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    Roll Call!

    Wow, just stumbled back on the forum after seeing a link on OCAU. What a blast from the past! I had every single issue of the magazine back in the day including the "rare" issue 1, etc. Such good memories of the mag and forum! EDIT, and oh wow, it appears my account has been reset at some point, I had a lot lot more posts than 33 and was a quite a way through the ranks, I spent a lot of time on here back in the day.
  2. For some reason I'm not getting any email notifications when someone replies to forum topics I've subscribed to. I have updated my email address via the link in the Control Panel, but I did notice it still is showing my old email address under my account summary on the My Controls page. Any Ideas why I'm not getting the email notifications and my old email showing up in the Account Summary but the new current one showing when I go to change the email...
  3. You linked to the wrong mobo... This is mine: http://www.giga-byte.com/products/product-...spx?pid=2743#dl Isn't the Q6600 multiplier locked?
  4. How about this for a paint job: http://www.0-60mag.com/0-60Legacy/2009/09/...e-instructions/
  5. Ok I have a Q6600 G0 as i stated in the title, now I've attempted a couple of times to overclock it but each time i do, the computer tries to boot (just a black screen) and then reboots itself and resets back to stock. Now I've tried bumping the voltage up a bit, but i wouldn't have thought i would have needed to do that for a small overclock (as in +200mhz or so). The other thing is I'm only running the stock intel HSF, so maybe its getting too hot? Would it get too hot as soon as it boots with a overclock? Any recommendations for a good HSF that'll allow me to overclock? Here's some info that may help: CPU-Z Mainboard: Memory: Ram Info Slot #2: Ram Info Slot #4: \ Graphics: CPUID Hardware Monitor: Anything stand out??? Ok I've found something weird... with no overclock and voltage set to manual with all voltages set to normal and cpu set to 1.325 which it says is normal cpu vcore it still reboots after the Bios screen and resets... Ok as soon as I simply enable CPU Host Clock Control, even with the rest of the settings on auto and the CPU Frequency set to the stock 266Mhz it still reboots...???? Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok even with clock control disabled, and only setting changed being PCIe frequency set to 100Mhz it still reboots... it seems any setting i change it wants to reset and reboot :-S argh!!!! Ok setting only the memory multiplier to 3 was fine... so it seems the issue is with changing pcie frequency from auto...? Ok i now switched clock control to enabled with frequency set to 266 and pcie set to auto = reboot :-S
  6. Yeah definitely... The learning exercise is great... also the customisability is much better in a custom built box compared to a out of the box solution...
  7. Got a link to the article or issue number if it was in the mag? I can't remember seeing it... I see where he's coming from, but I don't think most consumer routers still have anywhere near the flexibility that the uber box has/had... The only router I can think of with the flexibility is the Linksys WRT54G with DDWRT, Tomato or similar... but they are getting harder to find... I'd still prefer to run my own box and have the awesome power and flexibility of all the useful things linux can do... Maybe he could do a BSD based series? I know its the base for a few of the firewall distro's...
  8. I've been thinking recently I'd like to re-setup my linux server/firewall/proxy/uber box/etc last time I did it I followed the atomic tutorials, but they are way old now and probably out of date. So I was wondering if you (Atomic) could do a new series on the same sort of uber box, but with up to date info and technologies. What do you think???