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  1. N3M3SiS

    What of Atomic?

    Destroy. Erase. Improve. Well in this case it's more like destroy, merge, improve but that former sounds much cooler. Goodbye atomic, you beautiful bastard. Hello increasingly complicated future ;)
  2. N3M3SiS

    Diablo III

    Hey dude, long time no see! Good do see we can all band together around something awesome like D3 downtime with absolute unbridled hatred! ;)
  3. N3M3SiS

    Diablo III

    Pissfuck shitwhore faggot bastard fuck! The one night a I get to play, absolutely fucking great.
  4. N3M3SiS

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Hey anyone up for some co-op this morning/arvo? Would love to give it a try if anyones keen? Solider name: doctorcain
  5. N3M3SiS

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    A little late to the party but add me for sure, name "doctorcain". Haven't clanned since DC but was a fairly active BF2 player. Reasonable skill level and pretty dynamic play style. I mentioned this a while back but also have resources to host a decent site/forum etc. for the clan which would be awesome to keep everyone together.
  6. N3M3SiS

    Dead Island

    Got caught up last night and havn't been able to give this a propper blaze yet... counting down the minutes of work today until I get home! Glad to hear everyones response is overall a positive one, hows the weapon variety thus far? Does the pre-order bonus weapon get a lot of use?
  7. N3M3SiS

    daemon tools

    What would the point of that be? This method uses either a full or trimmed down "mini" disc image for the game, mounted as a virtual drive. No more disc swapping!
  8. N3M3SiS

    Dead Island

    Okay so you noticed this before even completing your post and posted anyway? You sir are some kind of magical genius!
  9. N3M3SiS

    Battlefield 3

    This thread is an idiot.
  10. N3M3SiS

    TeamViewer: Winning

    Hahaha... what have we become? Join.me sounds pretty damn cool, very easy for the ultran00b. Glad everyone has found it similarly useful or has their own cool solution for remote admin-ing the unwashed masses ;)
  11. N3M3SiS

    Dead Island

    Awesome, well im ready when you guys are. PM paypal/bank deets if you like, Dead.
  12. N3M3SiS

    Gents, meet Orion™

    Thanks again, Nuke. Will definitely be overclocking and kinda like the idea of owning the mobo thats right in the middle of the range. As for the recall business with the SSD's the way I understand it is the actual Sandforce controller batch that was originally recalled:
  13. N3M3SiS

    TeamViewer: Winning

    Oh yeah totally forgot to add that its free on all mobile platforms, giving you even more ability to own you dumbass family/friends noobtacular problems ;)
  14. N3M3SiS

    Gents, meet Orion™

    Nice pickup on the cooler guys, initially gave the "kuhler" a miss because hadn't seen any good press for it and, lets be honest, it sounds pretty gay. Cant argue with performance though so I've added one to the build. Here's Orion as she stands now: Pretty settled on the raw performance of the Wildfire's even though they are a bit pricey. What do you guys think of the choice of the UD5 over any of the UD3 models? Right choice for a long-haul build? Thanks to everyone except iamthemaxx for all the pointers thus far ;)