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  1. Leonid


    You mean like the Venezuelan Petro which is tied to barrels of oil? Not only are you extremely repetitive, DMB, but you also consistently show that your missing U needs to be added back in. Everything you complain about, has been tried, found wanting, and just as (if not more) compromise-able by governments with nefarious strategies. Really? Apart from over-priced jewellery, gold has value only through investment pushing prices up. It is not an exceedingly useful metal and if you were to take away it's historical value, it would be worthless today. So from the point of view of a store of value, it has the exact same properties as a $100 note. Its value is what we assign to it.
  2. Leonid

    The one that got away

    Well... thats an interesting question and I guess well never know. Either way, ancient history. It was like two decades ago... Always try has worked well for me. I liked a Russian girl I met in Thailand and moved heaven and Earth to get her here. $45k+ later, we have two gorgeous girls. Ive got exactly what I want :)
  3. Leonid

    Did I do the right thing?

    You did the right thing. Theres a cost to doing nothing - you dont learn anything and the skills market moves ahead while you stay behind. Never take a job where youre bored all the time or arent busy at.
  4. Leonid

    The one that got away

    One from high school. Tall gorgeous redhead. We were friends but I never asked her out basically because she dated jocks who were two heads taller than me, and I just figured I was not her type, so why try? A decade later, were both married and lost touch, I meet her randomly and she tells me she really liked me and never understood why I never asked her out :) Lesson well learned: always try
  5. Leonid

    So, life has happened.

    Running the risk Yup, and you. I'm not sure how much I'll be around, I'm mostly on Facebook these days. I have a YouTube channel with about 6,200 subscribers these days, that generates some reasonably passive income for me. Driving to and from the shack soaks up about seven hours a week. And then there's Angela. So just how DID I get hooked up with a chick from Kentucky? Well, we've been admins in the same Facebook homesteading (farming, hobby farming, prepping, etc) for close to four years now. Turns out she's had a serious crush on me for most of that time. Earlier this year we started chatting privately every now and then as her abusive marriage continued to get worse. Then, in early April, she let me know she wasn't just flirting for the fun of it and things progressed fairly quickly from there. She had to have carpal tunnel surgery done, which meant two weeks away from work and the farm. She, somewhat jokingly, said that she could afford to go on a cruise, go to Hawaii or go to Australia. Jokingly, I said that, "Australia could be fun". Next thing you know, she's got a ticket booked for Australia and a passport application in. I've had the last three weeks off work as she arrived on the 20th of June and we've been pretty much inseparable since. Interesting how shit like that happens. I met a Russian girl in Thailand who was just nice... marriage was disintegrating on my end.... talking to her.... grew to like her. As ex and I separated, I flew to Moscow. 7 years later... married with a 4yo and a 6mo old pair of little ladies. But then again, I ain't crazy enough to risk red-headed children :)
  6. Leonid

    Help! Baby on the way ... what do I need to know?

    Baby won't remember a thing and there's no such thing as correct parenting or a perfect baby. Baby 2.0 will be different to 1.0. There are no right answers.
  7. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Wouldnt it just be easier to give me my edit rights back so I can correct it and future autocorrect bugger-ups?
  8. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Give me my edit rights back and I'll fix it :)
  9. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    And? End of the world ensues? AFAIK NOT. Netflix has intelligent adjustment of bandwidth used. It'll drop quality. You sound like the perfect poster boy for purchasing your own fibre. Everyone else gets an Elantra. Also the RING doorbell connects to your wifi, not your internet. You have local LAN issues, not WAN ones. It's perfectly fine. Please calculate how many people in Australia transcode media, how much that adds to the economy and extrapolate relative value of giving them fibre to the home on public dollar. So your solution is that the government give every one who needs a motorbike, a 500CC? I think you radically misunderstood my analogy. You don't need an Audi. You want one. If your car buying is based on what might happen if you get pinned by a truck, you need to go buy a surplus tank. The Israeli Merkavas are a particular favourite. Not in the slightest. They're 100% right, as you're about to prove: Not quite. You ever wonder why they take your postcode when you buy stuff? It's to determine where demand is so they can open a new store there. The economy is demand driven. Not supply-driven. Cars haven't gotten cheaper: https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/view.aspx?src=http://cta.ornl.gov/data/tedb34/Spreadsheets/Table10_10.xls There goes that attempt... CPUs got faster because of demand. Again, because consumers demanded better cameras. Also demand. Observe the $2000 model - it's less technologically advanced than a $500 one. Indeed it is.
  10. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I'm about to become part of a two-child, two-parent family when baby 2.0 arrives in mid-Jan. I assure you I won't be upping my bandwidth :) In addition, 25Mbps can comfortably handle 4 Netflix streams. Netflix HD is 5Mbps. What you're talking about is called "Say's Law". Almost every economist has rejected this formulation since the 1960s. You can't actually be serious? Then you buy fibre. Just like if you don't want too many ads or different programming, you jump off Free To Air and get Netflix or Cable. Or we create a white elephant because our kids want high-speed mobility, not low-latency fixed speeds. Do we really want a government infrastructure project of that magnitude to lose us money? Maybe. But most likely it's because they don't need faster, or can't afford it. Frankly, if you've been using ADSL for Netflix, and a bit of email + browsing, and have no need beyond that, the 12Mbps plan will cost you more, for roughly the same. So why bother upgrading beyond that? I have 30Mbps cable. An extra $15/m gets me 100Mbps. I don't need it. I drive an Audi so you know I can afford an extra $15/m - I just don't need it. If you average out my use from 7pm to 2am, I'd guess it'd be around the 10Mbps mark. Incorrect. You do not need even 1Mbps for a household phone service. 100Kbps low latency is more than enough. What would be the point of offering faster plans given that the best provider out there provisions 3Mbps of CVC per user, irrespective of connection speed? Just because of those two things you're essentially forcing the user onto lower speed plans. Then you wonder why no one takes up the 100mb option or why almost no one is on a 50mb plan?
  11. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Thing is, it's only the last couple of cyclones / near misses of cyclones that we have lost the phone line. I've lived with cyclonic summers for about three decades now, and it was always the comfort of knowing the landline would survive when nothing else did . That's not the case today. Yeah well... NBNs v1, v2 removed the phone line completely. v3 re-uses it but plugs it into a powered node at street level which is not impervious to water. So uh... no joy... on any score.
  12. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Look, I suspect one day we will have oodles of bandwidth delivered via geosync satellites. It won't be fast latency-wise, but there'll be enough bandwidth to run phones, internet, etc. That's when we solve the natural disaster problem, but for now, I can't think of any solution that is better than another on any significant number of points. POTS/Fibre/Nodes/NTDs/Routers - they all melt.
  13. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    To be fair, there's no solution to that. Fibre to the home is no solution during fire, especially with NTDs and Lithium batteries. Powered nodes are no good either. I think at the moment the only thing that can survive fire is Unifi AirFiber and that's only because it can be dozens of km away from the fibre.... but still... no real solution.
  14. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    MS youre confusing supply and demand. And to be fair the argument is being distorted by cost. Lets state a few unequivocal facts: 1. There is no application now or on the horizon that provides a reasonable cause to provid speeds of 25Mbps or above at public expense. 2. The bulk of NBN plans thus far are the 12Mbps and 25Mbps. Something like 80% of NBN plans, even on FTTH are 50Mbps or lower. The fact is that despite FTTH availability, consumers arent picking the high speed plans. Granted this could be because of exorbitant cost, but it could also be because of no requirement. Most people stream Netflix and browse SMH. 12Mbps is easily enough for that. So cost is a limitation as a function of the economic/cost implication of fibre. By choosing fibre, Labor immediately jacked up the costs of service delivery beyond what people may want to pay for a service they do not require. Let me put it another way. Im the proud new owner of an Audi A5 Sportback 2017. It is a car I do not need. I could make do and be happy in an Elantra. Somebody else in a less fortuitous financial position would say ok, I need a car. I want air con and cruise control and maybe a hybrid to reduce my costs. They probably wouldnt buy an Audi because nothing compels that purchase and the $50k premium isnt worth it. Fibre NBN to the home is not answering a need. People dont need 100Mbps yet and the argument that they will someday, is evenly matched by the answers: 1. How certain are you they dont want it over a wireless link for mobility purposes? 2. Why are you betting the house on fixed cabling tech in spite of market trends? You get where Im coming from? Fibre is a bet against cost, need, market trends, social trends, and even technical development - theres more money in R&D of wireless tech. Well lets put it this way... nodes are in all 3 versions of the NBN. My suggestion terminates at the nodes. IE fibre backhaul, nodes shipped with all carriers cells integrated, and onborded on-site. It cuts out a LOT of the phone line re-attachment, fibre to the home installation, etc. And as soon as a node gets in, everyone is immediately able to access just by signing up with a telco, similar to the concept of Telstra Air, but with routers... I cant give you a precise number but I reckon 30% cheaper than this NBN wouldnt be amiss considering you wouldnt need to purchase half of telstras ducts either since last mile delivery is wireless. Actually make that another 10% less. No NTDs for residences at $2700ea
  15. Leonid

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    A damaged copper line is a damaged copper line. The Internet obeys the OSI model. If your lower layers suck, your higher layers suck more. FTTH shouldve been implemented in the 80s and 90s via a government-owned telco infrastructure provider like Chorus in NZ. Everything was against FTTH in 2009: market trends, costs, economic conditions, infrastructure availability. And they went ahead with it anyway, egged on by a conga line of suckholes which unfortunately included way, way too many IT people who couldnt see the forest for the trees. The first version of the NBN - the $4.9b one (also a bullshit number), was much more visionary than the ones after. The problem was that v1 of the NBN lacked selling power because back then you required balls and certainty that the vision of fast cellular/wireless was possible by the time of node build completion: But then, wed have to have visionary politicians and a fourth estate that doesnt act like a permanent fifth column across all nationally important issues. I do blame Rudd for this debacle. He is the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had, but even his stupidity was amplified by an absolutely terrible media landscape of sycophantic reporters who kept finding idiots repeating the do it once, do it right mantra without considering that right encompasses a little more scope than just technology. The only media that seemed have a glimmer of sense occasionally was The Oz and AFR. Everyone else was a write-off. Now theyre eating crow as traitors to the Australian national interest.