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  1. Leonid

    Fan bubble bursted :(

    I suspect you’ve had one of these moments: Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power. - Bertrand Russell
  2. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    Your federal member is a daggy Christian dad. He's made some wince-level faux pas moves but in terms of fucking up the country - hasn't done that yet. There's still time though. As I did say though - raging dumpster fire of Shorten. I'll take the former and ScoMo.
  3. Leonid

    how crap is this government ?

    I’d prefer a raging dumpster fire to Turnbull or Shorten as PM. From my point of view, the country had a collective case of utter stupidity when we elected the grand poobah of assholes, Rudd, and ever since then we’ve been slowly building back up.
  4. Leonid

    Israel did it.

    Jewish puppet masters behind everything, eh Adolf?
  5. Leonid


    You've no idea how you're contradicting yourself do you? Gold doesn't have as many industrial uses as some of its fellow precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium. It's one of the least useful metals. It is also a shithouse asset as a store of value. Since the late 70s, gold's increased in value by 450%, but the Personal Consumer Expenditure Index (basically, inflation) has increased by 765% or some such number. On the other hand, investing in equities would've seen an increase of about 2350% over the same time frame. Equities don't need to be stored securely, insured, etc. Gold's a shithouse store of value because it has no value. It's not useful except for overpriced jewellery. It's why when you trade in your $10000 gold ring for it's gold value, you'll get a few hundred bucks. On the other hand, plastic is useful. Polymer especially. But that's not the argument. The argument is that gold as a gold standard should be a peg to the money supply. That's a horrible idea because gold is increasingly worthless based on the very criteria you saddle it with.
  6. Leonid

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    I didn't bully anyone. I didn't have the time for it. Bullying is like jaywalking. It may be wrong but you don't need to police it like it's a fucking bloods/crips war.
  7. Leonid

    Israel did it.

    There was actually a really good article for why people like DUMB get airtime on RT, Sputnik and Al Jazeera. You know.... far right nativists and far left-anti-imperialists. Because that shit works. Its a disinformation campaign the despots employed back in the cold war - get "intellectuals" like Chomski or political "leaders" like Corbyn in front of a camera saying stupid shit and you can mask the stupidity fo their statements with their outsize "intellectuality" - to make it all seem real. Any conspiracy you want can be given respectability by an "intellectual"/"human rights activist"/"thought leader". In reality these fuckwits would take the zombie rights angle in a zombie apocalypse because there's not enough grey matter between the ears to process reality.
  8. Leonid

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Girl goes to a party of bikers with rape convictions, in the woods, alone. She gets raped. She's the victim. She's also at fault. (Yes yes, spare me the "right to not be raped" comments.) Germans invade Russia. Russia fights back and puts half of Germany behind a wall with horrific human rights abuses. Germans are now victims. They are also at fault. There are people in education and elsewhere who think light bullying is something meaningful and must be stopped. It isn't. It's a funnel. The strongest come out. I was bullied by a guy in Primary School. He was bullied in High School. I grew a thick skin and survived. He took his life 5 years ago - maybe because of the bullying, maybe not. But the victim isn't always blameless. "Blaming the victim" is a cute catch-phrase but it's meaningless.
  9. Leonid

    Israel did it.

    As usual when DUMB makes one of his usual crappy posts blaming Israel/Jews/Zionists for attacking their best ally in the world: http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=911_morons
  10. Leonid

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Just to point out the obvious. Nothing in any rule book says that a victim can't be a perpetrator. "Blaming the victim" is a cute catch-phrase but it's meaningless.
  11. Leonid


    You mean like the Venezuelan Petro which is tied to barrels of oil? Not only are you extremely repetitive, DMB, but you also consistently show that your missing U needs to be added back in. Everything you complain about, has been tried, found wanting, and just as (if not more) compromise-able by governments with nefarious strategies. Really? Apart from over-priced jewellery, gold has value only through investment pushing prices up. It is not an exceedingly useful metal and if you were to take away it's historical value, it would be worthless today. So from the point of view of a store of value, it has the exact same properties as a $100 note. Its value is what we assign to it.
  12. Leonid

    The one that got away

    Well... thats an interesting question and I guess well never know. Either way, ancient history. It was like two decades ago... Always try has worked well for me. I liked a Russian girl I met in Thailand and moved heaven and Earth to get her here. $45k+ later, we have two gorgeous girls. Ive got exactly what I want :)
  13. Leonid

    Did I do the right thing?

    You did the right thing. Theres a cost to doing nothing - you dont learn anything and the skills market moves ahead while you stay behind. Never take a job where youre bored all the time or arent busy at.
  14. Leonid

    The one that got away

    One from high school. Tall gorgeous redhead. We were friends but I never asked her out basically because she dated jocks who were two heads taller than me, and I just figured I was not her type, so why try? A decade later, were both married and lost touch, I meet her randomly and she tells me she really liked me and never understood why I never asked her out :) Lesson well learned: always try
  15. Leonid

    So, life has happened.

    Running the risk Yup, and you. I'm not sure how much I'll be around, I'm mostly on Facebook these days. I have a YouTube channel with about 6,200 subscribers these days, that generates some reasonably passive income for me. Driving to and from the shack soaks up about seven hours a week. And then there's Angela. So just how DID I get hooked up with a chick from Kentucky? Well, we've been admins in the same Facebook homesteading (farming, hobby farming, prepping, etc) for close to four years now. Turns out she's had a serious crush on me for most of that time. Earlier this year we started chatting privately every now and then as her abusive marriage continued to get worse. Then, in early April, she let me know she wasn't just flirting for the fun of it and things progressed fairly quickly from there. She had to have carpal tunnel surgery done, which meant two weeks away from work and the farm. She, somewhat jokingly, said that she could afford to go on a cruise, go to Hawaii or go to Australia. Jokingly, I said that, "Australia could be fun". Next thing you know, she's got a ticket booked for Australia and a passport application in. I've had the last three weeks off work as she arrived on the 20th of June and we've been pretty much inseparable since. Interesting how shit like that happens. I met a Russian girl in Thailand who was just nice... marriage was disintegrating on my end.... talking to her.... grew to like her. As ex and I separated, I flew to Moscow. 7 years later... married with a 4yo and a 6mo old pair of little ladies. But then again, I ain't crazy enough to risk red-headed children :)