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  1. Dark_Stiles

    Real Life Conversations #3

    Thats a fucking brilliant idea.
  2. Dark_Stiles

    Album of the year, 2012!

  3. Dark_Stiles

    Anonymous declares war on Westboro

    This makes me so happy.
  4. Dark_Stiles

    Keeping the sanity.

    gilbert gottfried,,, that is all.
  5. Dark_Stiles

    [YT] My Vag.

  6. Dark_Stiles

    Movie Viewer

    I love my nexus 7, its the best thing I have ever bought. I wasn't to sure but its been 2 weeks now and I haven't looked back.
  7. Dark_Stiles

    car audio.......head unit problems

    Sorry if you take, what I said as being rude. But your head unit is a pile of shit. And your question is kind of stupid. you cant exactly expect a 6 year old head unit that only cost $100 brand new to be repairable/reliable. It actually sounds like your pretty smart as you have tried everything I would have. Time to give up, your time is worth more then the cost of a new unit. Again I wasn't meaning to be rude, just practical.
  8. Dark_Stiles

    car audio.......head unit problems

    American Boss What a pile of shit. I'm surprised it worked in the first place. get a new head unit buy a none Chinese brand. (Alpine, Pioneer, Eclipse, shit even Sony stuff isn't all that bad) American boss is just what boss ausio changed their name to once everyone realised that boss audio amps started car fires.
  9. Dark_Stiles

    Mixing it up!

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BEHRINGER-XENYX...=item1c20ed6ae4 Bam this will do 5 stereo and 2 mono you have to spend twice that to get one that will do 6 stereo and 1 mono
  10. Dark_Stiles

    Bens Photos (Possibly NSFW)

    I went bush this weekend and was amazed at how beautiful it was.
  11. Dark_Stiles

    Bens Photos (Possibly NSFW)

    With photos like these of models my work flow is normally as follows. 1st Proof view and pick candidates, these get marked as green. Anything that will require lots of post and may be able to be used is marked in purple. (these are the photos i come back to when i have downtime) I then start working through the green marked photos. 2nd Is crop and alignment. 3rd I pump the photos into Portraiture and clean up the skin and blemishes on the models (A little of Portraiture goes a long way) 4th Back in Light-room i run through presents that I have previously created or may have downloaded, once I find something close the the look I am going for I start tweaking. 5th Tweak the exposure, colour balance, clarity saturation, blacks, fill, ect. (everything depends on the shot) 6th once happy i export these out and make the photos as red (done) Some shots may take 5 mins some may take 2 hours.
  12. Dark_Stiles

    Bens Photos (Possibly NSFW)

    All the photos except for the last one (the 2 girls on white) where shot with reflectors and available light (no flash).
  13. Dark_Stiles

    Bens Photos (Possibly NSFW)

    I hate the grass going through her face too. The shots in the grass where rushed due to fading light. We plan on doing a re shoot next weekend, this is something I am going to be watching out for. The Pastel colours are from playing with saturation and curves in light room. I go through my pre-set library till I find something close, then edit from there.
  14. Dark_Stiles

    Bens Photos (Possibly NSFW)

    Hi Guys, I had the opportunity yesterday do a photo-shoot with some of the local girls. I haven't really shot in this style before I normally shoot landscapes and baby photos. The 3 girls wanted allot of the same shots so I tried to edit each on in their own style. Please let me know what you think. I would love to get you criticism. I will try to keep this is line with the current trend and keep this thread updated with new photos.
  15. Dark_Stiles

    camera insurance

    I got it added to my nrma as portable equipment. cost me a extra 100 a year for up to 5 grand worth of gear. includes theft and accidental damages to.