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  1. neoprint

    Home Server advice

    If it helps, my home server is an old ML350 G6 running Unraid with a bunch of drives. Suits me perfectly as a Plex server than runs a few other things in Dockers and a handful of VMs
  2. neoprint

    What a joke

    Oh boy, that was quite the wild ride.
  3. neoprint

    Roll Call!

    Sticking my head in to say hello like I do every 6 months or so. How is everyone?
  4. neoprint

    Where does everybody live these days?

    It's about the same size as it's always been for me, I don't have much of a frame of reference. Probably moving away soon though, really struggling to make friends here ?
  5. neoprint

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Cairns. Moved here from NZ coming up 5 years ago
  6. neoprint

    don't want to make you paranoid, but...

    Apparently since I live in North Queensland I needed to opt out in 2016 and I already have one. I'm not impressed.
  7. neoprint

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    Oh shit :(
  8. neoprint

    Blast from the past up for sale on Facebook

    No, bidding is up to $50 so far. I'm trying to persuade him into sending it to Cairns but I don't think he's keen
  9. I remember touching myself to this as a teenager.
  10. neoprint

    The Daikatana appreciation thread.

    I give it a playthrough once or twice a year to appease the gods. Still love it just as much as day 1
  11. neoprint

    How do you do it?

    I hate working 40 hours a week, until I get home and watch my 60" 4k TV, play one of my many consoles or fire up my PC. Then I realise I need to job to maintain that lifestyle, which is terrifying
  12. neoprint

    HDD only 20Gb on eBook - no space for W10?

    Be careful with this, if it's 8.1 with Bing it doesn't have a key. At all. So it needs to have the upgrade done first otherwise it won't activate. Source: fallen victim to this myself
  13. neoprint

    Wii Homebrew

    Easiest console I've ever modded. Plenty of instructions around, but it's just a case of running letterbomb, installing homebrew channel, and some custom IOS's.
  14. neoprint

    Securely boot from SD card?

    If you're booting from install media then you're not booting the OS that has crypto on it. You'll be fine whatever media you use.