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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bouldering Can be real easy and real cheap to start with - Gives you a good taste as well. I go bouldering twice a week fo rfitness and just need shoes
  2. Khirareq


    I hand craft pens, pendants, key chains, lighters, salt and pepper shakers/grinders, etc - Work with a lot of acrylics, metals, and precision workshop tools Best bit is - The stuff I make sells like hot cakes - Allows me to expand my workshop and get mroe stuff to make more stuff no worries. Awesome time sink and pays for itself
  3. Khirareq

    How many partners?

    4 - Lost my virginity at 19, and last time I got laid was 21 (Nearly 32 now) Been close - Just last year was dating a chick, got all hot and heavy and she asked if I had protection but didn't :( Got some, but never saw her again :/ Couple months back was dating again - All hot and heavy and she asks "Do you have any condoms?", and I'm all "Yep - I do!", then she's all "Why the fuck do you have condoms? Thought you said you havent been laid in over 10 years!!" - Then never saw her again either :/ Meh - No biggy. I gave up on relationships and shit years ago anyways after getting fucked around hardcore - Now I just get fucked around :/ Does it count as sex if I can make her cum without penetration? If so I can add those last two to my tally (For 6!) :P
  4. Khirareq

    internet dating sucks

    Well actually, my mum met my stepdad through newspaper classifieds about 15 years ago :P No offence meant to your mum and step dad but if you'd asked people about meeting people through personal ads 15 years ago, people would snigger. Oh, I still snigger at them and let them know my thoughts on the subject :P Was more (Rather badly) alluding to the fact people have been hooking up for ages before they started doing it on the net (And been sniggered at the whole time :P ) I can't really bitch though - Single over 10 years and I fail on RSVP :P
  5. Khirareq

    internet dating sucks

    Well actually, my mum met my stepdad through newspaper classifieds about 15 years ago :P
  6. Khirareq

    At home and Hawkeye visits.

    "At home and Hawkeye visits., What do you drink." Whatever he brought with him Dunno - When I go visit people, I take stuff with me to drink and share. I thought that was social convention? Although, I do swear my mum fucked up raising me
  7. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    This bad boy - Will make life so much easier when working on my bike (Although, I think they left a step or two out between the 2nd and 3rd images) And to double it's usefulness, making up a rig so I can mount the stand on the back of my bike - Then the legs hanging down the side will keep my pannier/saddlebags out of the rear wheel and have it available when needed out in the bush
  8. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Just finished installed a Yoshimura exhaust on my bike (Also removed the AIS and EXUP servo as they are no longer needed - Airbox baffle removed a while ago) Bike is noticeably lighter already - A lot easier to pick up and move around. Sounds awesome as well, but need to let it sit over night - Go play tomorrow
  9. Khirareq

    Water On The Bathroom Floor

    ew, you'd have to clean that so regularly in case of mould.... i hate your bathroom too! :P Once a week - I got one of those sponge-on-a-stick mops and wipe the bathroom down with a water/vinegar solution. Cant really use anything else as it bleaches the paint :/ I hate it that much I often shower at work (Plus I get more than 5 minutes of hot water at work)
  10. Khirareq

    Pokemon Black and Blue

    Kinda funny, given how animal abuse is a constant theme throughout most of the Pokemon games, and the games push that if you really want to build a trusting relationship with them, you need to treat them right and take care of them To the point there's Pokemon games with no humans, and you play as Pokemon rescuing other Pokemon from bad trainers and other dangerous situations PETA have no fucking clue
  11. Khirareq

    Water On The Bathroom Floor

    My bathroom has no windows or vents, so I usually have water on the floor and on the walls and on the ceiling and on the seat of the toilet and on top of the scales and in the spare toilet paper and in the reading materials and and and...... I fucking hate my bathroom :(
  12. Khirareq

    Optus, oh joyous Optus.

    So you signed up for a service, weren't happy with it, jumped ship, and refused help when the original company offered it? Good luck dude!!! Why would they show any flexibility when you won't? Also too - You can't pay off the out-standing amount for a cancelled account (I've tried to a couple of times - Pretty sure that's standard). Instead, let the debt go to the collection agency, and they will let you pay it off. I had a black mark on my credit history put there by B digital mobile when they transferred the debt to a collection agency - The collection agency wiped off the mark once the out-standing amount wa spaid, and hasn't been an issue since
  13. Khirareq

    Kill all humans... I mean Sharks!

    One can only hope. Hitler had the same idea Does that go for feral dogs who attack people for the same reason? Feral implies the animal is outside of its natural habitat - In the case with shark attacks, it's the humans which are the ferals - Guess sharks are just cleaning up what they see to be feral dogs invading their territory?
  14. Khirareq

    A sign of the times.

    I'd say it was more added because someone pointed it out and they wanted to cover their arses before they got sued (If they haven't been sued already)
  15. Khirareq

    A sign of the times.

    The Bubblewrap Generation just got more bubbles
  16. Khirareq

    Hunting / fishing

    Love it - Used to hunt for food heaps back in the day, and a fair amount of vermin/feral control We were taught never take a shot unless you were sure it was a kill shot, and learned rifles, bow, and knife. I think my biggest attraction to it is that it's almost a redundant skill which is close to getting lost - Modern techniques and equipment have simplified it so much (Love stalking with a bow) Depends on the game - If I'm hunting rabbits, cats, and other small game, I much prefer a small tip on the arrow. A broad head will often slice a small animal in half and keep going, and the animal can run off and disappear on you - A smaller head on the arrow is just as likely to deal enough sudden trauma to kill the animal outright, but if it doesn't it pins the animal down so you can race up and finish it off (Quicker than trying to chase it down) Yep - You are right. Half the fun of bow hunting is the stalk - You try to get as close as possible to the animal to decrease the range and get the kill. Sitting high up in a tree over deer trails helps you shoot down between the shoulder blades to strike vital organs to ensure a kill, because sometimes shooting a deer from the side gets the arrow deflected by the shoulder blade. There's a fair bit to it, but mainly it's all practice practice practice
  17. Khirareq

    Oh Drats

    For rats? Old-school steel-spring rabbit-traps Set them with a few sun flower seeds on the plate - Work a treat
  18. Khirareq

    Overdue and I can NOT wait...

    eStalker =P Not quite - Was almost a case of "Got there first! Not bad, hey?" :P
  19. Khirareq

    Overdue and I can NOT wait...

    lot of details here are lining up rather creepily for me - you're not named Shannon by any chance are you? if so, think I'm following your wife on Facebook
  20. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Friends don't let friends be seen in public with razer scooters. -X I know >.< But he's 6' 7" high and 70 kilo - He's a freaking beanstalk. It's funny as hell to watch :P
  21. Khirareq

    What's on your mind?

    Currently busy fixing a razor scooter for a work mate - I feel all dirty and ashamed to have this thing in my flat :/
  22. Khirareq

    What is the first movie you ever saw at the cinema?

    Earliest I can remember is some Care Bears thing in the 80s - I remember because mum tried to lose me in the shopping center, but I foiled her plans by getting back to the car before her
  23. Khirareq

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Picked up some BarkBusters for my bike yesterday and installed late last night - Impact and weather protection, and I think they look sweet :D
  24. Khirareq

    Kitchen Knives

    If you just flick your hand (And not move your arm), you can swing the edge down the steel in a sort of quarter-circle move - Little practice with it and you can get the full edge down most the steel, and it's impossible to cut yourself (The spacing between your wrists doesn't change, so the knife simply doesn't get close enough) Best tip is make sure the steel is longer than the knife you're sharpening