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  1. Given it only occurs in one player - and only in full screen mode - I think that points to a corrupted driver codec - wonder how to detect / refresh them - not even sure which ones I use. Is there an easy way to tell what this player is using?
  2. I haven't seen any other crash in other video display programs, nor will WIndows defacto one appear to crash unless it is full screen and one or two dozen videos play. Ponder if its a memory leak or something worse to have this annoying behaviour. Ponder why it is only seeming to be happening to me - and only recently... Other than that - Happy New Year guys!
  3. Correct not dump files. The Event viewer isn't very helpful. It shows in the last week five critical restarts - due to loss of power for the Kernel - but that is me having to press the power button. Other than that merely corruption of the SRU log is the only other warning - possible because of how I power cycled the device.
  4. HI folk, Interesting development I have noticed lately. If I flip through and watch a dozen or so stored video files - at some point my PC just hangs and becomes unresponsive beyond the mouse still moving. I have so far only noticed it in full screen video mode. Symptoms are the image will freeze whilst the sound will play on for a few more seconds then it's simply totally unresponsive and I have to power cycle it - so no dump log. Windows is fully up to date and so are all the Gigabyte drivers and Geforce (1080 Ti) drivers. Anyone got any ideas about why this may be occurring all of a sudden - stability has been rock solid for over six months now - so its a surprise to see things get a bit wobbly. In all other workloads, especially playing full screen games or watching full screen videos online the beast seems rock solid. But queue up a dozen or so .mp4 players and watch them thru WIndows 10 default Films and TV player and things have a maybe 1/3 chance of just dying somewhere randomly. Best regards, Matthew
  5. Interesting question - which I would devolve down to simply no one - unless negligence or a deliberate attempt to cause harm has been proven. Think of another example - imagine you plant a tree and it one day falls over and kills someone - are you liable? I imagine courts would argue that it is an inherent risk in the technology and everyone is aware of it so everyone accepts the risks once these types of vehicles become common place. You benefit from the capability so you bear the risk. Same way if a driver-less train kills someone in Paris or you stick a fork into a light-socket and get electrocuted - Edison and his estate isn't to blame. It is only my take on it and I am not a lawyer - so that is only my 'common-sense' view of a rather complex matter.
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    The most special people

    Congratulations all - great to see this community going strong and enduring so steadfastly. Applause to all the special folk who help others and make Atomic what it still is today - you totally rock!
  7. So I tried a new approach with a lot more more success. I created a Execl file with two worksheets. In the first worksheet I wrote a normal Data -> web query that polls the website, successfully passes the credentials – grabs the inverter JSON results and simply writes it to a local file called inverters.json. Then in another worksheet write a power builder query to read this inverters.json file and extract the inverter data – scheduled to run every minute. This worked well! The only challenge I have now is storing the first procedure call and setting its properties to run every minute. Excel doesn't seem to want to store this call if Excel isn't trying to do something with the results. Any suggestion guys?
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    They have finally arrived. Maybe.

    And the surprising true answer - it was child porn on the janitor's computer! Read they tracked a dark web site to the observatory and scanned folks computers!
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    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    Sad news indeed - condolences to his family and friends. To think the forums and this community have been around so long we now have a left the planet list...
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    damn, it's been a while...

    Waves ? Notices 651 post - my arse!
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    The Ascent of Money is a great TV series to watch if you want to see and understand the pivotal moments in the creation of money and economies. The textbook answer to what is money being the classic line money is what money does, or its a way to price and trade/transfer risk - often doesn't leave many the wiser; this series will! Plus the narrator does for money what top gear did for cars - they make it really interesting and the content really accessible.
  12. So some major progress - I now have 1) admin user id and password - and have been shown how to use Excel 2013 with PowerQuery add on - which reads javascript really well! I can now query the old or classic views of my device - with the admin user id, or the new views using PowerQuery and if the URL is not protected all is fine. My Dilemma If in Excel I simply select Data -> From Web and supply the URL User Id and Password – it works fine – but it returns javascript which Excel simply can't natively ingest. If in Excel I select Powerquery -> from Web, it asks basic or advanced. If I chose basic – it only asks for the url and this fails. If I chose Advanced – I don't know how to format the query to supply the user id and password. Which is annoying given Powerquery natively does support Javascript and easily converts it into readable tables! If in Powerquery I try and reach say http://envoy:011842@ the call will fail and bring up web access – where I can choose API, Simple or web access – and for simple or advanced I can add user id and password – but the call simply hangs. Does anyone know how to use Excel 2013 with PowerQuery on a web access call to supply the user id and password? Many thanks, Matthew
  13. Interesting development last week - GITHub posted a 20.4MB 64 bit version of Deep Sky Stacker v4.1.0 and its much, much faster - I just stacked 20 images of M20 and all up it took about 3 minutes. https://github.com/LucCoiffier/DSS/releases/download/4.1.0-Release/DeepSkyStacker64Installer.zip Have to play with it some more - but it looks pretty much the same - just the stacking is a lot faster, not sure about the registering but stacking was wow the first time around!
  14. g__day

    Windows10 BSOD WHEA

    I think it more likely there may have been an under voltage at low usage issue (no idea why it took so long to manifest unless a Windows update automatically triggered it. An updated BIOS may have side stepped the issue by raising an auto / default voltage for the detected CPU. Still watching the stability but so far so good!
  15. g__day

    Windows10 BSOD WHEA

    Asked on Whirlppol forums - they are quite good. They ran thru my dump file - concurred it was hardware related bug, said the idle CPU voltages seem low - suggested I update my motherboard BIOS and see if a new BIOS better manages these new CPUs. Did so and no crashes for two weeks :)