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  1. Hi again, well today I thought of trying again so that I can start learning Python. I thought of trying to install linux again. Tried latest Ubuntu, SUSE and Mint. I could run them using Virtualbox but without any hardware acceleration. I could not even run the LiveCDs as I got graphics glitches and the screen is not readable. I guess I could go ahead an read on forums etc. and try and find a solution, but to be honest I could not be bothered. Sick of doing that. Why can't we just have things work out of the box in computers? I would need to purchase a new PC in order to run Linux... :( Either an Intel APU, or with an Nvidia Gpu. OR I could just forget about it for some time again and just run Python under win10
  2. I tried a live CD on my Dell laptop. Intel i7 with a quadro gpu. Loaded fine and looked great. Even the touch screen works. I will dual boot ubuntu on this laptop as it's a work machine. My desktop being all AMD for some reason the live CD booted to a black screen and the monitor goes to sleep. So I guess my GPU is not compatible. With my work machine though the only drawback would be adobe products. We use them a lot and I would of thought that now with adobe cloud it would work on Ubuntu natively. If that could work then I wouldn't need the dual boot. Security wise, I know linux is safer etc. But I do pay for bitdefender on all my machines and they do not have a version for linux (discontinued). Don't we also need an antivirus protection on linux? I know most virus and attacks are for the most used OS out there which is Windows, but the more linux is used and grows wouldn't that make it more of a target?
  3. Yes you guys are right. What's the point? I do everything I want easy with Windows. Always have since win 3.1 & Dos. I did complain every second windows version but always used windows. (Loved 3.1, 98, XP, 7 and now 10, - hated 95, ME, Vista, and 8.1) I always wanted to use Linux, was always arguing with friend in favor of linux even though I always used windows apart from UNIX at UNI. Now that I'm too old (40 yrs old) to have the luxury of time to waste on trying to play around with an OS, format this, format that trying to make it work, I notice that windows serves me better and I've on this environment for so long I feel comfortable with it and sorting out if things go wrong. I think that forking is something that never really worked in favor of Linux, and all open source software, and that's why I thought maybe Ubuntu is getting somewhere with Canonical working on it. Then again RedHat did the same for a while and then they just moved away from home system and just focused on server environments etc. My guess is that Linux is part of my world in form of my Android phone and that's about it. Even there windows is kind enough to work with my Android phone, something that MacOS does not seem to like. but that's another story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I'm sure this discussion has been seen in the forum thousands of times, so I'm off to fire up BattleNet and play a game of starcraft 2 on my win10 machine :) before I do some work with Adobe products, notpad++, wampserver and python all on the same machine.
  4. Hi, my brother's computer was overheating last summer and it did shut down a few times because of it. Now I was away overseas and told him to take it easy and I would look into it. Another thing was that occasionaly it would not start up. The CPU Led would light up and it would not post. Fan and all had power, but no post. I returned and changed his thermal paste which did fix the overheating issue. The CPU red light still appeared. When this happened it would not post. He had to unplug the power for a few hours and the try to boot. It sometimes would post etc and it would work unless he shut down. Then the issue might appear again. Now his PC consisted of the following: AMD 8350 8 core at 4GHz PSU with noctua NH-U9B cpu cooler ASUS M5A99X Evo R2.0 mobo Corsair CX600M PSU Sapphire Dual-X R9 270X GPU 16GB RAM and 256gb SSD. Now trying to troubleshoot this error, I read somewhere that the CPU Led would light up when CPU is not present. So anyway he was in a hurry to get his PC fixed and so we did not bother with sending the mobo back, and we ordered a new mobo. We now have the ASUS Sabertouth 990FX R2.0. So I installed the mobo today. I started a new clean install of windows, and after the first shutdown, the post issue appeared again. So we get a CPU Led and no post again. Now the thing is that we could not have two failed mobos. So my thought is that it might be the CPU. The heating issues that he had might have cooked it or something. He wants to get a new CPU. My question is. Can we diagnose this issue? Is it really the CPU? And if it is, then we want to get the AMD FX-9590 4.7GHZ 8-CORE BOX. Now the previous CPU needed 125W, and the new AMD FX-9590 4.7GHZ needs 220W. If we do end up getting the new CPU, will the system handle it? Will the PSU handle it? Can you recomend a cpu heatsink to go with the AMD FX-9590 4.7GHZ? Cause my guess is that a cooler needs to be able to take 220W psu heat right? Any thouhgts or direction would be appreciated. thank you
  5. I have exactly the same CPU with older motherboard and psu and never had one issue (as you can see in my singiture). It's just that my bro had his running with no UPS and with bad power network in his house. So that's what caused it all. I've never built an intel system as it seemed too expensive to me. I hope AMD come up with a new architecture that might require less power.
  6. OK so we installed the new PSU. Corsair 650X edition which is GOLD rated. So far so good. It is fine. Could of been the PSU at the end, but now we've spent money and changed everything
  7. Wasted so much money now. Getting a new PSU. Which I got that first, but like I said... the mobo indicator seems to be a problem for a lot of people. Without being clear what it is. I read so many different things online, from a bad BIOS to stabilizing voltages... hoestly have been put off by all of this. We might get a new PSU and still have the same issue....crazy. EDIT: could have built a new Intel system with all the money spent so far
  8. OK, so I just installed the new CPU, new Noctua NH-D15, and installed windows 10, all my apps... then did the test. Shut down... same problem. What's left to do now is to get a new PSU. Honestly what a waste of money :( I just hope that when I change PSU it will be ok... and then I might build another system with the old mobo and cpu. :( :( :(
  9. Hi, I have visited a friend's office and noticed something. They have one UPS on which they have added power adapter to fit more things on it. So they got a 5 hole power cable adapter outlet, cut out the power point and adjasted on it a point that fits the ups with tape. Now on this they hooked up the router, some printers etc and 2 PCs. My opinion is to use the UPS just for the PCs, and just get APC surge protect outlets for the printers. Isn't this the way to go? Or is it having such setup with multiple outlets on a UPS by the use of multiple power outlets. I would use an APC Surgeprottect outlet, and on that add the UPS which will have the PCs only connected to it, and all the rest like printers and router on another surge protected outlet. Right? thanks
  10. Well, I never update unless the software brings it up as a notification for an updated driver. So I guess it should be ok. I need to read up on this.
  11. Is this for the GPU? I installed these new drivers on my system (the new interface and all). My brother has AMD too, so I shouldn't use them? I need to read on this. Didn't they release an update to fix such a big problem?
  12. Well, I just checked the 24 pin and 8 pin rail with my multimeter and all voltages seem fine. So now going to order a new CPU and Heatsink. Going to order the 8350 again cause the 9370 seems to be an overclocked version that requires more power. And going to also get the Noctua NH-D15 this time.
  13. I have never ever overclocked and always had AMD systems (my last intel was a 486sx 33, and a Pentium 3). I have never overclocked cause I always believed that I was shortening the lifespan of the system. And also because I never had the cash to play around like that. Always had AMD cpu and ATI/AMD GPU. I still remember my 3dfx voodoo ;) I will check the 8 pin for voltage with a voltage meter and see what reading I get. It will be a pain to spend money on a new CPU and CPU Cooler when it might be the PSU
  14. I looked up a power calculator and even the FX-9590 at 4.7 will be ok. But I think that it might just be an overclocked 8350 and it might not be worth the extra money. Now regarding the issue, it is so unclear what this CPU Led is for. It's happening on both mobos. Today I checked and the Noctua cooler seems to be setup right. It is not touching naywhere else. Looked at the backplate as well. The funny thing is that ti does it I mean the led lights up with no post, then if you unplug the power for a few hours it would post... and then on another shutdown it might not post again and the CPU Led lights up. Could the CPU be damaged? I bought a new mobo, now going to order a new CPU and new Noctua cooler (bigger one this time) I need to do a proper test of the Power Supply, will also take appart the cpu again. Clean it, check for bent pins and try again. I am getting sick of PCs like this. When things fail and it is not certain what it might be. All these expensive motherboards, led indicators that are not accurate. CPU Led, is it the power form the PSU? Could it be the cooler fans that are 3 pin and not 4? Could this cause it? But why not all the time? How can it work and then not? Why isn't the problem all the time? Why would it post if left without power for hours?
  15. well I have the same CPU as my brother, but never had such an issue.We never overclock or anything either.
  16. yes checked the socket for termal paste.. and all pin on cpu look fine. Grounding issues on the CPU mount of Fan? How do you mean?
  17. Thanks for the reply. The system is cool enough, I mean we have the CoolerMaster HAF XB Evo fully loaded with fans. As far as cpu cooling is consered, do they have specs that mention howmany watts cpu they can handle?
  18. So I changed the HP Advanced Settings to Pro-Gaming mode 32~64ohms headset and it has made everything sound louder. Not sure which sounds better, the dongle or the soundcard, but with the sound card you can play around with the settings. No matter what, it was worth purchasing this headset. Since I cannot use my 5.1 speakers to play when the baby sleeps ;)
  19. Hi, I just bought the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset to play the Witcher 3 with virtual 7.1 sound. Now I do have an ASUS Xonar DG soundcard which supports virtual 7.1 aswell. This headset does not come with the 3.5mm jacks but a usb dongle which also has a 7.1 virtual sound card. My question is, how do I make sure that the soundcard used is the Xonar? I know that the Cloud II headset's dongle has an on/off switch for its usb soundcard, and I switch it off, but since it is connected via USB, does the PC use the onboard soundcard or the Xonar through usb? The 3.5mm connector on the headset has both audio and mic on one pin. Should I try and find a splitter/adapter in order to connect the headset directly to the soundcard using a different pin for audio and a different one for the mic, and not use the usb dongle? Do I disable the onboard soundcard and then only the xonar will be used? Any thoughts will be appreciated. thanks
  20. Well going through the Xonar sound card, sounds nice. I think that going through the USB dongle seemed louder but I avoid using it as I don't like using the usb as a connection. At the moment (while waiting for the creative audio/mic splitter), I use the normal 3.5 connection in the the front panel of my tower which is connected to my sound card. When the splitter comes, I will be able to use the mic as well. The dongle has nice sound to be honest, but I guess that I will need to play with the sound card's equalizer for optimum settings. Not sure if my onboard soundcard has the 7.1 virtual sound. I will try to listen carefully to all three: onboard, xonar, and dongle and reply here. While playing the Witcher 3 ofcourse? The dongle is a bonus for laptops and all, but since I have the xonar sound card, why not use it.
  21. After further reading, the usb port does not access my sound card, and since my sound card supports 7.1 virtual purchasinfg the audio/mic splitter is the best thing I did. This way I get direct connection to my sound card.
  22. I might need this: http://en.europe.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-audio-mic-splitter-adapter/buy
  23. Hi, I have an OCZ Vector 256GB SSD as my main drive. Windows 7 64bit installed. Now every so often I get a CHCKDSK on boot. I read on the net that some firmware updates on the SSD might fix this issue. Looks like from what I've read that I will need to format the SSD, which means I loose everything and will need to re-install windows. Anyone had the same problem? Is there a better way to fix this without having to re-install windows? thanks
  24. yes I know people do use them. Many people get them for overclocking purposes but since I'm not overclocking I thought I might as well avoid a few issues. I've read in forums how many people have RMAed their h80i or h100i for various issues. Pump not sitting well on some motherboards (plenty of videos on youtube). The pump not sounding healthy, the fans being loud. Some have had various issues with the Corsair Link software. But then ofcourse there are many people who have had no issues at all. And I'm only talkibg about the corsair hydro series coolers. Corsair is a top company, and I use their RAM and PSUs. I could have looked into other brands for water cooling, but I would have had to spend a lot more to get a good cooling system. I also noticed that many younger people get them, they overclock and they are all excited about the figures, charts, temps etc. I don't feel like that. I don't need the extra few temp drops (cause we are not talking about a huge difference from good aircoolers) to brag about in forums. I just want a system to work, hassle free. There is a big debate regarding air-coolers vs water-coolers. Especially the closed loop systems like the corsair hydro series. In many cases high end air coolers out-perform these closed loop water coolers. The custom water cooling systems are in a different class all together. But then again, they are used more or less for extreme overclocking experiments and looks. So after reading alot in forums and reviews, I thought that I might just be better off with a cooler that just gets mounted and works. No firmware updates and performance resutls to worry about. No RMA leaving me without a PC for a few weeks. anyway. Going to pick up my Noctua NH-U12S today from the coorier, the new HAF XB case should be here by tomorrow, and I'll have a new setup for my birthday :)