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    Which personal cloud?

    Sorry, to clarify, I want to move from having my data on somebody else's server, and have it on my home network on NAS, such as the example products I listed. I'm an aussie expat in Dubai with a beefy fiber connection at home (unlimited data, fast upload speed) and am currently using WD Mycloud, but am looking for better options. Cheers Oh yeah to answer your comments: I currently use dropbox to sync media files across multiple machines (in different countries) as well as secondary show backups for entertainment venues. I pay $100USD/ year for dropbox and only get 1Tb. Sadly, it's not enough.
  2. So there's a few offerings, some of them new, some of them have been around for a while. The one's I know are: WD Mycloud (I already have a myBook Live and it's a bit flakey) Seagate Central ZyXEL Transporter And then there's the routers which can have a drive attached to be configured as personal clouds. I'd love to get people's feedback on what they think is good, or any options I've missed. I've maxed out my Dropbox, and am looking at other options. Cheers, Ant
  3. antifunker

    Is MSY open today?

    LOL. That is the question I asked in the thread title, and it hasn't been answered.
  4. antifunker

    Is MSY open today?

    Decided against. Can think of much better things to be doing than 'making a day of it' in the city. Maybe I'm getting old, but that's not exactly appealing to me - especially when I'll be super dissappointed that I didn't get my parts :)
  5. So I was going to buy the parts for a new build today, but didn't realise it was a public holiday. So maybe I should run the build past you guys before I take the plunge tomorrow. I already have: i7 920 D0 2 x 60GB OCZ Vertex SSD 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda MOTU Ultralite Pro Soundcard Was going to buy today: Powercolour HD5850 (should I spend an extra $35 and get an ASUS)? ASUS P6X58D Premium Mobo 6G Kit DDR3 2000 G.Skill-Trident. Take advantage of MSY offer and get a Thermaltake EVO 550w PSU for $89 Main use of this machine will be realtime visuals in a nightclub. Memory bus is important (hence 920) Whattdya think?
  6. antifunker

    Is MSY open today?

    Hour and a half, round trip.
  7. antifunker

    Is MSY open today?

    tomorrow = Sunday ??
  8. antifunker

    Is MSY open today?

    Crap. I didn't even realise today was a public holiday also. Thanks for the info. Would you? A. Risk the drive from Cronulla, cause even the remotest chance of being able to do the new system build this weekend is worth it. or B. Fuck it and crack a beer and play some games.
  9. antifunker

    Is MSY open today?

    About to drive in to Ultimo, but not sure if they're open over the long weekend. Phone ringing out. Going to get a HD5850, ASUS P6X58D & 6G Kit DDR3 2000 G.Skill-Trident. I'm salivating! lol
  10. antifunker

    Why Android is cooler than an iPhone

    I really wanted an Android phone a while ago, but gees they took a long time to get anything decent to our market. Now if you could get bootcamp for iphone and run Android, that would be KILLER - cause the iPhone hardware is nice.
  11. I definitely will do - exciting times!
  12. No. But I do want to. Ridiculous money, accom, transport, meals provided. Working in the worlds first Giorgio Armani branded nightclub. Sounds terrible...
  13. Thank you :) I will check these out. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be posting from Dubai, and letting you know how I went.
  14. OK. I know I can't access my AU Paypal account from UAE. I know that I need a VPN. These things are established. I would have loved some advice on aquiring the services of a good VPN, but it seems that nobody has that knowledge?
  15. I can only find one at any cost and that's this one: https://www.smallvpn.com/ But apparently they block filesharing ports. Maybe I can use BT in Dubai without the VPN, but I'm not sure of this, as I do know that they have some fairly heavy internet filtering going on there, not unlike China. Even Skype is blocked.