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    quick review of new build

    I'm going to be the devils advocate here cause he's doing vm's the 2500k is just a crazy choice a 2600k would be the far better move. but yes, certainly cuts can be made in the motherboard area. ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 MB will save around $65 or Asus P8Z68-V PRO-GEN3 will save around $100 ( that will cover the price difference between the (2500k & the 2600K) Personally IMO two things you should not make compromises on are the PSU and the case, both these items will last over several builds if you get the right stuff the first time. So yes, you may spend a bit more initially but in the long term you will save money. Especially when you factor in the compromise case is around $130-160 and the desired case is $210. Regarding the CL8's if you are intending to overclock the memory they should reach 2133 http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33974690 cl9s, I have read somewhere, have a ceiling of 2000
  2. Pigs can fly

    quick review of new build

    looking very good No SSD?
  3. Pigs can fly

    $3k PC Build

    The reason I suggested the PSU is in case he decides to upgrade to crossfire down the road he'll have the headroom also better to find you don't need to upgrade your PSU to do so. That PSU will also last 10+ years so there is headroom for future graphic cards. Regarding the 7950 I opted to include a card with a custom HSF unit as they provide better cooling over the OEM blowers, with him being from QLD, which is also why I suggested that case with the 200mm fan feeding the graphics cards, But yes cases are also a personal taste thing. With speakers I just know to avoid the logitech 5.1s as they have an annoying pop whenever someone turns something on around the house.
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    $3k PC Build

    Honestly putting together a PC is dead simple, not like back in the old days where you had to set interrupts etc. Everything is plug and play. Unless you are time constrained, now is as good as any time to learn and you will gain more satisfaction from the experience. Also any questions people here will help. Here's is what I would go with. Intel Core i5 2500K Processor LGA1155 3.3GHz CPU 234 Asus P8Z68-V-GEN3 208 Corsair Vengeance CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 65 Corsair Carbide 500R Black 168 Corsair AX-850 ATX Power Supply 255 Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H100 High-performance CPU Cooler 169 Crucial RealSSD C400 128G SATA3 M4 Series 218 Hitachi 1TB 7K100.C SATAIII 7200RPM 32M 121 Pioneer SATA DVR219L 24X DVD Black & OEM Software 34 Sapphire ATI HD7950 OC 3GB GDDR5 2MDP/HDMI 589 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM 104 Samsung S27A350H 27inch FHD LED 2ms HDMI 341 HDMI V1.4 Male to Male Cable 1.8M 20 Creative GigaWorks T40 Speakers 113 Plantronics Gamecom 777 Surround Sound Gaming Headset USB 78 Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard 68 Steelseries 62150 SENSEI Professional Laser Gaming Mouse 120 (Keyboards and mice are a personal preference thing, feel etc) Total $2905
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    New Build advice

    The unlocked CPU will add longevity to the system, He may not have in mind overclocking it now but maybe 1-2 years down the track he will need extra performance as games will certainly be more demanding, as always happens. Add in the simplicity of one click auto overclocking of today's systems, the extra $20 for the K chip IMO is a no brainer. The SDD is well worth it but yes it will push it over the budget, but not by much. Also noticed there were no HDD's in that list, is he using existing disk/s?
  6. Pigs can fly

    New Build advice

    heres what I would change Swap the cpu to the 2600k. I would also recommend getting a dual channel kit of the corsairs rather than 2 singles, also get the cl8 it has better timings at 1866. I'd also be having a look at the Corsair 500 cases, much better quality for a few $ more.
  7. Pigs can fly

    Bios reserving more than half my RAM

    try this, this sounds like the same issue http://vip.asus.com/forum/view.aspx?board_...SLanguage=en-us Resolved: Unticked max processors and max ram under the advanced boot tab in msconfig
  8. Pigs can fly

    Office PC

    pretty much what I was thinking same ram, motherboard & case, However I would goto the i7 2600 no need for K series CPU's as there won't be overclocking. Possibly swap the PSU for Seasonic M12II 520W Modular PSU @ $109 also could drop the GPU
  9. Pigs can fly

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    There is a lot more than people believe or would like to. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/serve...o-2000-Tickets/ Thsi s a PB enabled server. one of the players on that server at that time. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldi...tats/356072205/ The problem is PB is only effective against the free hacks out there thats the ones PB does catch. For vip/subscription hacks PB is utterly useless, we rely on the server admins to stop these hackers, but in DICE/EA 's infinite wisdom there is no battlecorder/ killcams/ 1st person view, so guess what they are untouchable. Unless they are one of those idiots who stands in their spawn and knifes people across the map. Also these new bots can be setup to not snap to targets, which is an easy tell tail, they can now move in a slower more human controlled fashion. A really a well setup bot would be almost impossible to pick up even if you were to watch it.
  10. While I agree with you on dlink routers I have owned 2, a 604T was good the last one (cant remember the model, it was terribad) The cards/USB adapters are fine. I have a PCI adapter and the above adapter and nether have ever caused any issues the PCI adapter is getting onto 10 years old now. I have no problems recommending those products. Yes Dlink have a bad rep of late and it is well earnt cause of the bad routers. However to write off all their products without any experience of them is a bit much IMO.
  11. This is certainly an airflow and case issue. The 6970 are hot cards, so when your running a crossfire setup you need to have a good cooling solution in place be it DIY or bought. As for fans try to grab some coolermaster 120mm rifle bearing 90cfm fans they are quiet and pack a lot of punch but are EOL. But don't use these fans too close to graphics cards (i.e. side window or in the case of HAF X that duct) as they will actually create a semi vacuum over the reference blower and increase temps from my experience.
  12. np Forgot to say yes the adapter will connect at 150mbps
  13. Thats not answering his question he already has it To answer the question, I have that adapter and it will work perfectly fine mine is connected to a iinet boblite wireless N router.
  14. Pigs can fly

    Help with decision about GPU

    Thats still is a considerable idle temperature here is my idle temps HIS 6870 Ref cooler 42 deg fan speed 21% load temps for me peak at 72 degrees of the reference cooler, less on the Gigabyte card. certainly if you want lower temps look at improving airflow in your case. BTW what case do you have?
  15. Pigs can fly

    Expensive 6950 or Cheap 6970

    Considering with the new cards are just around the corner why not opt for a 6870 you'll have a good gaming card and $150 in the bank for the next card.
  16. Pigs can fly

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Don't worry there are so many variables SPM will be higher on TDM than on grand Conquest. SPM will be higher on certain maps like Metro or Grand Bazaar. SPM will be higher on 64 player maps than on 32 player maps etc I'm rank 28 I started 2 weeks late thanks to a slow delivery
  17. tbh id' go this over either of those 2 http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_p...oducts_id=18613 Ive read that there is some BSOD issues with the ASrocks maybe an owner of these boards can shed some light on it. But for me, BSOD's = Not going there Edit Found the place where i read about this issue http://forums.tweaktown.com/asrock/44772-a...t-received.html
  18. Pigs can fly

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    I don't agree with that, there are a lot more people on foot than in vehicles especially on a 64 player map, also almost always enemy vehicles are always spotted so you can always deal with it depending on your class. However a solder or a squad of soldiers trying to flank will not always be spotted, thus the claymores will notify you that there is someone trying to flank your squad. Thats if they are used correctly. TBH I don't care if mines are or are not persistant however there has to be a limit of how many are in place at one time just like there is with the claymores. when you have the same rules for one mine vs the other then you achieve balance, however DICE have NFI what they are doing.
  19. Pigs can fly

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    TBF No one would be happy if claymores were persistent after deaths either, otherwise people just wouldn't be able to move due to 100's of claymores laying around the place. You can't have anti vehicle mines persistent while anti personnel mines are not.
  20. actually, windows will be the first place i go cause dxdiag only shows 3gb i have 2x2gb and i had a BSOD from watchdog.sys whats that mean? ill fresh install a better windows XP, and write zeroes to my hard drive while im there. within the next week. Yeah if you have XP 32bit you will only be able to address 3-3.6 GB of memory You should be able to pick up a Win 7 OEM 64 bit for around $100
  21. Pigs can fly

    RAM identification issue

    2133 is something I have to try I have seen numerous reports of the Corsair 1600 cl8's being able to do it http://translate.google.com.au/translate?s...704&act=url
  22. Pigs can fly

    RAM identification issue

    Those sticks would be capable of it otherwise they could never sell them as DDR3 2133. Z68 natively only supports DDR3 1600, 1866 and 2133 speeds have to be done via overclocking, thus an auto setting will always show 1600.
  23. Pigs can fly

    different options for cooling me case

    I have a very similar setup as yours Asus board, HIS 6870 as the lower card and a Gigabyte 6870 OC 3 fan unit the gigabyte sits at 55 on 100% extended load and the HIS at 69 This is in a HAF-X so it has the 200 mm blowing outside air into them. Of interest I had one of those coolermaster 120mm 90 cfm fans installed in that fan bracket, when I had only the HIS card, since I removed the 120mm fan idle temps have dropped 10 degrees. Which makes me think it was blowing too much air and creating a semi vacuum over the cards blower fan.
  24. Pigs can fly

    Rapid Build - High End Gamer

    Damn thats one beast mofo of a heatsink, Will be interesting to see the prime temps.