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    What to bake?

    +1 Butter, sugar, plain flour. We used to use the same dough for making flan bases - Good recipe to nail
  2. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Stealth blinkers! Needed new ones after busting the rear blinker holder, so pissed the holder off and upgraded the front ones as well. Tidied the overall look up nicely, should be harder to break off (Ill go test this in a minute), and I can pull the exhaust in tighter to fit luggage racks
  3. Khirareq

    And What Are You Listening To?

    You never saw The Departed? The spammed in that. Never even heard of it until you mentioned it - IMDB and the cast list says I should watch it ASAP though (Fscksticles....) Was Shipping Up To Boston used on a Nitro Circus clip which caught my attention - Grabbed some of the lyrics, went googling, and bamm here I am. Sad bit is, I've had The State Of Massachusetts as my phone ring tone for over a year now - Didn't realise the music used in the Nitro Circus opening was a full song >.>
  4. Khirareq

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Yep - Right on both counts. Cheers dude :)
  5. Khirareq

    Best place to be in an apocalypse

    Be safer IN it
  6. Khirareq

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Only just found out about these guys - Been the only stuff playing in this house for about 2 weeks now
  7. Khirareq

    Best place to be in an apocalypse

    That's where people like me will come in handy - Drop in now and then with reports, news, other small communities which have just been set up, advise on paths and routes, share information on local mentalities and hunt down those hard to find supplies you need to keep a community running Survival is far from unpleasant, but I do have a fair stack of training to make it a lot more comfortable for me I couldn't stick to one community for a long time - I've seen how petty people can get with little to do and think they can do better than those running the show, only for them to force their way in and take over and turn everything to shit - Who would be in charge of your community? If you, you need to rule with an iron fist, and that's not something I can do - Just like I can't follow someone I don't know, so I'll take my chances running solo - Chances are I'll run in to others anyways and end up guiding them to safety, and eventually find another runner or two who will join in on what I'm up to
  8. Khirareq

    Best place to be in an apocalypse

    You'll find me constantly moving through this area: Several camps, different cache spots, hides, supply depots etc. I'm going to keep moving within a set area so I have several spots if and when needed - Relocate to gather supplies, move depending on seasons and weather, can set up crops of seasonal foods to grow and hope you have something when you get back etc - Increase hunting grounds and so on Main thing is I want to avoid staying in one spot - Makes you an easy target and I really do not trust others and mob mentality - I want to be able to lose a base and have it have no effect on me and my survivability
  9. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Another grand on bike gear - Currently running on one set and it's getting quite beat up
  10. Khirareq

    Post pic's of yourself.

    Guessing - Possibly Furcat, Osinaka in the middle, and kruschev to the right? Did you find that draining? Yep - Find some gross shit down there
  11. Khirareq

    What do you for exercise?

    Every weekday morning (So Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri) I have a 12k loop starting out my front door which takes me off-road through some hill sections, then down to pavement flat - Will usually walk/jog/hike/freerun it (1 hour) or pull out the single-speed bike (30 minutes) - If I bike it, I tend to do it again of an afternoon. Weekday arvos I cycle between sets of sit ups, push ups, pull ups, dips and squats - Got a couple small pieces of gym equipment at home (Pull-up rig and sit-up bench), so also get in extra sets when pottering around the flat Every morning though I do stretches - I do a lot of motorbikes, skateboards, rollerblades, rock climbing and other sports which see me eating dirt a lot, and flexibility helps save a lot of injuries and with repair. Can't quite do the splits again yet, but can get both feet behind my head - Creepy :S Every monday wednesday and friday is indoor climbing for about 3 hours - Joint I go to has a bouldering section, so I just go by myself for the work out. Looking at Tai Chi once the new year starts - Always appreciated it as a martial arts, and there's a place just down the road. Meant to be starting Ice Hockey as well, so the new year is going to be interesting Weekends are wild cards - Try to get in a long bush walk on one of the days at least, or a really long off-road motorbike ride (A lot more taxing than one would think) or outdoor rock climbing or something. Basically I spend all weekend beating myself up and having fun, then spend the next 5 days nursing wounds and healing up ready for the next weekend - Main reason I love having a job :P I weighed 120k back in 97 and sit around 69k these days - I never want to be that big ever again (I still feel that big :/ )
  12. Khirareq

    onoz ! i dropped the bike

    Glad you are relatively ok scruffy, but for Christs sake get some decent riding pants. Jeans are not really suitable. If he's sitting there with fucked pants and only minor damage to himself, then the jeans were fine - If he had of been wearing shorts I'd agree with you. For all we know he had riders jeans on anyways :P You fall off a bike, you're gonna get hurt to some degree, and all the gear in the world is not going to save you 100% - Hell, here's my usual gear: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v337/khi...958769787_n.jpg And I'm sitting at home right now for another 2 weeks with a broken thumb after getting chucked over the handlebars
  13. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    *looks at Katy* *looks at Katy in the mirror* *reads the tagline "Be yourself and you can be anything"* Huh........ Katy wants to be an Anime character? I think I'm down with that (Her boobs and eyes are nearly big enough)
  14. Khirareq

    Isn't it ironic...

    Ironic? No. Coincidence ("The slut lives on Virgin St" vs "The slut lives on Lovecock St") I prefer leaving it as is - It's a reminder which will kick up once a year. Plus it does feel like we're "kicking him out" by trying to hide things away like that And yeah - Thanks for the heads up. Hadn't crossed my mind for a while, and I'll have a beer for him for his birthday
  15. Khirareq

    What of Atomic?

    You know this all came about because of all the people blocking the ads Don't deny it - Been getting warned for years :P
  16. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    It's one of the few I stick to. Creatine saturates the body with the stuff your muscles use for fuel - It floods your body with it so when your muscles call for it, it's there ready to go I do find initially, I need 3 servings a day for 3 days, then 1 serving a day there after, with usually another serving 30 minutes before I go do stuff Doesn't really help with endurance, but more helps out with high-intensity training. Stopped my calves from cramping when riding my single speed push bike I believe though that you can negate the effects of Creatine if you take sugar along with it - I stumbled across that when researching if I could mix it into my protein shake (Still not sure if I can or not) - Switched to creatine from protein powders and find it suits what I do far better
  17. He got 3 months off for 'stress leave' because he didn't get the job assignment he wanted. Boo-hoo. Not even close to my question - You really need to read more than just the foreword
  18. So he had 3 months off due to what I assume to be workplace related illness? Otherwise I'm not sure how he got 3 months off sick (Unless it's unpaid) Anyways - What I'm getting at is, shouldn't this be with Workcover to make a decision and not with BOMs HR dept? He's off work sick - I thought this is what Workcover was for and meant to police?
  19. Khirareq

    Post pic's of yourself.

    I got Vegemite, but decided against a potential Hey Hey It's Saturday saga
  20. Khirareq

    Post pic's of yourself.

    Just jam something on your face if you don't like showing your mug
  21. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Just spent $300 on a sticker kit for my bike - Getting the image of the Hatter removed and Evil Alice put in instead - The black shaded bit will be red shaded instead. Won't get the kit until after xmas by the sounds of things :/ Try to make my bike stand out a bit more - Also another 500ish in red Zeta bling on its way to help with visibility
  22. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Pushbike, on a bike path. Also, I'm one of those "full lycra riding on the road types" and I always wear a lid. Anyone who has the ability to but just decides not to, even when going on a short ride or riding on a path, well they may end up in a much worse position than my friend has. Very very sorry to hear about your friend Do you wear your helmet all the time because it's a legal requirement, or you actually want the protection? Just wondering if you go any other protection as well (I think you guys are nuts - Doing often > 30kph on roads with cars users around on what I consider to be fragile bikes (Those skinny wheels don't seem to take much punishment and rely on good quality roads, something we lack in Australia) dressed up in not much more than 80s aerobics outfits in some cases) - I imagine the shoes are impact resistant, but I've noticed they rarely cover the ankles Currently sitting at home nursing a busted left thumb after falling off my bike at around 20kph - Searching online for new hand armor p0is0n - I recommend full-face helmets for motorbikes going more than 80kph - My V3 gets filled with air and starts lifting up at high speeds (Not to mention the noise of the air rushing through - Cant hear the bike and it revs high) - Plan on picking up this puppy next week for long trips + visibility
  23. Khirareq


    Guns are cheaper than archery though - My arrows are worth about 30 bucks each :P