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  1. Leonid

    What a joke

    Wait half a week. Another bunch of economists will tel you why the other bunch were wrong.
  2. Leonid

    What a joke

    $100 says Trump won’t put troops on the ground in Venezuela? You up for it? He picked up an economy riding almost flat for several quarters. Furthermore, job creation has been at the low end of the market. Minority employment is higher than it has ever been and real wage growth for the first time in a generation, below middle management levels.
  3. Leonid

    What a joke

    Virgin Cars Virgin Cola Virgin Digital Part of entrepreneurship is “trying”. Try visit now. Obama’s vacating of Iraq led to ISIS’s takeover. Obama boosted the Brotherhood leading to the Sinai mess. Obama was played by Putin over Iran and then Iran played Kerry, got $150b to murder more Syrians and started a war in Yemen. And yet Putin hasn’t got one thing out of Trump. But did out of Obama.
  4. Leonid

    What a joke

    You mean “pretty much always” instead of “sometimes”, right? That’s pretty much every non-statesman President. Trump’s just more brazen and wasn’t the establishment’s favourite so they’re not covering for him. *shrug* call me strange but I prefer that. We’ve discussed this before. On the numbers and given he has 500 businesses, he has had a phenomenally low number of failures. So running it like his businessses is no terrible thing. And again, the club of bankrupt presidents is a phenomenally privileged one. Drinking the kool-aid much? Trump is, on the numbers, the most peaceful President since Carter. If he doesn’t start a new war before 2020 he is the most peaceful president of ALL TIME. Like fuck me, what are you people smoking? Hey can I book you in for a comedy gig? I’ll reanimate the corpse of Ghadaffi so he can regale us with funny stories of a quiet Libya and how peaceful those black slave markets are. (You voted for an NBN written on the back of a fucking envelope by two illiterates.) But back to the point. What experts have known about foreign policy leads us to where we were at the end of 2016. i question whether Trump not knowing foreign policy is a hinderance or a blessing given the state of the world. Honestly I regard you as an intelligent guy. Try see past the fifth column.
  5. Leonid

    What a joke

    Amazingly I am going to reference Obama and even Bush when talking about failed American foreign policy and fucking over Allies that Trump inherited, yeah. Does this present a problem for you? Really?
  6. Leonid

    What a joke

    The world couldn't handle a third term of Obama. The worst Trump has done to allies is told them to pull the weight they signed up for. To be fair though, it's not all Obama's fault but the buck does stop at his door. His Secretary of State for the first 4 years was a woman who couldn't beat Trump and for the last 4, a man who couldn't beat Dubya.
  7. Leonid

    What a joke

    Lemme tell you a little story. Back when he was negotiating a treaty with Iran, Iran was under severe sanctions and was not allowed to purchase any advanced weapons systems. This made the Iranians very edgy because they couldn't protect their nuclear-weapons manufacturing plant in Fordow. For years, America threatened Russia with sanctions if Russia sold any kind of advanced air defences to the mad mullahs. In 2010, Obama lifted sanctions on Russia's military-industrial complex AND ALLOWED the sale of the S-300 battery to Iran. Which Russia promptly did. Iran promptly placed the S-300s around Fordow, eliminating or at least severely limiting the ability of the Americans to have "all options on the table" given Fordow was underground and need a bunker-buster delivered by a bomber. He also repeatedly violated American laws which required sanctions on Russia for violating the 1987 IRNFT. It took his administration 6 years to admit that Russia has been violating the treaty for at least as long as he was President - a point he was chased on by the GOP and members of his own party. Anything for the Iran deal. ---- Now, I really don't care what excuses you give for this behaviour but thus far the way Obama has treated allies by playing into his allies' enemies hands - has not been a success story.
  8. Leonid

    What a joke

    UNSC Resolution 2334 The Iran Deal/JCPOA + handing Iran billions in frozen assets which they've used to murder Yemenis Putting the Brotherhood front and centre of his Muslim outreach strategy Dismissing ISIS as a JV team + pulling troops out of Afghanistan reviving the Taliban Killing Ghadaffi, opening up the black slave market again and flooding Europe with refugees they can barely integrate Allowing Assad to chemically bomb his own people, and walking away from his own "Red Line", making allies question whether an American security guarantee is worth a damn. And that's just quickly off the top of my head. No. I just remember Obama telling Putin that he'd have more flexibility in negotiations after the election. Let me rephrase that in normal-speak: "I'm going to lie to the people about how tough I am going to be, get re-elected and then back-pedal so that we can all be happy" https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/obama-more-flexibility-russia/
  9. Leonid

    Terror attack in NZ

    How ethno-nationalist of you *runs for dear life*
  10. Leonid

    What a joke

    You really sure you want to go there given Obama’s team legalled pattern bombing and expanded US wars to more theatres?
  11. Leonid

    What a joke

    And yet he was. And utterly sane people who had voted for Obama as well - voted for him. Stop to ask yourself why.
  12. Leonid

    Terror attack in NZ

    He is not delusional. Guys. Stop trying to make excuses. Some people are just plain assholes because of ideology. Nazis, Islamists, Fascists, White Nationalists, Communists - all modern manifestations of assholery - because of ideology.
  13. Leonid

    Terror attack in NZ

    Really, we gonna argue about whether a guy opposed to immigration as a political policy, mows down a bunch of people utterly unrelated to any policy-making ability, is or is not a terrorist? In his own damned manifesto he says this was an act of terrorism! Like seriously... I know we’re an argumentative bunch on here, but this is really pretty fucken clear.
  14. Leonid

    Terror attack in NZ

    We had the same commentary about other leaders for our times. It blows away as quick as the thought bubble appears. Don’t read much into it.
  15. Leonid

    Here's a thought

    Well everything I may have wanted to say in this thread has already been said by people who wouldn’t dream of stepping up to my defence (not that I need it or am looking for it).