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  1. yes checked the socket for termal paste.. and all pin on cpu look fine. Grounding issues on the CPU mount of Fan? How do you mean?
  2. Thanks for the reply. The system is cool enough, I mean we have the CoolerMaster HAF XB Evo fully loaded with fans. As far as cpu cooling is consered, do they have specs that mention howmany watts cpu they can handle?
  3. So I changed the HP Advanced Settings to Pro-Gaming mode 32~64ohms headset and it has made everything sound louder. Not sure which sounds better, the dongle or the soundcard, but with the sound card you can play around with the settings. No matter what, it was worth purchasing this headset. Since I cannot use my 5.1 speakers to play when the baby sleeps ;)
  4. Hi, I just bought the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset to play the Witcher 3 with virtual 7.1 sound. Now I do have an ASUS Xonar DG soundcard which supports virtual 7.1 aswell. This headset does not come with the 3.5mm jacks but a usb dongle which also has a 7.1 virtual sound card. My question is, how do I make sure that the soundcard used is the Xonar? I know that the Cloud II headset's dongle has an on/off switch for its usb soundcard, and I switch it off, but since it is connected via USB, does the PC use the onboard soundcard or the Xonar through usb? The 3.5mm connector on the headset has both audio and mic on one pin. Should I try and find a splitter/adapter in order to connect the headset directly to the soundcard using a different pin for audio and a different one for the mic, and not use the usb dongle? Do I disable the onboard soundcard and then only the xonar will be used? Any thoughts will be appreciated. thanks
  5. Well going through the Xonar sound card, sounds nice. I think that going through the USB dongle seemed louder but I avoid using it as I don't like using the usb as a connection. At the moment (while waiting for the creative audio/mic splitter), I use the normal 3.5 connection in the the front panel of my tower which is connected to my sound card. When the splitter comes, I will be able to use the mic as well. The dongle has nice sound to be honest, but I guess that I will need to play with the sound card's equalizer for optimum settings. Not sure if my onboard soundcard has the 7.1 virtual sound. I will try to listen carefully to all three: onboard, xonar, and dongle and reply here. While playing the Witcher 3 ofcourse? The dongle is a bonus for laptops and all, but since I have the xonar sound card, why not use it.
  6. After further reading, the usb port does not access my sound card, and since my sound card supports 7.1 virtual purchasinfg the audio/mic splitter is the best thing I did. This way I get direct connection to my sound card.
  7. I might need this: http://en.europe.creative.com/p/sound-blaster/sound-blaster-audio-mic-splitter-adapter/buy
  8. Hi, I have an OCZ Vector 256GB SSD as my main drive. Windows 7 64bit installed. Now every so often I get a CHCKDSK on boot. I read on the net that some firmware updates on the SSD might fix this issue. Looks like from what I've read that I will need to format the SSD, which means I loose everything and will need to re-install windows. Anyone had the same problem? Is there a better way to fix this without having to re-install windows? thanks
  9. yes I know people do use them. Many people get them for overclocking purposes but since I'm not overclocking I thought I might as well avoid a few issues. I've read in forums how many people have RMAed their h80i or h100i for various issues. Pump not sitting well on some motherboards (plenty of videos on youtube). The pump not sounding healthy, the fans being loud. Some have had various issues with the Corsair Link software. But then ofcourse there are many people who have had no issues at all. And I'm only talkibg about the corsair hydro series coolers. Corsair is a top company, and I use their RAM and PSUs. I could have looked into other brands for water cooling, but I would have had to spend a lot more to get a good cooling system. I also noticed that many younger people get them, they overclock and they are all excited about the figures, charts, temps etc. I don't feel like that. I don't need the extra few temp drops (cause we are not talking about a huge difference from good aircoolers) to brag about in forums. I just want a system to work, hassle free. There is a big debate regarding air-coolers vs water-coolers. Especially the closed loop systems like the corsair hydro series. In many cases high end air coolers out-perform these closed loop water coolers. The custom water cooling systems are in a different class all together. But then again, they are used more or less for extreme overclocking experiments and looks. So after reading alot in forums and reviews, I thought that I might just be better off with a cooler that just gets mounted and works. No firmware updates and performance resutls to worry about. No RMA leaving me without a PC for a few weeks. anyway. Going to pick up my Noctua NH-U12S today from the coorier, the new HAF XB case should be here by tomorrow, and I'll have a new setup for my birthday :)
  10. Hi all, I currently have these components (see my signature), and would like to get a new case cause I wanted to change the stoc cpu cooler and the new one would not fit in my Cooler Master K380 midi case. I was thinking of getting the CoolerMaster Hyper 412 Slim cpu cooler, and the CoolerMaster HAF XB Black RC-902XB-KWN1. Now this cube shape case has an optional 200mm case on top which I would like to install. The problem is that the CPU Cooler has 160mm height, and the fan on top of the case has a height of 30mm. All up 190mm. The case specs, mention that it can take up to 180mm CPU cooler but is this with or without the top fan? If I install the fan will it fit? Should I look at getting a smaller cpu cooler? Maybe hydro one? Cheap Hydro ones are not much better than the CoolerMaster Hyper 412 Slim, and I want to avoid the risk of something going wrong and water pooring inside my PC. What are your thoughts? Can you suggest a good CPU Cooler that would fit the CoolerMaster HAF XB case with the 200mm top fan installed? Shoudl I be looking at water cooling instead? Any thoughts are appreciated. EDIT>> Need slim fans on the cooler since I have Corsair Vengeance RAM dims with high coolers on them. And I think I should be looking into push & pull fans on the CPU cooler.
  11. Been reading about people using push/pull for better performance. Maybe I should have bought the h100i, but to be honest I had a bad gut feeling regarding water cooling. I think that people that have had all these issues with it has put me off. And I thought that aircooling is so simple and just works.
  12. I know. Unreal what they do. If I make a new build for myself or a friend, I'll have to look closely at every small detail on the mobo, heatsinks, etc etc I ordered the HAF XB now, and the heatsink of any aircooler that is descent enough and has high RAM clearance, will not allow for a top 200mm exchaust fan to be mounted. Even a water cooler like the H80i with a push pull configuration will not allow it. My only other option was to go for a H100i, but in order to avoid the loud fans for push/pull and get 4 Noctua fans, I would have had to pay a fortune. unreal. EDIT: I could mount the 200mm fan outside of the case, instead of inside as per normal. It will make my case look like a helicopter. The case can fit a cpu cooler upto 180mm height. But mine is now going tobe 158mm, and I still cannot mount the 200mm fan. I could have gone for a lower profile cpu cooler but I could not use 2 fans push/pull on it.
  13. Yes I know about the paired slots. Just that I bought 4x4gb to make up 16gb of ram. I could have bought 2x8gb but I didn't at the time so did not feel like spending more money again now. The thing is that motherboards and heatsinks and ram should have evolved to eliminate such issues.
  14. well you're right. I did get them beofre doing any research on how it could effect other components. Especially the cpu cooler. They looked nice, they had nice timings 8-8-8-24, so I got them. Never getting high ram like those ever again. I didn't want to remove the heat sink risking damaging them. I could have gone for a water cooler but my gut feeling wouldn't let me. So ended up with an air cooler that has high ram clearance. Quick question: don't air coolers help in the overall airflow in the case more than water coolers?
  15. Hi, after some research and forum reading for pros and cons of both air cooling vs water cooling (within my budget ofcourse), I ended up going for air cooling. I got the CM HAF XB with extra 2 CoolerMaster 80mm BC Red Case Fans. (for the bottom half) The extra fans for the bottom might not be needed since I have SSDs, but I guess that as an exhaust under the motherboard it might do some good. Now for a CPU Cooler I ended up getting the Noctua NH-U12S with an extra NF-F12 PWM fan for push/pull. This fan will be quiet and it will clear my tall Corsair Vengeance. My final decision is based on me feeling a lot more comfortable and worry free. Maybe I'm over exaggerating regarding the trust on the h80i and h100i, but I feel that I don't need to worry about things that might go wrong. I've sent an ASUS motherboard for RMA and its been two weeks now and the motherboard has not come back yet. Don't want to have to go through this again. I know the h80i and the h100i would have given me better temps but I don't think its that much of a big deal. I don't overclock so a few degrees more or less will not make too much of a difference. The HAF XB itself will give me great air flow and good temps. Not going to go through Prime95, or post overclocking numbers on forums etc, and so I don't want to have to worry about firmware or Corsair Link etc. If it wasn't for the noise the stock fan makes on the 8350 I wouldn't even bother to be honest. So now a quiet CPU Cooler that just works and performs way better than the stock cooler is more than enough. All up it cost me 230€. (Not a bad birthday present to myself) I could have gone for the H100i with this ammount of money, but then again it would have cost me a lot more to get 4 Noctua fans for the radiator. And since there are plenty of things that could go wrong, I decided not to worry too much about water cooling. Thanks again to all that took their time to reply.
  16. I could get the h100i but doing some google searches for problems and issues, there are just too many complaints. Is it worth it to go water cooling over air???
  17. yes you see the cost of the h80i and the NH-U14S with the second fan is about the same. The thing is that the NH-U14S is quieter than the h80i. I mean its not as if the performance difference is so great to justify the noise level, or the risk of something going wrong. I want to get teh CM HAF XB which is a cube desktop case, but with the air coolers there is no room for the top fan. The top fan would be nice to be used as an exhaust of heat. But I could preperly live without it. if I install the air cooler push pull facing upwards? to avoid hitting my vangeance ram? is that ok? will it work in terms of air flow?
  18. Looking to see if the NH-U14S fits on my mobo and ram. Especially the RAM which are the tall Corsair Vengeance... anyone seen any?
  19. its the HAF XB not the HAF X. and the problem is my ram. I cannot use the D14. I have the full height corsair Corsair Vengeance. I was worried about water cooling, but since I really like that case and my RAM is a problem with all the air coolers, I'm going for the H80i water cooler. I've been told that there are no problems with them, and that there is a 5 year warranty for everything in case of leaks. I've always used stock coolers and had them for years. Currently I do have good airflow and the fx 8350 and its stock fan the temps are OK. But it is loud. Not getting high profile ram again
  20. looks like I'm going for the Corsair H80i cpu cooler. Getting the CM HAF XB. Cannot wait
  21. I guess I could but it'll be a waste of money getting new RAM and having the old ones sit around. I cannot believe the CoolerMaster V4 GTS is not selling in europe. If I do keep my RAM then my only choice would be water cooling :( Not getting high profile RAM ever again EDIT>> Might as well go for the H80i which is available at stores here. I hope this does not leak and cook my system
  22. Really interested in the CoolerMaster V4 GTS. This should fit just fine even with the 200mmx20mm top fan. And it seems that my high profile RAM will fit. The problem is finding a store that has it (Europe)
  23. According to the manual the 180mm is full height. So even a slim 200mm x 20mm fan will not work. I could just get the case and not install a 200mm top fan. The heat should be able to escape from the top since there is no glass window. Very hard to find a CPU cooler that is both less than 160mm and that fits the high profile RAM :(
  24. yes it's not clear if this case does fit a 160mm tall cpu cooler with the fan. Water cooling is not always quieter than normal heatsinks since they too have fans, and sometimes two for use as push and pull. That said push and pull on water cooling does take up space and there seems to also be an issue with high ram on some water cooling pipes. What do you think of the case? Looks different and it would look nice on the desk. I always had full towers sitting on my desk but I'm over them now, and would prefer a good mid case. EDIT>> the CoolerMaster Hyper 412 Slim has 160mm height. If I get a 20mm height slim 200mm fan for the top of the case will give me the total of 180mm. The case mentions up to 180mm cpu cooler. Will that give me a few mm to play with? Not sure...
  25. Here we go. So I bought a new mobo. Got the ASUS M5A97 EVO R2.0 which is compatible with the Phenom II X4 965, and in case he wants to upgrade later he can get a new CPU 8 core AM3+. I actually got two the same mobos and upgraded my PC with the FX 8350. I had no problems with mine. Works like a charm. Now my friend's problematic PC had the following issue. It would not boot at first, them booted into BIOS and only recognised half the ram, then it would not boot again and it kept showing the red cpu led. So no post at all. Tried different ram, tried a different cpu (fx 4100), tried 3 different PSUs, tried everything in a new case.... .NO LUCK. Stack with the red cpu led and no post. So what could it be???? Could one of the two mobos have come faulty? Again my friend the one out of luck??? Waht can I do??? any thoughts?