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  1. ivile

    ISP Shaping Methods

    But when using firefox under linux what other internet related programs are actually running compared to windows?
  2. Yeah there is something wrong there, it should be transparent to the end user, come on its not like its the 1980's..
  3. ivile

    Free RDP client

    Hey Robzy, Did you manage to get it to work correctly again?, I love using RDP on all my windows servers it's so smooth!
  4. ivile

    What Sort Of Overclock Are You Running

    E2160 1.8 Stock @ 2.4, stock voltage, stock heatsink/fan, been running like this since the day I got it 24/7 aka over a year ago. Runs fine at 3.0GHz too but might get a bit hot at this time of the year. Abit AB9 Pro mobo.
  5. ivile

    trying to find drivers for a TV tuner card

    Try a program called Dscaler I use to use it with my old connexant chipset card, but I had to run an audio cable out of it and back into the line in on my sound card, good old days :)
  6. Where does this other cable run? Does it go near any power sources? I have a few cables that run outside in the dirt and rain and one was even eaten in half by my dog and I joined it back together and it still works. But yes some cables just don't work, I have had a few and they were expensive panduit or systimax ones, sometimes they will work in one switch but then not in another switch. but yeah :)
  7. Just get a waveguide or omni on your roof and just tell that dad it was done by telstra or optus when he wasn't home. Or not :)
  8. Linksys WRT54GL running Tomato FTW!