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  1. Does it ever happen without touching anything else electrical? Nope, always the same on the 4 or 5 times I was paying attention. Enter room, hit light switch at same time.
  2. Semi answer. Happened twice again. The second time I noticed the red fault light was lit on the UPS. Tonight.. Phffft all stop, everyone off. UPS gives up ghost. New one on way from PC Case Gear. Still dunno how a surge would turn it on though. Thanks for your thoughts.
  3. Yeah I wondered if I had somehow put it into sleep mode although I never deliberately do. I'm sure It did the full boot-from-scratch routine though. Bios seems normal (hadn't been down that way for ages anyway) Windows settings likewise. I almost wish it happened more frequently so I could try some variations. Thanks for everyones' thoughts so far. I'll report back if it reoccurs.
  4. That's it exactly. Has only happened 3 times in 3 ish weeks. But two of those times were at night when other lights/ TV etc would have been on. Does not occur all the time. We're a 2 person household and not much runs at the worst of times. The worst faults are intermittent ones. The biggest bug is if it is a spike ( what else I'm thinking? ) how does it get through and what may have changed that it is occurring now?
  5. Looking at your what are saying the UPS is detecting surges in Power and causing your power to computer to switch on. Meaning the UPS is doing its job. Do you have a Power filter on your mains to Comp and UPS ,it seems the power spikes are the problem here. Hmmm.My sum knowledge of electricity is "Don't put your tongue on car battery but a 3v one is ok" I thought a UPS was there to arrest spikes before they got to the power supply. How would it close the 'power on' circuit? Could this mean i need to get an extra filter before the UPS do you think? All I have is an over worked power board.
  6. Three times now, my box has booted up when I walked into the room. I know, I know it probably thinks it's a puppy but If I'd wanted a pet I'd chat up Brynne Edelsten. The first time I wasn't paying attention but the last two I was and both times it was in the evening and happened as I hit the room light switch. First happened over 3 weeks or so ago. Never before and it's a few years old. It gets it's juice through a small UPS which should smooth out the electrons, so what gives? Poltergeist?
  7. moffat

    ME3 imports from ME2

    With ME2, the binaries were in my steamapps folder and the saves were in a Bioware folder in my docs. I gather the import prob with ME3 may simply be a bug but before I load ME3 up, where does ME3 look for previous saves? Does installing to a different drive matter? Will it still find them? I'll have the DVD to load from. Thanks
  8. moffat

    Solar Panels

    I hit NearMap to check my roof shading at various times of the year. Then wasted 2 months thinking the whole deal was too good to be true. That generous feed in tariff is the kicker though. Went with a 1.5 Kw system as that was all that fitted. No regrets. Got a $600 rebate after 18 months and have not paid a power bill for a year. Summary is that after 3 to 4 years (4 if we have more summers like this one) will have recovered all the cost and from then on no matter what the maths every sunny day will make some money. Even if later it only lessens the bill some. Might even add to the house value, who knows.
  9. Thanks guys, You have probably saved me $300. If I ever meet any of you, the first bag of bar nuts is on me.
  10. Sigh, minority discrimination. I think I'm getting an idea of how Linux users feel.... Hmm, not such a bad idea Dasa. Have to get over my long term crush on my Lian LI PC60. It's all bewdiful brushed Al. We go waaay back.
  11. A new case, a sound card, a bigger screen, an 18 yo nymphet with lousy taste in men..........
  12. I like candy. The chewy stuff. But I really like eye candy. Will join the digital queue for ME3 in March and am wondering about the value equation in upgrading my GTX 285. Got an OK CPU ( i2500k @ 4.4Mhz like everyone else) but the 285 is only DirectX 9. Happily played ME2 on an OC'd E8500. But then I enjoyed a Toyota Corolla once too when that was all I had. Atomic reviewers like the 560 Ti and I like the price. But Tom's Hardware suggest anything less than 3 levels up is a waste of time, ie GTX 570. But that's many more $. Never really seen a game with all the trimmings turned on ( I don't get out much ) so do you guys reckon the candy factor is worth it for the extra moolah? Is an OC'd 560 Ti ($280) a reasonable compromise? Radeons are too big for my case. Had to use a mallet on the 285 and a 570 is the same length, a 560 Ti much shorter. I'd love your opinions.
  13. moffat

    So.. I thought I might ride a bike.

    My first time with clipless pedals I dropped from 2 hr 4 mins to 1hr 58 mins for my regular ride. And it felt easy. I use "My Tracks" an Android App. Good enough esp when it's free.
  14. moffat

    Movies that reached you

    "Across The Universe" http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/across_the_universe/ Not a life changer but just a good fun movie that pulled my nostalgia strings really hard. Music + emotion are a powerful combo. In the "Mama Mia" mould but very much more satisfying. Half the critics really loved it, half not.
  15. I love youse guys. No really, I do. Posts like these are what make hanging around here so worthwhile. I actually rang my phone network provider (to check on plan upgrade) and asked if I got a router as you suggested did they have an opinion and without prompting he said, "Netgear work well with Optus broadband". The Gods have spoken and that diagram was great. I appreciate the time you take to help.