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  1. Just tried installing Chipset and SATA RAID drivers in case I missed it the first time. Gigabyte SATA RAID Controller - installs fine. Intel SATA RAID Conroller - does not install at all. Chipset driver from Gigabyte website - seems to install but the Windows dialogue window popped up asking if it installed ok because installation was over in less than a second. So I am assuming this failed too. One of the Samsung drives was in a RAID (mirrored) array before. This is the one that is showing up ok. Update: I now have one of the other Samsung drives showing in explorer as well. But I think this one was simply a cabling issue. I still have 2 drives which are not showing up in explorer but they are in Device Manager.
  2. Device Manager has no devices with any problems. The HDDs all look fine except for when you look up Volume information (Volume information for this disk cannot be found).
  3. "Onboard SATA/IDE Ctrl Mode: IDE" Not sure what it is. It doesn't matter what port or cable I use, the same drive always works where the others don't. The HDDs aren't faulty because I can read them other systems.
  4. Hi all...I just got a new system together and I thought I'd give Windows 7 a shot on it since we're testing it at work anyway. But unlike our work systems, mine just doesn't want to cooperate. Here are the specs: CPU: Intel i7-920 Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P RAM: Corsair PC8500 3x2GB PSU: Antec CP-850 HDDs: 4 x Samsung Spin F1 (1TB), 1 x Western Digital Raptor (36GB) for the OS only. My first problem was during install. It wouldn't create a system partition unless I unplugged everything (including the mouse!). I had to dig out an old PS/2 keyboard and only leave the Raptor plugged in. Anyway, after overcoming that little hiccup I finally got Windows 7 installed. So I plugged in all my other HDDs and this is where my latest problem begins. Windows Explorer shows only the Raptor and 1 x Samsung drive. Where the hell are the others? So I checked the Disk Manager but nothing there either. A quick check of the System Devices shows the other drives but no Volume information. BIOS shows all HDDs are in there as well. I've installed all the drivers for the motherboard and got all the updates (Vista ones...there aren't any Windows 7 drivers available yet). Would appreciate any help with this...been driving me nuts for the last 48 hrs...seriously killing my long weekend.