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    Dear humans

    So yeah - When at campsites and shit, please don't feed the wildlife (To the point you dispose of food scraps by burning them in a fire or taking them with you - Leaving stuff in a bin is the same as throwing it on the ground for them), or coax it in closer to humans by teasing them with bits of food or similar. Grab a pot and a spoon and make some noise and chase the fscker off - They'll get the hint (Think yourself the lion with hyena wanting some of your antelope) We're failing to maintain correct relationships with wild animals, and imo that's the cause here (Seriously - Who just watches a dingo jump up on a BBQ and steal food? Confront the animal and it would piss off - Or if it did turn aggressive, then yeah - Face full of bullet. Article doesn't mention if it got nasty or not - Can be hard to tell with Dingos (They don't bark like dogs), but with the information given it sounds cautious, not dangerous)
  2. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    The *one* time I go riding without a knife: >.< Also want to know "What's On His Mind?" - Came flying around the corner and this dude was just pulled up in the middle of the road looking around lost, started rolling along when I slowed down to check if he was ok (Betting a GPS driver). Little dude just didn't look big enough to pick the bike up if he dropped it, and he had nervous eyes
  3. Khirareq

    Portal 2

    I thought Portal 2 SP was awesome - But then I found P2 Co-op O.o Mate and I worked through it over Steam - 200km apart and no voice comms (House rule) Freaking. Insane. :D
  4. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Wow - Been away for about a week, get home, and took me nearly 2 hours to realise my flat had been broken in to :/ Endeavour Gardens - Avoid them if you're looking for rentals in Canberra
  5. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Fired :) I got told "Fill this paperwork out or get fired", and I was all like "O rly? I can use the firing to my advantage - Lets do eet!" It's the kick-in-the-arse I've need for 3 years to get these business ideas running - I already have an established customer base, so yeah - Time to take the plunge
  6. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Thanks! I'm all ready and approved for NEIS for the new year, so by this time next year, I will getting ready to be running two businesses of my own (A wide-scope on-site handyman repair service, and my pens)
  7. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    I have never been this happy to be fired before :D
  8. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Holy fuck - Just clicked I leave with my brother to visit mum tomorrow night! Driving from Canberra to Tarpeena in a Holden ute with a trailer loaded with 2 dirt bikes - Gonna be a long hike (Over 1000k one way), but will be worth it watching mum have kittens (She's gonna go off about the bikes - She doesn't know about them yet, and doesn't matter I'm 31 and bro is 28 :P ) Brother came and got my bike last night as well - He managed to pull out the steering lock, but I had to walk him through the hot wiring over the phone (He thought he fried the ECU - I troubleshooted it over the phone for him - Weirdest tech support call I've ever had) - My bike is up and running, but not secure :/
  9. I want to see someone rip this off: http://worldwide.espacenet.com/publication...mp;locale=en_EP "PHOTON PUSH-PULL RADIATION DETECTOR FOR USE IN CHROMATICALLY SELECTIVE CAT FLAP CONTROL AND 1000 MEGATON EARTH-ORBITAL PEACE-KEEPING BOMB "
  10. Khirareq

    Iron Man 3

    Because it's not out until May, so Im trying to forget about it until it's out
  11. Khirareq

    Dangerously hot hot sauce

    I still got a little bottle of Blairs 3am reserve I haven't figured out what to do with yet - It's only 1.5 to 2 mil though and scares me (And I consider myself a chilli nut) :/ Try a fresh Jalapeno and not one which has been swimming in brine, having most of the bite taken out of it. They're popular for preserving like this because they are nice and fleshy, and end up rather sweet
  12. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    The amount of locks I have on her now - Yeah, I'm thinking that as well. Just, there's a TrailTech computer on the handlebars and a stack of after market parts they could be trashing instead Plus I don't know if thats fucking with me - That really does look like a real attempt to hot wire her (I know which four wires need to be paired up to hot wire it - Easily found on google :/ ) - But, with all the wire ropes and locks I got on her, that don't make sense either
  13. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    I wish people would just fuck off and leave shit alone which has nothing to do with them >.< Fucking last night - I was even asleep in my damn car, not even a meter away from the bike >.< I missed them :( I wouldn't miss it if they managed to start her though - She sounds like half a Harley with the sports exhaust EDIT: Police report updated (They pretty much said this was my fault for not having somewhere more secure) - I've sealed off the ends of the bare wire with heatshrink as I have no idea what voltage they carry and last thing I want is to see her on fire She's going back to Bombala - Cant afford these repairs anyways, so may as well store her somewhere safe
  14. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Don't think so - Not to this extent anyways. I keep my head low and try to stay away from crap in general these days (Doesn't stop it following you though I guess) Only a 250 - Not really worth stealing imo. Think their after it 'cause it looks good :(
  15. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Found my bike laying on her side this morning as I left for work - Either half-arsed attempt at trashing her, or I'm thinking second attempt at theft maybe (Front wheel is steel cable locked to the back of my car - I think they dragged the rear wheel around and tried pulling the bike in an attempt to snap the cable lock. Thought it might of been a trashing because when I called the cops the other day, only had the dusty rear window of my car to write the report number on - It's been wiped off) Either way - Sleeping in my car tonight :/ Some good news! Located a 2nd hand key barrel in Canberra locally - Just need to somehow find 150 before friday and go and get it (That's when bro and I leave for SA for xmas)
  16. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you." Someone tried to steal my bike between Friday 8pm and 10:45am this morning. Broke my thumb going down a hill six weeks ago, cast came off on Tuesday, spent Friday night getting the bike ready, gear checks yesterday, and was just about to head back to the hill to nail the bitch Key barrel is fucked - There's loose bits of metal floating around inside of it, won't turn at all :/ Not sure what they used, but those flecks of red paint bottom left are theirs, not mine. That bottom photo shows where they tried to wheel the bike away (Even with the steering lock still engaged, and a wire lock tethering the bike to my car), and the disk lock leaving a good imprint on the caliper guard there - Looks like they tried to move her several times before giving up So over everything right now - After the fucking around work did to me regarding me pay, I have NFI when I can afford to get that key barrel fixed. Meant to be riding down to Tarpeena in SA over xmas to visit mum - Kinda fucks that :/
  17. Khirareq

    Women and airbags

    Not just that - I've attended a few call outs where a rear-ender has resulted in someone smashing their teeth in on the steering wheel (Or any other sudden stop really - Face plant the steering wheel. Seatbelt can help bend the head down nicely in to it)
  18. Khirareq

    News.com.au censors comments?

    Comments Disabled? Why bother? I'm pretty sure everything you post on news.com.au gets submitted for approval first anyways - They could be a lot more sneaky and less obvious really
  19. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Just exactly that - I didn't get paid. Still trying to work it out ourselves Story times: Got chucked over the handlebars of my motorbike, and broke my thumb on 3rd Nov - Didn't get it checked out until the 12th of Nov (Evening) as I thought it was just sprained. Nurse at the Walk In center wanted me in a cast, but Plastics were busy in ER, so I got a temp cast and had to go back on the 13th (Morning) for a proper cast - The Doc in Plastics said my thumb was completely fucked and looking at surgery - It was borderline, so I opted to give it a couple of weeks to see how healing went in an attempt to avoid surgery (They were talking about operations up and into March) - Doc wrote me up a cert right there and then to be off work from the 13th of Nov until the 14th of Dec (Couple days away from today). Went to see the Doc again yesterday, and as part of the check up, explained to the Doc how I don't have enough leave to cover until the 14th off, so they let me go back to work tomorrow on light duties, with a write-up explaining how I am to not use my left hand at all, and the only reason it's not in cast is for exercises (Looking at a cast again in a couple of weeks - But anyways....) On the 13th of Nov after getting the Doc cert, I went back to work and filled them in on the situation. Team Leader and I went over my payslips, and worked out I had nearly enough leave all up (Sick leave + annual leave) to cover the time off - Couple days short. My TL said he would have a chat and sort it out - Not to worry about it. Never heard anything back, hence me talking to the Doc yesterday and getting a cert saying I can go back to work on light duties. Reason I didnt get the cert to say today, was I was expecting to get paid last night, and was going to use today to pay the Real Estate the cash they wanted, and clean myself up (I'm a shaggy dog - Been sitting on my butt for nearly a month) Anyways, pay didnt go in last night as expected, and wasnt in my bank this morning either. Got myself dressed and went in to work to see what was going on, expecting an email from work explaining what I need to do, or what I missed ect - Some sort of explanation - Nothing. Had to wait for my TL to show up so I could check with him - Turns out he didnt submit my timesheet until Tuesday (Meant to be submitted on friday), but he did his timesheet at the same time and got paid just fine. Check in my email, and I can see the time sheet got submitted and approved, but there's no payslip, so the timesheet didnt get processed. I called our payroll office, but they are based in Perth and not running yet, so had to leave a message. Gets to midday, havent heard anything, so I call up payroll and meet the rudest bitch I have ever had the pleasure of talking to - She tells me she did get my message, but didnt return it because it's not her job (So, payroll don't look after payroll issues - Apparently HR do) - Kinda pissed me off she got the message but couldnt be fucked returning it, and I admit I lost my cool a bit - It was during my ear blasting she slipped up and revealed she did know why I didnt get paid, something about not having enough leave to cover the hours submitted, but she refused to continue on that conversation and pretended she never said what she did Call my TL back up, and let him know that he is meant to be chasing this up with HR on my behalf,a nd he lets me know he's been doing some digging himself - HR told him that when someone is off for extended leave, the first part of their leave which gets used up is their sick leave, and then their annual leave - But because he was doing my timesheets and put it all down as sick leave and it had run out, I didn't get paid - Fun bit here is, this is the 2nd pay run during my time off, and the 1st pay run went just fine, doing the uatomatic thing my TL expected where he submitted my sheet all as sick leave, and they sucked up all my sick leave remaining, and used up some of my annual leave. So it went as expected the first pay run, but for some reason it hasn't worked as expected for the 2nd run. My TL and I are now being told that this screw up is expected and is SOP - My TL is pissed off as well now, because this wasn't what he was told during his training And I still have no answer as to when I expect pay - I got some meeting tomorrow morning with some guy I don't know. No idea if this meeting is "You fucked up, and this is how" or "Yeah sorry, we fucked up and this is how we're going to fix it" Just furious with the lot of them right now - This isn't the first time Ive had problems with them (They still owe me a stack load of overtime from over a year ago which they just made it impossible to chase up, so I let it go). Also the lack of emails or communication from HR or anyone (No emails in my work account - Nothing anywhere) - Arnt they meant to look after the staff? If there was an issue with my pay while I am away on extended leave, I expect a fucking phonecall or something - Not just not pay me and let me find out the fucking hard way
  20. Khirareq

    The big day

    Awesome - Thank you! :D
  21. Khirareq

    The big day

    Well that all went down just like a Borg Assimilation
  22. Khirareq

    It's starting to get cold.

    Snow in Perisher and Hotham this morning :/
  23. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    What's on my mind..... Back from hospital - X-rays on this thumb again reveal the bone is healing nicely, but the stuff in between the bones is getting worse, so possibly still looking at surgery. Doc won't give me a cert to say I can go back to work on light duties, because I'll be light duties in another 2 weeks when they decide to remove the cast once and for all (Real concerns over my thumb - Any movement or impact is making it worse it seems. Drill-and-pin is seriously being considered. 12k walk yesterday probably didn't help) This time off sick is bugging me out - Forced 4 weeks off, and only have enough leave to cover 3 weeks. Was expecting a call from work to let me know if they could help out at all (Fortnight pay - Asked if I could have one week at full rate, the other at half rate - Would cover my time off, but no answer), but they were meant to call me back weeks ago - No joy, and my inquiries arnt being answered. Screaming up to xmas, and I got no idea my money situation. Not how I wanted to use my leave either - Screws up some plans I had for next year, but meh And my boss tells me he doesn't want me back at work until I have a letter saying I'm back to 100%, but then I got others calling me up asking me to get a doc cert to return to work on light duties ASAP...... Meh - I keep getting told what to do, but noone has pulled up and asked what is going on - So fuck them with a rusty pineapple witchking helmet (The doc cert I gave them said until 15th Dec, so I got NFI why they are even asking me to get another one for light duties - They should fuck off and accept it. Considering legal action against my employer for this, and a whole stack of other issues (They still owe me over 40 hours of unpaid OT for 1)) I got 12 more days until I'm evicted from this flat, and no joy finding another place yet. Real Estate is trying to get my date extended by a month as it's the landlord wanting to move back in to renovate the joint (Get rid of the 60s theme). Find a flat, apply, chase it up, find out it went to someone else, curse, rinse, repeat. Dunno - Kinda obvious I'm disenchanted with my current employer, so looks like everything is falling in to place for a sea change come the new year On the plus, aside from my bike repayments I'm debt free again. Not fun - I make a bit over 1600 a fortnight, and rent is 450 a week, not leaving me much to play with - Least noone is coming looking for me for moolah though Just can't wait for these injuries to be cleared - Next week hopefully. Busted left thumb, but there's also a fractured right collarbone, right eye is messed up with cysts, 3 ribs are still healing, blistered feet, nice sun burn, and blood coming from where it shouldn't again :/ So yeah - Everything seems to be in a state of flux, and I got no idea how everything is going to pan out really - My job? My living arrangements? My health? Think what creeps me out is I find everything going on to be kind of exciting - I think I should be worried, or stressed, but I'm actually keen as hell to see how things work out :)
  24. Khirareq

    Relationship issues.

    You're in Canberra? I live in Lyons myself - Give us a yell if you need somewhere to chill/get away for a bit. Can set up a bed in the spare room as well I'm no relationship expert, but I will point out that you are not the only person who decides if a relationship will work or not, so do not try to shoulder all the blame and burden by yourself Did you have a midwife or similar for the duration of the pregnancy? Any post-birth meetings? Like counseling - I'd be trying for another chat there, as they know the pair of you before the birth and after, and can generally gauge the change really well (My mum is a midwife, and there are couples out there she has been helping out for years after the birth) Dunno - From what I can see here, nothing will improve without radical change. Nothing here can be fixed, but it can be learned from to help build a stronger future
  25. Khirareq

    Simple degaussing coil

    Awesome :) Make a book and call it "Tips and Tricks for the Post-Apocalypse Mechanic" :P