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  1. Thanks heaps aliali. That did the trickCheers, Don
  2. Vista, and yes, Disk Management Tools. My current hdd is an earlier 1 Terabyte WD hdd as the only hard drive. I think I will try another SATA port to see what happens
  3. I installed a new WD 10EARS 1TB Drive but when I try to format it in Disk Management I am told it is not initialised. Yet When I right click on it there is no option to intiialse. Anybody got a suggestion? Cheers, Don
  4. CRT or LCD? If its an old crt should be able to take it to a tv repair shop I think. Probably cost more than its worth though. Monitors are ridiculously cheap these days anyway. LCD. If I can't fix it myself I won't bother.
  5. Well, I finally resolved my issue. I feel such a dumbass. I have purchased nearly enough stuff to build another system - motherboard, PSU, graphics card. The real villain was my monitor. It wouldn't even show the POST screen with the 4870x2, but with a couple of other cards it would show the POSTscreen, work in Vista safe mode, but go blank when the drivers loaded in normal mode. Anyone got an idea if my old monitor would be repairable?
  6. Thanks to all for your suggestions. I will have to wait 2 weeks to follow them up as I work away on a mine and am away from my project for the time being.
  7. Nope. bios F7 didn't help. Also tried a 6800 ultra which seems to run fine. PCIE by the way.
  8. My next step will be to update the motherboard bios. I'll keep you posted.
  9. Oops! That should have read 8600gt. Its definitely a PCIE card. Didn't notice any artifacts though with the 4870X2. Just the usual low res installation visuals right up to part way through running the Sapphire disc. I did click on the express install button which I won't do if I manage to get my card working again. What other information would be of help? I actually had the 4870X2 running in a previous system for a short time but decided to upgrade my system to get the full benefit. I have an 850 watt psu, power to both connectors on the card.
  10. My new system is giving me grief. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4P motherboard, Q6600 CPU, 4G of RAM, 6800GT graphics. Vista home premium 64 bit. Initially installed a Sapphire 4870 X 2 card. Everything went fine through the install until I loaded the graphics drivers from the Sapphire disc. Somewhere during the process the monitor went blank (no signal). Tried rebooting -- no luck. Couldn't even get the POST screen. Thinking maybe I had fried the 4870X2 I changed it for a 6800GT card I had. Uninstalled the ATI drivers and software, updated the Nvidia drivers and still not a very useful result. Vista only runs graphics in safe mode. If I load Vista in normal mode I hear all the right sounds but no signal to the monitor. I'm thinking my troubles are something to do with the 64-bit version of Vista and me not installing the correct drivers. Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome.