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    Build questions

    Do we know if haswell-e will run on a standard 2011? I guess prob not due to the onboard voltage regulators unless they're going to not include them on the Xeons/Haswell-E's.
  2. Alien666

    AMD Radeon R-200 Hawaii

    Anyone running a 7970 at 2560x1440 and happy with it? I'm trying to decide if its fast enough, as its cheaper than a 280x. I saw the 7990 down to $699 at pccasegear but that's a lot of cash.... will the 290 be faster than the 7990? I'm about to build a new PC but havent chosen a new discrete gpu yet. The 280x doesnt seem enough of a jump over the 7970 and is more expensive.
  3. Alien666

    What of Atomic?

    Hey, I'm sure someone has asked this before, but I cant find it. Search and I just don't seem to get on. I was curious if there was ever a thought to put out all the back issues of Atomic digitally. Once upon a time I had pretty much every copy, but because of moving house, lack of storage, partner getting the shits with my hoarding, that I had to throw them out. I guess it would be a lot of effort for a limited audience?
  4. Alien666

    Intel Ivy Bridge-E

    Sorry for the long wait on reply, went away over school holidays! Basically I looked at a bunch of options then decided to build a mini server. The main issue/problem/challenge is that I wanted to use my 27" iMac as the screen (toggling between the mac and server) rather than go back to using my 24" Samsung 1900x1200, which now looks fairly average compared to the iMac screen, which is glorious. My iMac only has thunderbolt, not display port so I need to use a thunderbolt motherboard. Also the Server needs to be small (to get partner approval) and due to space constraints. I ended up getting a Gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H TH off ebay cheap. Then bought a 3770K, 32GB of 2133 Kingston Beast ram, a Noctua 12U Slim (agonised over water-cooling but I need it to be silent or as quiet as possible), and a bitfenix Prodigy M in White. My Samsung 500GB SSD, velociraptor, 2 WD Blacks will go into this. I'm still putting it together, but it will be a quarter to size of my original rig and fits in (being white). I agonised over this - I couldnt find (to purchase) a Z87 Thunderbolt motherboard in M-ATX. This probably seems stupid given 1155 is done with, but I really wanted a small machine for the partner approval factor and to use the iMac screen. I dont think I'll notice the difference to a 4770k and hope the faster ram and SSD and a decent overclock will make up for it. Also the MB comes with Virtu, so when I get a new GPU I hope it will work to output the discrete GPU signal via the Virtu s/w thru the thunderbolt cable. Its been done before but of course who knows if it will work in the end. The idea is that 99% of the time the server will run VM's I need because of my job, and Windows software I would rather run native than under VMWare on the mac and act as a media server (my NAS experience has put me off NAS's for now). Then when Star Citizen comes out, I will use it to game. I now just need to find a good GPU to run at 2560x1440. Maybe when Haswell v2 comes out, someone will bring out a M-ATX motherboard with TB, PCI-E SATA, DDR4, etc and I might refresh it all again. I am finding that with ebay I can get a large percentage of my money back and tax deductions/depreciation covers the rest. Ideally I might have moved house by then and I can go back to a full or mid tower, and Haswell-E .... or if I can afford it a E5 Xeon. My strategy with my old Core 2 rig was the same as yours, constant small upgrades. I think though now that I'm a bit more cashed up, I'll buy the machine I need now and then upgrade in 14-16 months again. Maybe hand down the current rig to someone in the family.
  5. Alien666

    Intel Ivy Bridge-E

    They are... I was waiting for them, but they are super expensive - $100 more than the previous generation. This seems be be consistant across the usual places I look - MSY, CPL, etc. In the US they are a bit more but not this much. Is the AUD$ exchange rate bad? I wanted to upgrade to Ivy-E so I get a bit of future proofing , but in this case there is little surety around future proofing. PCI-E Sata and DDR4 are just around the corner as is maybe a new socket for Haswell-E, and I dont want to get stuck at the end of a generation with these new improvements coming, as I was with my Q9650 on DDR2 (though in truth it is still more than good enough). Now they are talking about a mid-cycle Haswell 1150 refresh... Now more than ever it is difficult to commit to an upgrade when your platform looks to have such a short lifespan (1 year) and almost certain to be orphaned. I'm now of the mind to get someones 1155 based system cheapish off ebay to tide me over without spending big $$$ and wait for the next generation of motherboard at the very least on Haswell.