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  1. The Tick

    Senate Voting Changes

    This explains it pretty well.
  2. The Tick

    Simple SSD NAS setup

    This might help: https://www.synology.com/en-global/knowledgebase/DSM/help/DSM/StorageManager/volume_diskgroup_ssd_trim This model seems to specifically support both 2.5" drives and lists SSD as supported to: https://www.synology.com/en-global/products/DS416slim#spec
  3. The Tick

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    Try to blend 'their world' with 'your world' Go outdoors for sure, but keep in mind things like Laser Tag kits, drones, photography, etc. There's tons of ways to incorporate the lust for technology kids have these days into the 'old school' activities all the fogies seem to think we should be doing :P Thanks for the advice but I've pretty much got that covered already. Balance, in all things, is key.
  4. The Tick

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    In the last 10 years: Too boring to really go into. Still in IT. Still want to get out of IT. Enjoying photography more and more which has replaced any martial arts aspirations I had. Focussing on how to position myself to spend as much time with the kids while they are still young enough to want to spend time with their parents and try and give them some life skills before they hit their teens. Considering I just dropped $$ on a Prado and a camper trailer, let's hope they enjoy some great outdoors as much as mum and dad seem to be these days.
  5. ... Tell me you did not just suggest that atheist can't know love - that you just misspoke. No, im sure there are plenty of atheist with a more open heart and loving than i am.. while atheism is not a worlview (disclaimer), Most atheists (not all) have a big problem when it comes to claims like "love" etc... in that they cant really both deny a metaphysical claim like "God" and then accept another metaphycscial claim like "love" So what you are saying is that you believe that love is like religion. A concept where you believe you feel something because you are taught to believe you need to feel something for it to be real therefore the validation that entrenches a belief in something intangible. You need to be taught religion. Love generally occurs without instruction. It's only "metaphysical" if you think it needs to be.
  6. The Tick

    Another parent kills a home invader

    My neighbour who's place has been broken into three times, and the police who we spoke to the last time, would disagree with you.
  7. The Tick

    Another parent kills a home invader

    Did I ever say I'd do that? How did you even interpret that? My point was that it's not just about the TV. I know how I'd feel about someone breaking into my home. I also know that when not caught, they come back for another helping and that is something I would be most concerned about. As to your question, in a given situation I have no idea how I'd react. The fact is with the adrenaline that occurs in a situation like that I may turn to complete jelly or my response may end up being much harsher than I intended. Maybe I might end up chasing someone who is running away and try and stop them. If it came down to being in a position to stop the person I'd like to think that is what would happen. Confrontations of this nature rarely lend themselves to a clear state of mind or a perfect set of circumstances. I've been in two confrontations in my life that, while not a break in to my home, apply here. The first is when I found someone breaking into my car. I ran straight at the guy who was pulling my laptop bag out the window at the time. The second was a confrontation in which the other person unnecessarily escalated a situation and I physically froze while my mouth went into overdrive. In the first instance, my instinct was to stop the person and yes, I was restrained while the police were called but no, he wasn't harmed other than having his arm locked in a position which wouldn't allow him to run away.
  8. The Tick

    Another parent kills a home invader

    This makes for a very interesting read. It's pretty much about the disparity between the dojo and what occurs with real crime. It doesn't really provide a nice wrapped up "answer" but it will make you question the way you interpret a real life threat vs dojo sparring. http://www.amazon.com/Meditations-Violence-Comparison-Martial-Training/dp/1594391181
  9. The Tick

    Another parent kills a home invader

    I think you lost me on this one Nich... To be perfectly honest I wouldn't want to kill someone. If I caught someone breaking into my home I wouldn't want to see them dead for it. That doesn't mean I wouldn't do everything within my power to stop them and it's not about the TV. My kids and my wife would be my motivator for doing everything I can to stop the person. They invaded my place and I would want to see them in jail. I don't want that person trying again and I would want consequence for their actions. I did martial arts for a number of years and I keep something nearby in the event that it ever happened. With the adrenaline that is experienced though, I couldn't with any confidence say I would be able to able to "apply necessary force". It would likely be whatever force happens to be applied at the time and in the moment. My neighbour has been broken into 3 times over the years we have been here. They come back as they know the target. They have gotten away each time. He has 2 girls who are home by themselves on some occasions. Ask him if stopping these arseholes is about the TV.
  10. How much are you selling them for?
  11. The Tick

    Do you remember this from the archives?

    While it will never undo what's done, I genuinely hope the outcome carries with it some sort of catharsis. I'm not sure, had I ever been in your situation, I could be at any kind of peace until I watched the fuckers burn. On a completely separate note, are you kicking yourself now that there is no way you will ever be able to correct this typo from the original post? "- my friends Dad’s… the lit goes on"
  12. The Tick

    PVR & streaming box

    I've tried a number of combinations but ultimately gave up on the "one device to rule them all" approach. Even with our shitty ADSL connection, I am finding that catch up TV services along with Netflix with a mix of Plex seems to do what we want. We abandoned the ability to record FTA but then again, we don't really watch the shows being aired on the main stations anyway. I have two Samsung smart TVs and the Plex app installed to both. Both have Netflix too along with an app for SBS and ABC which keeps our household content. Being an Apple centric family, we have an Apple TV too which also doubles as a Netflix interface (I find Samsung's smart hub to not be entirely fantastic) as well as being able to throw stuff from the iDevices to the main TV too. That probably doesn't answer your question but I guess, it might be worth considering what it is you need the PVR for that you can't access via catch up TV. I seem to recall some time ago (unless you moved) that you are on cable which should mean bandwidth issues aren't a problem.
  13. The Tick

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Can't wait to see these guys in March
  14. The Tick

    God, space and time

    Fuseteam - interesting theories about the Dalai Lama, Zen and Buddhism in general but pretty much dead wrong. Interesting story about King Solomon though you didn't answer the question really. I know a few JWs. It makes me sad to see the multiple levels of bullshit that is stacked on top of what would be normally nice and productive people. Still, like I said, believe what you want so long as it's not hurting anybody I guess. It's not up to me or anyone else to tell you how to live and what you need to be happy even if that means it needs to be lived under a delusion. /leaves thread.