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  1. Still investigating this - but annoyingly (or not) problem went away with out me noticeably changing anything! All I can ponder is whether an obsolete network share might have botched things up... Thanks for all the help offered guys - much appreciated!
  2. Nich I haven't played with it in quite a while - will revisit it all. Stepping to the 64 bit version of DSS and running it on this big PC was many times faster than the older quad core PC running 32 bit software!
  3. g__day

    The Atomicans Discord

    Noted - will give it a try! Hi all and have a great 2020!
  4. Hi Folks, happy 2020! My big rig PC has started to develop a strange behaviour. When I click on file explorer is take forever to load - well over a minute. I changed from open on my destktop to open on My PC - but it remains slow. I haven't changed any indexing option and have defragged all my disks (1 MV2, 4 SSD and 4 HDD). A green progress bar runs across the top whilst the file explorer shows only My desktop and This PC - but zero contents. If I left click on MY PC and select Open in new window - a new window appears and all the 9 drives appear sub second - really fast. Any idea of what has occurred and how to fix it? Many thanks, Matthew
  5. g__day

    My mother died

    Condolences mate that is a horrible loss - really feel for you and hope your tomorrow's get steadily better once the shock and pain are one day less raw.
  6. g__day

    Electricity costs in Australia

    For all those that asked can you / is it easy to go off grid if you are in urban settings - my partially informed answer would be - probably not (power companies and councils don't want to make it easy to opt out) plus it may not be too economically desirable - but, soon one may be able to side step this by choosing a grid agnostic system (with or without batteries). All solar systems must shut down on detection of grid out of permitted frequency ranges or grid out. However islanding solutions where permitted allow a house to keep running off batteries and solar - I presume this is what a Solar plus Tesla Powerwall 2.0 solution does when the grid dies. This year Enphase will go one better releasing it's grid agnostic IQ8 mirco-inverter based solution - specifically designed for areas with poor to no grid. With or without batteries the IQ8 checks for grid presence and quality and if it's not there it simply islands the house (no idea if this has been checked and certified by Australia yet). If the grid isn't there the system simply powers up or down your solar to meet you current demand and or battery storage / output capabilities and needs. If you demand more power than can be supplied - it shuts everything down until you turn off your most power hungry box. So this may make economic sense when it is priced. Availability is due this quarter...
  7. Thanks Jeruselem, when I try this I see no Help - but instead a Help with Playback - which if you selected it launches a browser that gives general information (link provided below). The Technical Support information doesn't offer much - so wondering if between my delayed seeing your suggestion and you offering it did the player change? https://www.bing.com/search?q=get+help+with+windows+media+player+in+windows+10&filters=guid:"4462432-en-dia" lang:"en"&form=T00032&ocid=HelpPane-BingIA
  8. g__day

    Did something just happen?

    After all these many years, from the joy of the magazines creation and success, to the first meets and IRC and all the social events and community - way before Facebook existed - Atomic brought so many firsts. My biggest upset was when it ended and the owners who decided to absorb it, shunt the website into a corner of their domain and eventually pulled the plug on our magazine. To my mind that was a huge loss of a unique group that drastically reduced in size, vibrancy and tempo. We struggle through for many years - a shadow of what it had been - a a real testament to those that carry on steadfastly loyal and ever helpful. I wonder if with this new ownership if a Renaissance offering might be pitched Ben? What a Phoenix move that could be! The community of Atomic and its most vibrant was a thing unique in all my years and experiences - and as I said all before Facebook! If one trawled through the Greenroom over its many years a researcher would find anthropological gold! Hope that is not just an idle fancy, if Atomic re-emerged at full force imagine what it could be today...
  9. g__day

    Electricity costs in Australia

    It is the primary reason we installed and thrice upgraded our solar system - and 11.5 kW system just to try and minimise our huge power bills. A system that large seems ridiculous at frist glance - but not economically. Have six people at home, and plenty of cooking and washing and a never ideally insulated weatherboard house with large ducted air conditioners and a pool and one is poised for annual bills over $4,000. So if you can correctly sized solar can save you a packet! Cheers to everyone still here - it's sure been a while!
  10. Given it only occurs in one player - and only in full screen mode - I think that points to a corrupted driver codec - wonder how to detect / refresh them - not even sure which ones I use. Is there an easy way to tell what this player is using?
  11. I haven't seen any other crash in other video display programs, nor will WIndows defacto one appear to crash unless it is full screen and one or two dozen videos play. Ponder if its a memory leak or something worse to have this annoying behaviour. Ponder why it is only seeming to be happening to me - and only recently... Other than that - Happy New Year guys!
  12. Correct not dump files. The Event viewer isn't very helpful. It shows in the last week five critical restarts - due to loss of power for the Kernel - but that is me having to press the power button. Other than that merely corruption of the SRU log is the only other warning - possible because of how I power cycled the device.
  13. HI folk, Interesting development I have noticed lately. If I flip through and watch a dozen or so stored video files - at some point my PC just hangs and becomes unresponsive beyond the mouse still moving. I have so far only noticed it in full screen video mode. Symptoms are the image will freeze whilst the sound will play on for a few more seconds then it's simply totally unresponsive and I have to power cycle it - so no dump log. Windows is fully up to date and so are all the Gigabyte drivers and Geforce (1080 Ti) drivers. Anyone got any ideas about why this may be occurring all of a sudden - stability has been rock solid for over six months now - so its a surprise to see things get a bit wobbly. In all other workloads, especially playing full screen games or watching full screen videos online the beast seems rock solid. But queue up a dozen or so .mp4 players and watch them thru WIndows 10 default Films and TV player and things have a maybe 1/3 chance of just dying somewhere randomly. Best regards, Matthew
  14. Interesting question - which I would devolve down to simply no one - unless negligence or a deliberate attempt to cause harm has been proven. Think of another example - imagine you plant a tree and it one day falls over and kills someone - are you liable? I imagine courts would argue that it is an inherent risk in the technology and everyone is aware of it so everyone accepts the risks once these types of vehicles become common place. You benefit from the capability so you bear the risk. Same way if a driver-less train kills someone in Paris or you stick a fork into a light-socket and get electrocuted - Edison and his estate isn't to blame. It is only my take on it and I am not a lawyer - so that is only my 'common-sense' view of a rather complex matter.
  15. g__day

    The most special people

    Congratulations all - great to see this community going strong and enduring so steadfastly. Applause to all the special folk who help others and make Atomic what it still is today - you totally rock!