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    Intermittent Reset Problem

    Ok, so tried removing the reset switch wires, and also replacing all SATA cables with brand new ones - neither worked. So it looks like I am replacing my PSU. It's more than a year old so unfortunately no RTM...
  2. Mriswith

    Intermittent Reset Problem

    I haven't had a chance to try anything else yet, but wanted to follow up: - Good point about the BIOS update - I won't try that while there is a risk of a random reset; - I'll try unplugging the wires for the reset switch - I'll also try replacing the SATA cables - I think I have enough spare ones lying around! I'm aware that power supplies can be faulty from the manufacturer - however, given that this power supply has worked fine for about a year, I wouldn't have thought it is faulty. It could have developed a fault, but I'll try all other options before replacing it. Thanks for all the help so far!
  3. Mriswith

    Intermittent Reset Problem

    Old PSU: Thermaltake PurePower Butterfly 450W (I'm pretty sure on the wattage, will check later) Old Video Card: PowerColor Radeon X800XL New PSU: Zalman ZM600-HP 600W New Video Card: HIS Radeon 4870 IceQ+ Turbo 1gb In regards to the other components, they are just a CD drive, WD 1.2tb HDD and a couple of case fans. The other thing to note is that my current combination of components has been working fine for at least a year. The only recent(ish) change is to swap in the Noctua HSF to replace an old Zalman CNPS7000c-Cu. I'lll try the BIOS update (if there is one) tonight and report back.
  4. Mriswith

    Intermittent Reset Problem

    Edit on original post - updated system specs So, I tried my old video card and old PSU - problem went away (did about 4 or 5 runs of 3dMark06). Interesting observation - when I swapped over the PC refused to boot, it hung on the POST screen at the message "Detecting Hard Drives". Ended up solving it by unplugging my system drive from the chipset SATA ports (brown) and plugged it into one of the additional SATA ports (yellow). Wonder if the Southbridge could be buggered? Swapped back to my original video card / PSU and did a quick run through of 3dMark06 and wasn't able to replicate the problem yet. Might need to do some more stress testing, although I wonder if it could have been something like the Southbridge overheating or just stuffed? Strike that - problem reoccurred after a couple of runs of 3dMark06 with my original video card and PSU. So looks like a dud PSU I guess?
  5. Mriswith

    Intermittent Reset Problem

    I'll have a look and see if I can give it a try. I bought my current PSU because my old one wasn't big enough for my video card - so it's relatively new and should have more than enough juice for my needs (although it could be a manufacturing fault). I might try my old PSU + old video card to at least eliminate both of those.
  6. Hi all, I need a little help here - I've been trying to troubleshoot a problem with my PC intermittently resetting and have run out of ideas. The problem is: - PC intermittently / randomly resets on it's own - no blue screen, no error messages - Once it resets it will usually keep on resetting during POST / boot up until I turn it off at the power supply - Can't get it to boot again until I let it sit for a while (half an hour) - Sometimes it will barely finish starting up and reset, other times I can play games for hours and then it resets - Loading up the CPU doesn't seem to trigger it (e.g. SuperPi, wPrime) - Seems to be heat related - i.e. turning fans up to max seems to delay it (sometimes) - BUT all temps are reasonable when it happens - CPU at mid-40s, video card at mid-60s Things I've tried: - Turn all fans to maximum (including case, CPU and video card) - seems to delay the problem sometimes, but other times no effect - Reapplied thermal paste and reseated cooler - Full memtest of ram - no problems - Tried alternative video card - same problem reoccurs - Tried each stick of RAM one at a time - same problem reoccurs Here is my setup (can't remember some of the details off the top of my head, so might come back and update later): - Intel Q6600 - Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R - Noctua NH-U12P Cooler - 4gb OCZ DDR2 - HIS Radeon 4870 IceQ+ Turbo 1gb - Zalman ZM600-HP PSU - WD Raptor 36g HDD - CD drive, additional HDD, etc. So at this stage I'm thinking I need to replace the motherboard, as I'm pretty sure it's not a bad video card or ram, and (shouldn't) be heat or power related. Can anyone suggest anything else to test or what the problem might be? If it is a motherboard, is there any way to be sure, prior to replacing it? Thanks
  7. Mriswith

    All MMORPGs are illegal

    According to these stories over at Massively, sale of unclassified MMOs is illegal, however there is a lot of misinformation flying about: http://www.massively.com/2009/01/28/mmogs-...n-in-australia/ http://www.massively.com/2009/02/06/austra...computer-games/ But agree with the point that was made in the comments - publicity at this stage is probably only going to make the matter worse (MMOs removed from sale). What really needs to happen is the whole classification system overhauled, including introducing the R rating for games (same old story)...