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  1. Welllllll, no I could go 2012, take me longer to download and stuff. Windows is better at power usage and management from what I have read so that's why that's my selection.
  2. 2 maybe 3 players :) I looked at the Intel Nucs but I can't tell what the graphics will do with server 2008 r2 as there's fine print about drivers
  3. Do it for me guys PLEASE, I am too tiredddddddddddddddd Purpose Home WoW server running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Priorities in order of...priority 1. Money 2. Power Consumption 3. Would like SSDs but see 1. Currently using an IBM server from the dark ages that is using 330w! This is unsustainable on our totally offgrid mud brick hippy dippy lifestyle I shall be in Sydney next week and would like to be able to order and pick up the parts. Yes I only come back here when I want something... :D Oh a budget would be good yeah? Um...best bang for buck under $400 - no case, keyboard, monitor, mouse, camembert, needed
  4. gramyre

    Android Call Log Forensics

    Thank you! That gives me a start...though SQL...ugh!
  5. Oh hello! I have a customer who wants to get her call log data from her phone for last year. She swears black and blue that she could see it in her call log until a few weeks ago. Now her call log starts at 25th December 2013. So the intertubes says that Androids holds 500 calls, all your calls, no calls, aliens ate my baby when it comes to finding out how large a call log can be, and how to get hold of it. I used Call Log Export (android app) to see if that would dump any more info, and it doesn't. The information has to be somewhere because the contacts history has calls older that December 2013. So I beseech you Android experts - can I get all call detail out (even if it no longer appears in Call Log). If yes, how? And...I cannot damage the data (it is for a court case) and I only have the phone tonight... Thanks in advance edit: Phone Brand - LG Phone Model - LG-P690f Version - 2.3.4
  6. Infuriating as I should be able to do this but cannot. (Feel free to move to the right section mods if I am in the wrong place) Customer has bought in two Razr V3's with precious photos on that she wants taken off for posterity, as you do. It does not detect as a mass storage device when USB cable plugged in, just a Motorola Modem. I have searched around and downloaded the USB drivers - can't find the device to install them to though I have also downloaded and installed Motorola Media Link Instructions are that in phone settings there should be a "USB" in connectivity but there isn't (only BlueTooth and Sync) BitPim does not detect the phone and log files say No USB available Phone was apparently an Optus phone (though no Zoo crap on it). Extensive searches brings up nothing more than what I have done. Please help :)
  7. gramyre

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    I wrote that badge
  8. gramyre

    Not For Profit Build

    You guys are fantastic...truly truly awesome! Thank you so much. Now to put together a crowd funding plan and see how we go getting the upgrade financed. <3 you all :) G
  9. gramyre

    Not For Profit Build

    You guys are great! More info Keyboard and mouse can be reused Old, 15inch LCDs that I want to replace if possible HDDs are IDE Cases also are old and bulky and I want to replace Re laptops...even though you can protect them from stealing or being seen, people will still smash their way in, and smash up the place to get to them. Word gets around in small towns. Rather have desktops to reduce that temptation. Oh and they have to run windows 8 (oops that's important) as I teach seniors on them I surveyed the community and they came back saying that the equipment is "dated" hence wanting better looking, bigger monitors if possible.
  10. Herro I manage a not-for-profit internet and business technology centre in Coonabarabran. We provide services at an affordable price to the people of the district (and at the moment people from everywhere who are here helping us with the fires). I am looking at upgrading the current desktop PCs here as they are very old, running XP and are not power efficient. The power thing is a biggie as costs have gone up but our prices have not, and we don't want to price ourselves into closing. Soooooooooooooo I am looking for the most economical build in both price and energy consumption that will need only to - surf the internet - use office suite - burn cds/dvds - use GIMP - use Audacity - have card readers installed In the long run the power thing is the primary concern, but as we will be applying for a grant to pay for them, the costs have to reasonable too. Please help Thanks! p.s. Laptops are no good as people want to break in and steal them...
  11. gramyre

    bobthemonkey's house burns down

    Just talked to Bob on Facebook. He and the family were evacuated by boat with only what they could carry. He only had $20 to his name and thanks those that deposited cash as it was the most immediately helpful thing he could use. Phin was given some donated toys to play with as he was super bored for a day with nothing to amuse him. Bob is trying to get info for where things can be sent but has nowhere yet. As soon as he gets it I shall pass it on. They have not let residents back to get cars (people stashed them in another suburb). Once he has transport he will then start to think about what is next. He sends his THANKS! to everyone who has helped or will help on behalf of himself and his family.
  12. gramyre

    bobthemonkey's house burns down

    Was asked about Bob's little baby boy. Here is Phoenix (nicknamed Phin) born in May. His favourite things and Christmas presents all went up with the house Thanks to everyone that is helping out - you rock!. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose everything when you have a baby depending on you. As you can imagine all phones are down and mobile network is still congested down there so contact is limited to what he can get out.
  13. gramyre

    bobthemonkey's house burns down

    Worked for me...make sure no space :)
  14. To those of you that know bobthemonkey I have some bad news. The house that he was living in with his lady Bec and their new baby Phoenix has burned to the ground in Dunalley. They have lost everything. He and his family are now housed in a refuge and are understandably dazed by what has happened If you wish to help in a meaningful way here are Bob's bank details, direct deposit what you can. bsb: 065119 acc: 1001 4836