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  1. Hi, my PC is getting old now. You can see the specs in my signature. My Corsair HX SERIES 650W POWER SUPPLY has died on me, and I'm looking for a replacement, What do you guys think of the Be-Quiet System Power 9 600W PSU? (They seem popular in Europe where I live now, and I found this at a good price) Is 600W enough for my system? Should I go lower in watts or higher? Looked at some PSU Calculators and they recommend 600W Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. The heatsink is the NH-U12S, with an extra fan for push pull. I read that the Ryzen stock heatsinks are good enough and there is no much need for an extra heatsink.
  3. Thinking of getting a AMD Ryzen 5 2600X or AMD Ryzen 5 2600, and a B450M mobo. Now is this upgrade worth it? Using my current RAM and GPU? At least for a while? Might also get some RAM for a total of 250euro investment. I know my Noctua push pull heat sink is going to be wasted unless I try to sell it.
  4. Too much hassle to take my cpu to my brothers PC... Tried 1 ram stick, tried no ram (no beep codes) Cleared CMOS with the jumper and by removing battery and all. Found the Asrock 970 Pro3 R2.0 mobo for 70euro. If the CPU is not cooked, then I could use my RAM and CPU.... Could not find my CPU for purchase locally, so I hope it is the mobo. If I go for a new CPU and Mobo, then I will need new RAM and maybe GPU in the near future. Hard to find better than the Fx8350 on a budget EDIT: Any suggestions on a CPU and Mobo combo on a budget?
  5. Hi all, So I took apart the heat sink, and the cpu, cleaned them, added thermal paste, put it back together and no luck. So I guess I should get a new mobo. Just hope that fixes it, cause if the CPU is also cooked I will be wasting money. Should I go for a budget mobo cpu combo that fits my other specs and has better performance than my current build?
  6. It's slightly better than my current card. Even though mine is the boost over clocked one. Even this slight upgrade, is a free upgrade so why not go for it. If I resolve my issue with the Mobo and the PC starts, I will add this card instead.
  7. Would the Sapphire Dual-X R9 270X overclock edition be any better than my current card in my signature? I got it free from my brother and it is similar but maybe a newer chip.
  8. Hi, and thanks. I will take out my Noctua heatsink and cpu, clean it and add some paste and put it all together again. Hope this fixes it. I will try tomorrow. Hope my thermal paste is OK. Had it for a while.
  9. Happy new year to all. All the best for the new year. After trying my older PSU with no luck, I bought the Corsair TX650M Gold. Just tried it, no luck. I'm not a happy man.
  10. Hi, I've always wanted to try Linux. Been trying since 1996 with early versions of Red Hat. At the time the fun was always trying to install it properly. Never lasted though as a gamer I always switched back to windows. Even later when I thought to myself "no gaming", I found it hard to use without native support for Adobe products. Tried dual booting, but the fun had always been setting it up, and modifying the desktop experience with nice effects. The challenge was nice since I've always only had ATI card since 3Dfx Voodoo :) I found that Ati/AMD GPU never failed me but I had once or twice a bad experience with Nvidia cards. I know that it's not the nvidia chips, but rather the manufacturers. I've always had Saphire and ASUS ati/amd cards and always very happy with them. Now it's been a long time and I've always been trying to install and run linux properly, but my choice of graphics card has always failed me. And on top of it Adobe products, and my love for games. Tried many distros from Ubuntu to Debian to Fedora and LinuxMint. Last night I thought I try again and downloaded the latest Ubuntu version. I thought I'll check out the live dvd. No chance. I boot it, and end up with a blank screen. So my GPU failed me once again. To be honest I've been using PCs for a very long time since my Amiga500 days and my first 386. Just saying that I've been through so much fixing failing systems, and I've come to the point were I just want things to work out of the box. Don't have the patience to fix things up. I play games so I have my steam, I pay for Adobe cloud and I just want a system that can run these for me. It seems that I'll never be able to use a Linux system and that I'm stuck in the Windows world. Which to be honest has its flaws but works. I know it's not the OS but the manufacturer support. So will I ever switch to Linux? Not sure. Do I want to? Yes.. at least try it for a while but it seems that I need to go through the process of getting a new graphics card. And not only that, say I do get a new graphics card, then I'll have to go through the process of playing around with WINE etc just to get a few things working. Anyway, I thought I share my thoughts since I tried once again with no luck.
  11. Is this PSU any good? Enermax Revolution X't II 80+ Gold 650W (ERX650AWT) Found it at a good price EDIT: So I order this Enermax Revolution X't II 80+ Gold 650W PSU. Cost me only 58 euro, and I thought it's good enough just in case something else is cooked in my system. EDIT: Going to cancel my order of the Enermax and get the Corsair TX-M Series TX650M or the TX550M. 550w should be enough
  12. I did reset CMOS, but the problem is that my brother had the same exact issue. Bought a new mobo and cpu ...same thing... bought a new PSU and problem solved. I guess I will have to dive in and get a new PSU
  13. Yes. I will take it apart, and clean it. Hook it back on.
  14. The thing is that my brother who has the exact same build, had the same problem and it was the PSU. I gave my PSU to someone I know who studied electronics and is good at it, and he tested it out. Told me it was faulty.
  15. Will try it out. This is the same problem I had with my previous PSU. I hope no other component like the Mobo got damaged.
  16. Could it be that this 520 psu can't handle my gpu? Hooked it all up, gpu fans spin for a second and that's that. Cpu red light is on on mobo. No boot, all chassis and cpu fans spinning. Any thoughts?
  17. Thanks I will try it. I could also check if anything else is faulty before I spend money for a new PSU
  18. I also have an old Corsair HX520W psu, but I'm not sure if it can handle my system. If it could, it would save me some money.
  19. Yes it is a good system. My PSU died and I hope nothing else is affected. I still have not placed my order for a PSU. The thing is that with 10 or 20 euro more, I can get a better PSU. Even a Be Quiet one level better. Not sure about the BeQuiet PSUs. Read positive reviews for the Be Quiet Pure Power 11 PSUs. Other reviews are negative. Not sure if negative reviews are due to price since in the US it's more expansive as a European PSU... Some reviews you cannot trust, user reviews give the better picture. I found the Be quiet Pure Power 11 600W 80 Plus Gold and the Corsair CX650 80 Plus Bronze for the same price.... kind of between the two now.
  20. Thanks for that. I think I'm going to go for it a at the moment I cannot spend more money. My system is old by now, but still reliable and runs all my games.
  21. Happy to have found a distro that fits my needs. Elementary OS. Clean, light weight with no bloatware, works out of the box. People should give it a try.
  22. I have grown out of time for games, and so I think that this might be a good time to totally switch to Linux. Since I also want to play around with Python etc. What I still use a lot is the Adobe products for work, but I do have a beast of a laptop that work has purchased for me, and that runs all that. Should I look into getting a new GPU? An Nvidia one and throw away my current one? Would I also need a new CPU for better linux support?
  23. Yes I thought so, but how do I use the live cd in order to install linux if I cannot see what I'm doing. I will need a different installation method? Always seem to be missing somethings, needing to do something in order to make linux work. At least with an AMD Gpu. And the funny thing is that I always prefer AMD GPU over Nvidia on my desktop and I miss out on linux. I might just build a mini machine with an APU and just run linux on it, or get a new video card from Nvidia :(
  24. Maybe my GPU is not compatible with the latest Ubuntu release.
  25. Well my hardware is listed in my signature. GPU = Sapphire Radeon HD7870 XT Edition with Boost, 2GB