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  1. He's not a Nazi in the same way the Greens aren't communists. Fundamental rule: if you don't have enemies to your right, as a right-winger or to your left as a left-winger, YOU are the enemy/radical.
  2. Leonid

    Has editing died ?

    The older the journalist, the better the grammar and spelling. Probably has more to do with the fact that the young ones use twitter as their only source. And that place is a sewer in all respects, including grammar.
  3. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    Because they said “most” and I just asked for evidence of this frightening statement.
  4. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    That’s mutual. I find most people here smug and arrogant, living in a bubble of like-minded types. I don’t like most people’s forum persona. And for some people here I would gladly violate the obvious least worst case of The Trolley Problem.
  5. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    And why would I need to do that? There weren’t. It was just NYT journalism. They have a shameful history.
  6. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    I'll cry you an ocean which no illegal can cross because our defense forces turn them back Yes. That's kind of like in the 1930s the New York Times butt-covered for the Nazis by referencing their radical wing. Who knew... apparently there were moderate Nazis? --- Evidence trumps experience. Look at polls of the Muslim world. 90% anti-semitic. 90% homophobic. Etc, etc, etc. All re-enforced by the protection of holy men and holy books. And among the Abrahamics, none are as conservative a body, as Muslims. Hell... just look into our own damned country. The Bible was used to shield pedo priests for decades, with the help of the police force. Decades, man! I feel that this is better suited to commies in the refugee advocacy sphere. Marry the detainees. Get them in
  7. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    I don't need to assume. There are documented cases and allegations against everybody involved. The difference is we can fire the abusive guards, but we can't refoul the abusive asylum seekers.
  8. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    Every part of this statement is incorrect. 1. Yes. 2. All shares are investment. You can't have shares that aren't classed as investment. All share dividends are earnings, or income. Seriously, quit while you're digging down. If Centrelink is classed as income for the purpose of tax reporting, then share dividends are classed as income for the purpose of tax. I wanna pay nothing no and nothing later because there's no need to pay anything now or anything later. Owning 53% of the nation's wealth is NOT THE SAME as paying income tax. Fuck me. Gina Rinehart does not have $20b or whatever she's worth. If she tried to firesale her assets, she wouldn't raise a quarter of that. Her income is nowhere near that because income != asset wealth. We progressively tax income, not assets. The top 10% pay 50% of all income tax in Australia. if you want to tax assets, then you will bankrupt almost everyone because assets like housing make middle-class Australians millionaires - if you even tax a million dollar property at 10%, a family will have to find $100,000 yearly out of their income on which they're also paying income tax. In short: Ownership of wealth is a different conversation to contribution to national revenues through income tax. I'd like you to show me a statistic that shows most business owners do not care about their staff and don't work long hours to make sure their business is healthy can can sustain staffing levels. Totes. Move the slider around for a bit. If there's no impact, there's no policy. So if there's a policy, there's an impact. Logic. It's fucken amazing. Try it. here's the MBA take on how it would affect the construction industry: "The modelling in this report shows that limiting negative gearing to new homes and reducing the CGT discount to 25 per cent will reduce new supply at a time when the construction cycle has already turned. This the ALP policy is a risk to the property industry and will exacerbate the downturn. New dwelling construction is forecast to fall in every major housing market as a result of the ALP policy. Importantly it shows construction employment and new housing starts are estimated to be lower in all major housing markets in Australia as a result of the implementation of these proposed tax policies. This means few opportunities for new home buyers to enter the market and fewer job opportunities for skilled tradespeople" What happens when the construction industry downturns, and bear in mind that getting rid of NG is the equivalent of Rudd's termination of the Pacific Solution. It might be moral but literally everyone warned him. If you don't believe there are effects from government retarding economies for fairer equitable and gentler outcomes I have a city in Venezuela to sell you. You can make it from both, but yes.... rental prob makes more sense. However you didn't address my point: I said assets appreciate out of it. No-one denies that on average, asset value of property goes up. Whether you keep the asset or no, is irrelevant to that simple statement. Agreed. You shouldn't drown them like puppies in seawater. But lets play this out. If you shouldn't treat people like animals then you shouldn't treat criminals like animals either. "Oh" you say "but they're criminals". Correct. There are extenuating circumstances. Here's an extenuating circumstance: we have zero responsibility to people who have not crossed our border, are outside our jurisdiction and are suspected of having the intent of unlawfully breaching our border. Do remember: absolutely nothing stops them from leaving the camps. We even buy them tickets. Some have stayed in Nauru and opened businesses. They can go to any country with which their origin state has a visa arrangement.
  9. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    Jesus fuck. You don't actually understand dividend imputation do you? OK. I'm going to explain it in [team "gentler, fairer, kinder"] speak. Australia has a progressive tax system. Those who earn less than $x don't pay, then there are brackets - I think $x is currently about $20k. Our tax laws stipulate that all share owners must declare the unfranked value of their franked shares. So in simple terms, if Wilfred (aged 92) owns shares in BHP and gets a fully franked dividend of $700 with a franking credit of $300 which represents the share of tax on his share paid by BHP on his behalf), he needs to declare an income of $1000. Because $1000 is under $x, if he was earning that income in any other way, there would be a $300 refund coming his way. But because he makes it from shares, he gets slugged $300. Team "fairer", wants to take that away from Wilfred. Because they're hateful cunts. This is not "a gift". It's our fucking tax rules that apply to everyone's income. I'm referring to every single taxpayer in Australia who: a. makes a positive contribution to tax b. spends 80h a week worrying about how to make sure their employees are looked after c. delivers a tax amount into the treasury above the average I am particularly concerned that team "fairer" thinks that the fact that the top 10% of Australians contributing 50% of all income tax is somehow unacceptable, and should be more. How about coal direct an dindirect economies? Fuck 'em right? For every good deed, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Like that time team "gentler, kinder" opened our borders. The sharks appreciated it. NG might have been a mistake but it's a mistake that you can't fix without worse consequences. That's because you have an asset that typically appreciates, out of it. Throwing more money at education is not well worth it, for the simple reason that statistically speaking, after US$50k per student, additional spending on education does SFA or very little, yet we're increasing secondary education spending while our results go down. Now I take the point that you both have to spend money, and you also have to distribute it correctly, but given we're throwing away cash like it's fucking confetti, with nary a thought to optimizing - I'm going to vote against debt-financing it until the muppets in Team "fairer" get a fucking clue. Which should happen around 2045 or so given they operate in the 1980s at the moment. I agree. And you can do that with the coalition's target, without cratering regional economies - gives them significantly more time to adapt. And I'm telling you to examine your perspective Mosley. You don't have to cheer squad for a bunch of down-and-out anti-semites, homophobes and chauvinists (again, all you need to do is check the polls), just cause they're brown and looking for a better life. More importantly, there's no need to feed the sharks. None of the ones in the region are endangered so there's no need to give them extra food.
  10. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    And I just want to knock this one in again. Because it’s important. A few posts up, scruffy, in no uncertain terms told me my concerns of anti-semitism were a Jewish problem, not an Australian one. Then Cybes compared me to Goebbels for supporting an optimal solution that keeps these people away from Australia without their wholesale murder by Team “Fairer, Gentler, Kinder”. From this I understand that my concerns about hatred against me is not an Australian concern because (implied) I’m a Jew and undeserving of Australians’ consideration. And when I selfishly vote for my safety, I’m a bigoted Nazi. Maybe I should’ve stayed in Russia where I knew my place in no uncertain terms. Either way I’ve been eyeing Israeli citizenship for a while now because the headwinds in the West aren’t great. Maybe time to action the process...
  11. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    ----- And this neatly dials back to the Labor v. Liberal fight. You guys can't believe Australians rejected a "fairer kinder gentler Australia". We can't believe Labor wanted to rip off pensioners, tax the doers even more, terminate regional livelihoods in pursuit of a mathematically impossible global greenhouse reduction, crater the economy with negative gearing changes and then destroy our kids' futures with debt because their team want something now instead of when we can afford it. No part of that is fairer, kinder, gentler. It's greedy, myopic, irresponsible - those are better words for it.
  12. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    Am I not on record a million times on this forum explaining that Russians are pretty horrible people but that they can be repaired much quicker because they haven't got their hopes of heaven pinned on a 7th century illiterate goat herder with a rape complex? Have I not explained that my wife who lived 27y in Russia and thought homosexuals were basically... meh you know the drill... anyway, from 2012 when she got here to 2016 when she voted to approve gay marriage. Russians are repairable. Muslim anti-semitism... not so much. It's in the Quran. And we know what's happening with regards to the world-wide expansion of radical literal Islam. ...to people who come here hating me (90%, remember, as per published polls) and my children. And on top of that do so while hating gays and having 7th century views of women's rights. Yes I have extreme difficulty in pretending that I want them here. So sorry
  13. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    We wanted our indigenous land back for our safety. Right now there are 16 explicitly Christian States. In '48 that number was triple. There were ~50 Muslim states. And no Jewish state. That's why we needed one. The world proved we couldn't live among them. It's cheaper. For a start. And doesn't pay criminal cartels. Name a race coming here that doesn't have that luxury? How many safe Muslim countries do Afghanis have to pass to get here? Again... there are 50 Muslim majority states. At least a decent minority are safe enough - think Malaysia, Indonesia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Kyrgizstan, Turkmenistan, Uzebkistan, Kazakhstan... Tajikistan, Brunei, etc.... And that's why Jews need Israel. Because Australian jews cannot rely on Australians for when the shit hits the fan. Thanks. Not all of them. Why? You talk to him recently? Compare notes on optimum killing of poor brown people so that human rights types pat you on the back?
  14. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    That's the point. I'm not wrong. And this is the optimal solution.
  15. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    Like letting them get on the boats of criminals, only to imprison them (if they don't become shark bait) indefinitely in vast numbers (so that the criminals among them can rape a few women here and there), making any exit process difficult and prolonged? This is not an argument the left wins, y'know? They ignored advice telling them not to do it, and they fucking did it anyway because looking good matters more than 1200 sated sharks. Something something, kinder fairer, gentler politics.