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    Last time I tried to tutor someone, mm80x and I got Nodnerb banned >.>
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    What's on your mind?

    I used to slave my arse off to pay $550 a week in rent - I now pay less than $500 a year in rates on 40 hectares I'm a (was) fucking dumb arse
  3. Yeah, they all tend to look like that, or like I'm stoned off my tits, like this: Plus I love my greays - make me look distinguished Also "gruesome accident" is vague to me..... Sadly...
  4. How does this work - Like dis? EDIT: Holy shit - Does work like that. Well shit me - Internal hosting
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    I thought mine seemed low Holy fuck I used to spam the shit out of this place while drunk back in the day Sorry about that
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    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Fsck ye!
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    Oh, I missed it.... I'm a Titan!

  8. Yeah, look - I don't know wtf is going on here I spent hours backing up nearly 2TB of data to external drives, then grabbed my system and installed a blank HDD, installed a test copy of Windows 10, and everything seemed chipper - But, I had a game date I wanted to make, so I put everything back how it was and planned on just putting up with the noise - Except, there wasn't any So, I'm back on my original platform of Windows 7, same install as earlier with up to date drivers. I haven't touched the card, but, I did completely unplug my PC and move it around a bit while swapping drives around (Although, I had already tried reseating the card and checking cables) One thing I do notice is my settings for the Aura RGB LED stuff have been reset So ah, sorry about that, and thanks for the tips. My next step now will be to see if I can replicate the issue and figure it out further
  9. Yeah - My copy of Win7 is..... probably not legal :P It's a left over from when I worked Desktop Support for Gov Dept. It was part of my training to work on SOE deployment systems (So, its a legit copy, but not licensed to me (Was purchased for me to play with) - Heavily stripped down, so the Win10 update doesn't apply. Don't really want to update an OS just for testing purposes anyways) Just got home from work - I'll try Win10. If it corrects the issue, I'll grab a legit copy. EDIT: Master_Scythe - Just noticed your thread in tech talk. My system can get that update. I'll do this test quickly. Cheers for the heads up there
  10. I'm running on the idea it may just be the windows 7 drivers. I found one other person on the ROG forums with the same issue, but no fix found - So, it's not a common issue Drawn the same conclusion as Dasa - I located a spare HDD, and have borrowed a copy of Win10 from Uncle T for testing purposes. At some stage today I'll set it up and see how it goes And cheers for the tip gamble - Have been testing it with and without. I've been using the ASUS Tweak removal tool to piss the software right off, so I hope I've already done that EDIT: Other things I tried last night: BIOS update, and changing my PCIe slots from Auto to 3.0 - No change (System is running a lot better in general though) I'm also getting a lot of screen tearing when scrolling on websites or when scrolling in steam. As Bubbles says: "Somethings fucky" Random question Dasa - I see you have a 1070, what's your OS?
  11. Pretty much - Started up Afterburner for monitoring, then ran Lakes of Titan and went for a smoke. Came back, and temp is sitting at 58, fan speed is 36%. Stopped Lakes of Titan, and I can see the temp dropping, but fan speed isn't moving. For shit and giggles, went in to Afterburner, and cranked the speed up to 100% - No change on the noise level, but the graph in afterburner changed up to 100%. Manually set the fan back down to 0%, the graph shows the change, but the fans are still spinning (Can hear them - No change in volume) Just finished downloading the ASUS drivers too. Will flush the system again and try those EDIT: Just uninstalled the nvidia drivers (So sitting here in funny res), and the fans just slowed down as you would expect - Gotta be drivers (I'll reboot and try the ASUS ones) EDIT 2: Drivers from the ASUS website appear to be just the Win 7 and 8 64 bit 368.39 drivers from nvidia bundled together :/ And no - No change with the ASUS drivers
  12. *shrug* Nothing to lose I guess Just got back from flushing/reinstalling ect and trying out Afterburner - Same thing (Fan can go up, but won't come back down - Even ignores you when you manually change it)
  13. The only thing I haven't tried there is MSI Afterburner (Sorry if I'm not overly verbose atm - Had a tooth extracted on monday, in a fair bit of pain (Dry socket) and some good drugs. Card showed up on monday, and only today good enough to have a fiddle with it)) I will give it a shot and report back Given what I noticed when hopping between the current 3 drivers available (Or, which I could find), I believe that is the cause myself
  14. Recently purchased a GTX 1070 https://www.asus.com/au/Graphics-Cards/ROG-STRIX-GTX1070-O8G-GAMING/ What happens is, the fan doesn't slow down. Start up system, and everything is ok - Fans on the card don't even spin. Start a game though, and things get fun. Example: WoW Legion Beta: Game logs in, ok. Char select screen, ok. About 30 seconds after logging in on character though, fans jump up to 100% and stay there MGSV TPP: Game starts, ok. Gameplay, ok. Go to exit the game (Return to title screen), fans jump to 100% and stay there 3D Mark: Everything works fine and as expected (Fans barely spin up) Had a few hours on google looking for info, but not much at the moment. Have checked/reseated the little white plug on the card which connects to the fans. These symptoms on previous GTX cards seem to indicate a faulty fan controller on the card, but I don't think its a hardware issue, I'm leaning towards drivers: 368.81: Have to shut down system, then start again (Restart doesn't work) 368.69: Fans spins down to normal as system shut downs for restart (Similar variations with in-game behavior) One thing I have noticed, ASUS GPU TweakII reports the fans at 0rpm all the time. Temps *appear* fine, but if the software can't report fan RPM, it may not be reporting temp correctly either (I have an IR temp gun, but not seeing anything alarming using it on the backplate. I do have the LEDs set to change with the temp, and they do change color depending on use) Anyone come across this issue before? Know of a workaround and/or fix? Have tried: Have tried using ASUS GPU TweakII to set fan speeds, and I can manually turn fans speeds up, but not down 3 different driver versions (Including just the drivers - No Geforce Experience or any other nvidia software) Removed ASUS GPU TweakII and all other monitoring software I am looking at a fresh Win7 install for testing, but no HDD space at the moment - Working on that System specs (In case something jumps out): Win 7 64bit i5 4690k ASUS Z97-Pro Gamer G.Skill F3-2400C11d-8GXM Corsair VX550W
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    What's on your mind?

    With 3,110 posts? Maybe I could teach him/her a thing or two ;) *waves*