. and for the parents i got them a 19" lcd, as they have been complaining about their old 19" crt for a while now.
  6. 0M39A_1337

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Psycroptic - Carnival Of Vulgarity Then changed to Mortician - Hacked Up For Barbecue
  7. 0M39A_1337

    What are you drinking right now?

    La Trappe Quadruple Going down very nicely, but a bit too much alcohol flavour personally. really stands out in this beer. must say i prefer the dubbel and triple.
  8. 0M39A_1337


    Aussie homebrewer has a few recipes and people that have had experience making it before. eg http://www.aussiehomebrewer.com/forum/inde...&hl=biltong There is a fair bit of info on biltong and jerky on there. been meaning to give it a go myself for some time now. love biltong and jerky.
  9. 0M39A_1337

    Mi Goreng

    lol @ mi goreng alt. normally put 2 packets of mi goreng in a jug, add boiling water and an egg, stir gently to break the egg up a little, then nuke for a couple min in the microwave. while its in the microwave, mix the sauces together, add a little extra chili and soy sauce, strain noodles and egg, mix well and top with the fried onion packet. have also added random veggies before (carrot, peas, corn, cabbage etc), but that takes more effort :P
  10. 0M39A_1337

    Wanted: one MacGyver

    Asian's don't get beer? I'm think they well and truly grok the concept of bitter beer. Just look at some of their stellar offerings - Kingfisher, Asahi, Tsingtao, Kirin... I'm drinking SM 'cos I've never actually had it before. It would be Tsingtao, but I have that fairly often at home. lol, bitter? They're all bland pale lagers of around 25ibu. That guy in the youtube video above is hilarious.
  11. 0M39A_1337

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Psycroptic - Removing The Common Bond
  12. 0M39A_1337

    Online IQ test

    i got 136. i hate the letter rearranging ones, and the number pattern ones.
  13. 0M39A_1337

    Bloody Hardly normal

    That part of the FAQ hasn't been there for a while now. Rob. shrugg, i havent been around here in a while either. so we are free to name any business we want and rip them a new one now?
  14. 0M39A_1337

    Bloody Hardly normal

    something to do with the bit in the faq about not bagging out businesses directly? wasnt there a business getting around actually called hardly normal a few years back?
  15. 0M39A_1337

    solid state drives in au ?

    might have more luck with this http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=ssd but you'll be going through it for a while till you find what you're after ssd's rock, love the one in my eee