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  1. Sorry people and thanks for you replies. It's a totaly different board. The old one is a foxconn and the new one Gigabyte. Same CPU (pentium D) and winXP. Different RAM too. The old mobo supported DDR2 and the new DDR3, so going to get some new RAM too.
  2. thanks for the replies. I manged to restart the computer and get into windows Vista using a Windows Vista restore CD. Found it online, it was less than 200MB. Anyway it did the job. I can now get into Vista. The only problem I have now is that the Data partition is not visible. When I go into disk management, I can see it, but cannot see it under MyComputer. How can I fix this without loosing data on that partition?
  3. Hi, I've got a Toshiba Satellite A300D harman/karbon in my hands to fix. Now it has 3 partitions, the first is hidden and it's a 1.46GB WinRE partition. looks like it is the Win Repair partition. C: partition is corrupt, and D: Data is ok. It also contains a folder "HDDRecovery" The owner of this laptop did not create recovery discs. And he does not have any winVista CD. Don't know if a disc did ship with his laptop. He doesn't have any. No the problem is that when you boot, it asks you to system repair. (I guess because the C drive is corrupt) I try the system repair and I get an error message titled "System Recovery Options", The installed program cannot start. Click OK to turn off the computer. Any suggestions? Tried everything on the web regarding booting the Recovery partition, but does not work. I gues this 1.46GB first partition is not a proper recovery or system restore partition. Any thoughts? Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. hi, yes I've tried it. I looked it up and tried it. No luck. That must mean that the first partition could also be corrupt. Or maybe I'm holding the 0 key too long.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I think it is cooked. I'll get a new PCI LAN card. Only around 25euro for a linksys. (LINKSYS EG1032 GIGABIT ETHERNET ADAPTER 32-BIT) or should I go for something better? Just hope that nothing else starts failing on the mobo.
  6. Hi, I have the ASUS M4A77TD PRO mobo with the onboard RTL8112L Gigabit LAN. (win 7 64bit) Now this morning the lan connection started going on and off. I tried re-installing drivers, enabled and disabled the card, changed the network cable. Flashed the BIOS. All that untill I completely lost the card. No longer listed in Divice Manager. I thought it was a win7 issue. I played with power management. Nothing. I guess its cooked since I have a dual boot system with Ubuntu 10.10 and even ubuntu can no longer see it. So it can't be driver related. I get an orange light at the back of the PC, but no light on the router. Lucky I have a backup usb wireless card so I can get online. Are there any other tests I could try? Or is my onboard LAN cooked? Meanwhile there was a power issue in the houses the night before. Even though I do have a UPS amd the PC did not switch off. Any thoghts? Thanks... PS: will check waranty and see if I can get a new mobo.
  7. thank you for the replies. I guess the best option is to just get a new screen. I changed a screen before that was cracked, and it only takes like 10 minutes. I bought it from http://www.laptop-lcd-screen.co.uk/ since I live in Europe now. Thanks again guys.
  8. Hi, a friend's Toshiba Satellite A200-1M5 laptop screen is loosing light/brightness. Could be working fine and then just looses brightness/light. As if it does not give out light at all. When you push down fully the screen, you can slightly see everything. Playing with the brightness nothing (even with function keys). The monitor setting all ok. Put everything on no power save with the monitor settings and nothing. Restart and plays ok. Even opened up / unscrewed the monitor to check the connectors and all ok. If they were not ok, there would be no display at all. right? What could it be? Any thoughts? I plug it on an normal monitor and works fine. Could it be a power issue? The battery is full though. thanks people.
  9. Hi all, Have not upgraded in years. Had the same system for like 7 years with the only upgrade on video card from the X850 to the X1950 pro AGP. So I have not read reviews on anything on video cards for ages. All my cards have been ATI on all my systems, which has really got me upset at times with my Linux installs. Anyway, now its the time to buid a new system. So with my new system I want your opinion on which video cards to get. I've never had an nVidia card. I hear from people that there are issues with ATI drivers lately. What would you people reccomend? SLI or CrossFire ? Which works better? Is it worth it? Are there any known issues with dual video cards? Or is it better to go for a single high end card? Or dual high end cards? Any thoughts will help me decide. I want a system that will last me a few good years. A good i7, 6 or more GB triple channel RAM... Thanks a lot.
  10. ROUBOS

    SLI or Crossfire?

    Thank you all for your replies. Yes I will go SLI then. I've always had an ATI card in all my systems. Good thing now is that I will finally run Linux with no 3D problems :D Now got to start thinking about my mobo, i7 etc. :) thanks again.
  11. Hi people, I was given an old P4 system to look at. Now this PC has winXp home on it. It was full of viruses so I used BitDefencer live cd to virus scan the pc. I removed the viruses and now the PC does not boot. It loads up to the screen that gives you an option to boot in safe mode, last working setting etc. Any choice I make reboots the system. What I'm trying to do is repair install Windows. I could simple use a live linux cd to recover important data and do a complete format and install again, but the owner of the PC would like to recover the system as is if possible. So I thought of running a repair install but the option is not available. I boot with the original winXP home CD, I hit ENTER, F8 and there is no Repair install listed. The only Repair option available is the Repair Console. I tried a few things at the repair console I found online with no luck. Does anyone have any idea, anything that could help? thanks
  12. after searching through so many different versions and CDs I have, I got one that works. Thanks so much. It was the version. XP Profetional worked. Even though there is an XP home sticker and serial on the tower. The owner must have installed Pro. I was trying using Home versions thanks again
  13. that's what I do, but the only option there is to delete the partition or create a new one. Or just continue installing. There is no "R", Repair.
  14. Oh well with no luck, I had to embed the images into my movie. For the gallery I used the UILoader but aded a preloader component for them so its ok now. It works now, but it would have been nice if the images linked to the UILoader preloaded with the movie.
  15. I hope someone can help me out here. Using AS3 in FlashCS4 I have created a preloader, which loads the main movie as a separate file. The problem is that within the main movie I am using the UILoader Component to display external images. I did this to keep the main movie file size down and also make it easier to change the photos later (make it Dynamic). The Problem is that when I simulate the download, everything works fine except the external images. Is there a way that I can not only preload the main movie, but also preload the external images that are linked to it so I can make it work better. At the moment the movie loads fine but then waits to load the external images. Been trying to find a solution online with no luck. Any thoughts? thanks a lot.
  16. Thanks for your replies. Been a few days, I was away. Just tried my switch again. The lights work as expected, but no internet or network. Something is wrong with it and I thougt that if it was really broken, the lights would not work. I cannot even access "manage mode" in order to use the web interface this switch offers. Anyway I do think that a 10/100/1000 would be better, and that's why I bought one in the first place, but right now I cannot spend so much money just for internet and simple file sharing. So a 10/100 one will do. thanks everyone it does not have an external PSU. Just a normal computer cable.
  17. Hi, I have a DELL PowerConnect 2716 - 16 port Switch connected to my ADSL 2+ Router. This shared internet to my lan consisting of 6 PCs. Now my machines cannot access the internet or each other. I think it's due to some power ups and downs during a storm. I opened the switch and nothing looked cooked inside. The lights on the switch do light up. I tried a small D-Link 5 port switch just then and the PCs do get internet. Is my 16 port Dell PowerConnect cooked? Or are there any settings I could check? Had it for more than 3 years now. any thoughts? I will need to buy a new switch and a ups for it. (all my PCs have UPSs apart from my switch) thanks EDIT >>> Do I really need a 10/100/1000 switch? or 10/100 will do? there is a big price difference (in case I get a new one) EDIT>>> I noticed that I cannot change the switch to Managed Mode. Using a paper clip I push the small button when I switch on the Switch as per the instructions
  18. Hi, just building a new system and was wondering how big does the UPS really has to be? Do we go by the PSU watts? So when I get a nice 600W PSU I will also need my UPS to have output of 600W? Tried the APC calculator on their site and it comes out with an expensive UPS. So I was wondering if thats what we're supposed to look out for. The watt output of the UPS to be the same or more than the PSU Watts. thanks
  19. Hi, A friends CPU FAN has stopped working properly. So we bought a new one to change it. It's a socket AM2. Anyway I was wondering for people's advice here. Any tips that could help. Should be simple enough. Do I need the tube of thermal paste? Is it necessary? I saw that under the heatsink of the new fan, there is a square piece that looks like blue-tack. Must be thermal paste. So would that do? Is it as simple as taking the old fan and sink out and placing the new one? thanks
  20. ROUBOS

    Changing CPU FAN...

    Thanks for your replies people. Changed it without a problem ;) thank you
  21. no, no system to shutdown the pc when i'm not there
  22. ROUBOS

    Changing CPU FAN...

    thank you all for your replies... how do I take off the old paste?
  23. dont mind if it does not stay on for long. just enough time to shutdown will do. 10 minutes? or less I guess this good enough? Back UPS RS LCD 550 Master Control http://www.apc.com/resource/include/techsp...ase_sku=BR550GI
  24. MOBO: ASUS M4A77TD PRO CPU: AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 3.4GHZ GPU: ASUS EAH5770 Monitor: LG 24" LCD RAM: 4 or 8 Gb Dual Channel RAM 1600 PSU: Corsair HX 520W Modular