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  1. Leonid


    I did offer to host the archives... I’ve 4 east-coast Datacentres Surely something could’ve been worked out.
  2. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    You don't. You just remove every barrier you can and hope that the exceptional drag the mediocre with them. ... which is where we circle back to the fact that the highest minimum wage in the world, high taxes, high immigration, low infrastructure spending and sparse population... is not conducive to lower costs of living.
  3. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    The same thing is happening in the United States and in Canada. Sit-down money is the worst thing we ever came up with. Dignity, real dignity - can be found in honest work that removes you from your circumstances.
  4. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    An article extract for you: Aboriginal communities survived for thousands of years with clear social structures, in which people worked and learned and took care of themselves, their families and communities. We survived two centuries of dispossession and colonisation and segregation, our social structures and families under constant attack; but still we worked, learned and took care of our families and communities as best we could. Most of us still do. The problems in this video aren’t the product of dispossession, colonisation, segregation, the stolen generation or even intergenerational trauma from those past injustices. The problems have arisen since the 1970s when Aboriginal people, particularly those in remote and regional Australia, moved en masse on to what our elders called “sit-down money”. That one change caused complete social and family breakdown and dysfunction in Aboriginal communities across remote and regional Australia. Today we talk about moving Aboriginal people from welfare to work. But we forget that 50-odd years ago, socially progressive governments (both Labor and Liberal) transitioned Aboriginal people from work to welfare. This video shows the appalling results. Over generations, people in those communities lost all sense of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. They no longer learn it from their parents and elders or see it demonstrated around them. Instead they grow up in a world where people don’t work or take care of themselves or their children, where drug, alcohol and gambling abuse are all around them, and sexual atrocities have become the norm in some families and are repeated with each generation. It’s not only Aboriginal people who are suffering this cancer. There are non-Aboriginal families and communities with the same problems.
  5. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    I'm not special. I expect that everyone can be not special, like me. Your attempt to pretend that taking away sit down money to force people to become capitalist fat cats is my concern is monotonously flawed. Works for every other assimilated people. No. I don't. Neither can anyone sane. Then this will ring true. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) CBT is an excellent treatment for depression, alone or in conjunction with medication. CBT involves learning: ^ to control the negative thoughts that lead to loss of interest and feelings of worthlessness; ^ to combat the emotions of sadness and hopelessness, and; ^ Loss of energy, even when not physically active. ^ to counteract the behaviours related to poor concentration and thoughts of death Techniques for problem solving are also taught whether the problem is a consequence or cause of the depression. CBT is very effective and 80% of people with mild, moderate or severe depression improve. Like, I don't know about your training, but to me that reads like "work hard to overcome your issues". Society seems to disagree with your myopic interpretation of disadvantage. Except here's a fun fact: 1. If you rise above your circumstances, you can get somewhere, to other circumstances. 2. If you slam your head on the floor or slap yourself with a leather belt while asking god for help, you won't get somewhere. Work, works. Prayer doesn't. Generational disadvantages are merely accidents of birth. They can define the individual by they don't have to.
  6. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    Even if that were true, and it’s clearly not - the fact is at least I don’t believe a sob story (individual or ethnic) makes you inferior and incapable. Ah that old chestnut. Go to any authoritative psychology definition site you care to find. Tell me how depression is cured? FYI, I’m also not a climate scientist but the solution to global warming is emitting fewer GHGs collectively than we did in 1950. How am I doing this far? I can tell you a whole bunch of other shit I’m totally not qualified for but that forms basic general knowledge of everyone with a somewhat functional frontal cortex.
  7. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    I’m very selective about not making bad circumstances worse and entrenched, yes. Do we differ on that?
  8. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    *sigh* In one ear... out the other... If you keep telling someone they’re worthless and pay them to stay worthless, then it’s unsurprising that they remain worthless. For some that’s not enough. For most it is. It’s how lots of women stay with abusive husbands. If you stop paying them to stay worthless, they won’t be made to feel generationally worthless and more of them will be forced to or will want to change their circumstances... Sit down money increases the likelihood of someone not changing their circumstances.
  9. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    And I'm afraid you can't even see it. And? Do you realise that if we were to suppose that pre-colonisation living is what they want, then post-colonisation benefits at such distances from actual current centres of civilisation - has a price? You cannot put a hospital 700km from anywhere to service a group of 100. You just can't. The past is over. The only way Aborigines "get better" is by letting go of elements of the past. Every single group in the world has had to do that. That means we have to find ways to entice them to NOT live in this little exile among the desert. And that starts with ending sit down money that lets them exist in those reservations in such sorry states. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to be on your indigenous/traditional/lore land to function as a human being or seek opportunities. I'm not in Israel. I don't need to be in Israel to make something of myself after communism, etc. I don't think I'm better than an Aborigine. It's also the recommended cure for depression: working through it and making required changes.
  10. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    If it came across that way - that was not my intention. I am in no way accusing Australia of apartheid. What I am accusing activists of is extreme racism. The racism of low expectations. This posits that the Aborigine can never achieve anything because of past ACTUAL apartheid and therefore needs to be paid sit down money to sit on his brain in a reservation. By maintaining this status quo the activist is satisfied that their white guilt is taken care of and who really cares that the effect of the money is self-imposed exile by the Aborigine who knows he’s worthless?
  11. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    The points I make are in practise in the capitalist economies all socialists love: the Scandinavian nations. My opinion is as follows: - Companies should be rewarded for employing more people, not penalised - If you're going to have the world's highest minimum wage, you'd better have other levers at a different level to constrain living costs. You can't run high labour costs, high taxes, high immigration and low infrastructure spending. It just doesn't work. Most importantly you can't complain about millionaires and billionaires because guess what - it's actually not their fault. - Pulling shit out of the ground is no way to maintain economic exceptionalism. Where's our startup scene? - Why have we not tried to offer tax breaks to any industry other than Hollywood to shoot trash here? Where's our fucken space ports? Where's our rocket testing ranges? - Every private school should be forced to have a small boarding house where 5-15 Aboriginal students live and get to attend the school. These kids should be aptitude tested for suitability - but the idea is that private schools offer the best post-grad networks, so giving these kids from FuckenNowhere, back of WA some sort of opportunity, might actually lift the shithouse standards sit down money from leftie twerps has enforced across our indigenous people. I'd argue that they were probably better off under the White Australia Policy than under the present policy where they're paid to sit at the back of the bus that we call the Economic Express. We literally replaced the White Australia Policy with a policy that keeps them down by paying them to be useless.
  12. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    That is not a generational disadvantage. That should be obvious even to someone of your narrow visual field. A good friend of mine went to the States on a dancing visa - she was one of the top in her age group until she quit a few years back to work as an angel investor - she smartly did a Commerce degree in Usyd just in case dancing wasn't forever... 2-3 years ago she married a black guy there. Said black guy was born in a town in Texas. His surname matches some white peoples' in nearby towns as his ancestors took the names of their owners. His town is 80-90% black. Poor as shit. Money is a merry-go-round, half the kids don't know their fathers, the other half don't want to know their fathers. "Sit down money" entered my lexicon from him. He hates the Democrats for what they've done to black families and black ambition with sit-down money and white guilt. In his words, the Democrats have been spending decades making sure the blacks don't leave the plantation. (He's not a Republican either). He's gone now - their marriage lasted for a little over 2 minutes... but... interesting... So yeah - that kind of informs my world view. Everyone has a sob story to tell. Lots of people have been oppressed for generations. But that's not really true for a generation or two in this day and age in the West. The same for Aborigines. We (non-Aboriginal Australia) demand that Western education, life expectancy and benefits of our taxes apply to them (ie access to health, education, jobs, etc) but then we allow them to form tiny communities in the middle of nowhere, pay them to do so and then give them rights over who comes onto their land. That is sit down money. How will they ever get the benefits of Western society when we pay them to remove themselves from it and make themselves so remote and so inaccessible that it is impossible to drag Western society and its supposed benefits to them? We need an honest conversation in this country about the victim olympics going on because it detracts from a solution. The difference between one person being depressed by a certain setback and another jumping over it is a certain level of "hardening the fuck up". Off course different humans have different reactions - which is to say that for some generational disadvantage is a trigger for success. For others it just is - it stays. For others it's an excuse to sit on their brains and perpetuate the problem. Defeating depression is finding out it's cause, and dealing with it by working through it. It's amazing how many things get solved by working through or just working hard. One of those things is generational disadvantage. The difference between you and me is that you think that people are incapable of being better than their circumstances. And I think they can and should be - every single one of them.
  13. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    That’s complete BS. You’re not actually handicapped by being the descendants of slaves or of Jews or of Gypsies. Do you know what is crippling? Sit down money. Sit down money is the worst thing in the world because it is a payment made by innocent people (usually wracked by white guilt) for something their great-great grandparents did to someone else’s great-great grandparents. That sit down money is basically payment to people who have little structural limits to their progress in this day and age on the basis of what was done to their great-great grandparents. It encourages them to sit down and wallow in victimhood. That’s generational adversity. I’m not a super-capitalist or anything like that. I’m just anti-left wing economics for the same reason I’m anti natural medicine. Because there’s no positive result from left-wing economics or from natural medicine, no matter how good they sound and no matter how convincing the charlatans peddling them are. I like capitalism. I would like to make it better. But if you’re trying to make it better by things that just don’t fucken work and never have, you’re mad.
  14. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    And once you square away the idea that a society that caters for exceptionalism is the best society for those who aren’t exceptional... well that’s when you reach the zen that allows you to comprehend statements like “there is nothing worse than war except not going to war when war is required”. And uh yeah - work WILL overcome generational adversity. The problem is generational adversity affects ambition, and can play to a victim narrative and once you’re a victim (and only a victim) in your own mind, that’s all you’ll ever be.
  15. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    I guess the fundamental point I'm making is that an economy of the lowest common denominator - aka "The Kimmo Economy" is an economy that achieves nothing of what people like Kimmo dream of. It's not even negotiable - it truly is absolutely nothing. Thus far (and I'm not discounting future tweaks), capitalism in whatever form we've got, has been the best economy for the poor, the middle class and has greatly aided human development at the fastest rate in history. Nothing from our past in terms of theory or practice has ever come close, and most radical swaps have done the reverse.