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  1. Leonid

    Registers Down !!!

    We have a couple of clients in the food space. This is true. With the big chains, even more so. There's a retail recession on. That's pretty rare now. Our main POS systems are Fedelta & HCL. They're mostly Win 10 and some moving to iPad
  2. Leonid

    What a joke

    That’s the second time [today] someone’s said that to me. The discussion was whether men could get periods. .
  3. Leonid

    What a joke

    All good. I’ll let you ask the question in November 2020 as Trump wins again. I reckon of the 2020 Democrats remaining only maybe Yang and Buttigeg might be able to do something...
  4. Leonid

    What a joke

    I'm just amazed at the sheer stupidity of assuming that everyone who votes for probably the most left-wing and anti-authoritarian GOP president in decades... is a raging redneck. That'll win ya elections.
  5. Leonid

    What a joke

    He's gonna win and you still haven't worked out why because you think the people who vote for him are mental.
  6. Leonid

    What a joke

    You think they don't know that he is all of those things to a greater or lesser extent? They do. And yet they vote for him anyway. Maybe it's time some internalised why that happens?
  7. Leonid

    What a joke

    Interesting article: https://www.smh.com.au/world/europe/it-s-not-only-about-brexit-jeremy-corbyn-must-wear-blame-for-drubbing-20191213-p53jky.html Three interesting points: 1. The longest suicide note in history has a new author and his name is Jeremy Corbyn. 2. [Boris Johnson] is someone who has clearly grasped the fact that is easier for the right to move left on economics than it is for the left to move right on questions of identity. 3. If Johnson's government runs its full five-year term it will have been 50 years since any Labour leader other than Blair won a general election in Britain Conclusions: 1. The left is chasing an increasingly narrow and incompatible path to victory, relying on woke "Wakanda Forever, gender is fluid, Allahu Akbar!" coalitions that have absolutely nothing in common except hatred of the West's culture - and are all unable to compromise with any perceived transgressions. 2. The left has lost the working class. This is effectively a global phenomenon at this point, mostly due to (1) 3. There is no path to victory without the centre - which means... no socialism. Prediction: 1. Overwhelming Trump win in 2020
  8. Leonid

    What a joke

    It’s still a belief among most socialists and all Nazis. Why do you think it’s so common to see Socialist-Islamist alliances? Who you hate binds you far more than any small disagreements.
  9. Leonid

    What a joke

    ^ Not that simple Cybes. If you joined the Nazis in the 20s it was undoubtedly a socialist party. It’s in the mid-30s that the split with socialism started and remember: those who joined as socialists including most of the top cabal, became Nazis. This is because the ideologies are not too dissimilar. Once you believe “the rich Jewish bourgeoisie control capital and keep the worker down”, it’s no big stretch to “the racially inferior Jewish bankers control capital and keep Aryan Volk down”.
  10. Leonid

    What a joke

    Killing commies is just chemotherapy and should be encouraged as a health concern. The NHS should fund it. The good news is - typically we don’t have to do it. Communists kill each other more often than not. But I’ll *gladly* help with digging the mass grave in advance.
  11. Leonid

    What a joke

    Agreed. I’ll dig the mass grave, you get the ice picks and we’ll sort out Labour so that it can become one again? Dibs on Ice-picking Owen Jones.
  12. Leonid

    What a joke

    In a pretty unified way IMO. This is the biggest rejection of Labour since the 30s. And against Johnson - imagine if it weren’t against a buffoon?
  13. Leonid

    What a joke

    That’s because Jeremy Corbyn is a communist. Owen Jones is an actual Stalinist. John McDonnell is a Maoist. These people are not hiding. Moseley was a socialist. National Socialism is no big step.
  14. Leonid

    What a joke

    2/3rds of the country just voted for against communism and to carry out their democratic will from 3y ago (Brexit) How do you get more unified than that?
  15. Leonid

    What a joke

    Lets say it leaves the UK. The SNP is a centre-left party that always sits/sides with Labour. That's 59 seats gone out of 650. So 591. Take away the Sinn Fein MPs who do not take their seats, that's 588. If the Conservatives take 368 seats as expected Labour take 187 (removing 4 in Scotland), + 1 Green + 19 independents Lib Dems at 13 go either way but broadly against communism, so add them to the Tory count. Basically, communism is being kept at bay 381:207. Scotland leaving basically wipes out the left in this iteration. That's a good thing. Everyone except those the media consider to be stable, are unstable. I'm aware that Johnson doesn't know how many kids he's fathered. I can say the same of a cousin of mine who's nickname is "Typhoon Greg" because he's ruined most of the eligible women across three countries... and yet apart from that he's a really level-headed bloke.