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  1. elfanger

    FarCry 3 Blood Dragon

    Sigh, I want to but still not received my codes. GRRRRR.
  2. elfanger

    FarCry 3 Blood Dragon

    When did you put in your code for Bioshock? I still not received any of mine. zZz.
  3. elfanger

    Intel Haswell

    Apparently Haswell will be using the stupid goop rather than soldering the heatplate on.
  4. elfanger

    FarCry 3 Blood Dragon

    Not played it yet but looking forward to it. If anyone is interested, I got this for sale for a low price - $10
  5. elfanger

    Bioshock Infinite is infinitely boring.

    PM sent.
  6. elfanger

    Bioshock Infinite is infinitely boring.

    I have it on sale for $25 if you are interested.
  7. elfanger

    Don't Starve in full release!

    Ok I got it last night and started playing. I have nfi what to do. I have not yet died but I am unable to find any flint to make stuff. I think I am doing something fundamentally wrong. It is also annoying that there is no tutorial. Where did all you pros figure out the best way of doing things? Thanks.
  8. elfanger

    HoN - I'll scratch your back?

    I have added you in HoN! I will be on soonish.
  9. elfanger

    HoN - I'll scratch your back?

    Arent all the heros the same as Dota heros just with a rebrand? Like scout is bounty hunter, blacksmith is ogre magi, arachna is drow etc etc?
  10. elfanger

    Best gaming monitor?

    I do not see the point of curving it. The resolution is the same as a non-curved TV. If they made it super wide and curved, that would be cool.
  11. elfanger

    Don't Starve in full release!

    Ok, I have decided to get it. Is there a 4pack or some way to get it cheaper? If there is a 4pack, is anyone interested in a copy?
  12. elfanger

    The rise and fall of AMD

    We can only hope. If they do not, Intel will just get even worse. I.e. release really marginal incremental gaps in its product lines. Intel needs to be challenged or no revolutionary products will be released. Moore's law seems dead now.
  13. elfanger

    New build now or wait?

    I do not think even 3 7970s will max out a 3 screen setup (1080p) at 120fps. That needs some ridiculous power.
  14. elfanger

    HoN - I'll scratch your back?

    Ok sounds good. I have downloaded the client and installed it. My account is no longer there... So I had to make a new one. I played when it was origianlly released and stopped once they wanted to charge money for it. Do you want to play some team games with me? I will be newish to HoN now that I have not played it in years but am good at Dota 2!
  15. Yes the driver is required. You install it as part of the windows install though. I think that is what happened when I was setting up my HTPC without a dedicated GPU.