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    Motorcycles, Lego, video games, sci-fi & fantasy novels.
    I refuse to grow up!
  1. TechHeadFred

    Burka Behind Glass

    So he's resigning then? :p
  2. TechHeadFred

    It's been nearly a year.. D&D NEXT enrol within

    No worries AD, maybe next time. I'm pretty busy right now anyway so may have ended up forgetting more often than not. Enjoy the campaign all!
  3. TechHeadFred

    It's been nearly a year.. D&D NEXT enrol within

    I'd be up for this if there's still room in the party? I haven't RP'd since playing a rogue in Pathfinder last year...
  4. TechHeadFred

    My Latest Project. Whats Yours?

    Great work there Hulkster! I did that this year. I finally have a name on my birth certificate that matches the one on all my ID! The joys of changing one's name informally as a minor and never having it formally changed... My current projects are rebuilding motorbikes and creating things out of Lego. I have a blog for the progress on the bikes which is becoming a project in itself. I'm not quite creative enough with the Lego to share much of it yet!
  5. TechHeadFred

    Come back you bastards.

    I find myself spending more and more time on a motorcycle forum these days. I think I have enough time to contribute lurk here as well..
  6. TechHeadFred

    Fun with "Microsoft" phone scammers

    That's my usual response Catweazle. This guy has too much time on his hands though...
  7. TechHeadFred

    How come chicks can take half your stuff?

    I had a very major breakup about 7 years ago, just before these laws came into place. I managed to keep the house. I've been very wary of cohabiting with partners since then. As a result, I have only lived with one other partner and we were very clear about what was whose from the start. When the time came for it to end, she left me with debt. To her credit (no pun intended) she is paying off the debt monthly. We're still friends though.
  8. TechHeadFred

    Fun with "Microsoft" phone scammers

    Good points there. If I had the time and necessary skills I'd take great pleasure in tracking them down and handing them to the relevant authorities on a platter and/or destroying their online presence and their IT infrastructure remotely, especially their VoIP systems and "customer" database. Alas, I have neither.
  9. TechHeadFred

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Rego transfer for this beastie
  10. TechHeadFred

    Fun with "Microsoft" phone scammers

    If they called again after the previous time I considered telling them to hold on while I got the main user of the computer, then putting the phone on speaker and putting it next to the cat while she was whinging for food.
  11. I rarely get calls on my home phone but "Microsoft" scammers have tried calling me twice this week. Instead of just dismissing them this time, I played along for a little while. The heavily accented operator tried to tell me that Windows computer had been hacked and was involved in hacking activity. I asked him which one and told him I have 7 Windows computers (actually accurate, although I rarely use half of them). He got a bit confused at this point and thought I meant Windows 7 was on my Windows computer. After I explained that no, I actually meant I have 7 computers with Windows on them and could he tell me which one had been hacked he put me on hold and got his "supervisor". The (also heavily accented) "supervisor" then wanted to know if I really had 7 computers and were they for business or personal use. I asked him why that was relevant and pointed out that the first operator had said they were from Microsoft and asked why they would be calling me. was the response. He then tried to tell me that they I told him no, they are all for personal use. He then tried to tell me I asked him what he was talking about because all of my computers have valid licences. He seemed to think I meant some other sort of licence at this point. Finally I got sick of playing along and told him I work in IT and deal with volume licences at work and all my computers at home have valid licences. I told him that the first operator had said my computers were involved in hacking and now he was trying to tell me that my licences were invalid when they weren't. At this point I told him this was ridiculous, asked him where he was really from and he hung up. tl;dr version - Fred 1, Phone Scammers 0
  12. TechHeadFred

    Roll Call!

    Hadn't posted actively in a long time but my laptop was still loading the forum index every time I opened Chrome. Decided I should remedy that.
  13. TechHeadFred

    Quiz night?

    Also quite random that I was visiting a German friend tonight and saw the laptop version of this key-mapping so it was fresh in my mind...
  14. TechHeadFred

    Quiz night?

    Somehow your keymapping changed to German?
  15. TechHeadFred

    Quiz night?

    Thanks for the game Tak :) Thanks everyone else for keeping it hard to answer correctly first without actually knowing to start with :)