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  1. Pigs can fly

    BF3 Benchmarking

    Crossfire 6870's, 16x af FSAA ultra settings averaging 90 fps, 60 low 120 high. IMO performance v's price the xfire 6870's are hard to beat.
  2. Pigs can fly

    Rapid Build - High End Gamer

    Looking forward to seeing this beasty in action
  3. Pigs can fly

    Atomic 3DMark & Game Benchmark Rankings

    Upgraded today to crossfire 6870's 3DMark11 i7 2600k @ 4.8 GHz 8322
  4. Pigs can fly

    Intel's Sandy Bridge-E Series Thread

    well it 's not too bad if you want a 6 core as the only current 6 core is the 990x which is $1k +
  5. Pigs can fly

    Intel's Sandy Bridge-E Series Thread

    Just spotted some new chips on ARC's website CORE i7 3930K/3.20GHz/12MB CACHE/LGA2011/6CORES $652.61 CORE i7 3960X/3.30GHx/15MB CACHE/LGA2011/6CORES $1,131.87
  6. Pigs can fly

    Rapid Build - High End Gamer

    Interesting Harmonic, heres my current readouts; motherboard 24 deg, room temp 22. CPU idle at 30 deg under prime i'll hit 70 degrees on a 212+ push pull current OC is 4.4 at 1.22 volts. I tried manual but I really got not much more (4.6) and had to pour on the voltage to get there. This current OC is the auto overclock so the results are pretty good considering what I found with manual for this chip. That being said I didn't get agressive with the VRM stuff. edit: Case is a HAF X
  7. Pigs can fly

    Rapid Build - High End Gamer

    No probs auditri happy to help. You are right with the same case she won't know ...didn't think of that :P I myself used to only buy Gigabytes a few years ago they used to offer more and charge less for it, now this is not so. Asrock are todays Gigabyte of yesterday. I currently have a P8P67 EVO but if I was building today I'd certainly go the ASrock, not that there is anything remotely wrong with this board.
  8. Pigs can fly

    Rapid Build - High End Gamer

    just a quick pricing ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 $275 ARC Parramatta CORE i7 2600K, 3.40GHz, 8MB CACHE, LGA1155 $345 IJK Corsair 8GB kit (2x4GB) CMX8GX3M2A2000C9 DDR3 2000MHz Unbuffered CL 9 $104 ARC Parramatta Asus GF GTX 580 DirectCU II PCI-E 2.0 1536MB $548 ARC Parramatta 850W "Corsair" AX-850 ATX Power Supply $240 ARC Parramatta OCZ VERTEX3 SATA III 2.5" 120GB SSD $260 ARC Parramatta PIONEER BLU-RAY WRITER SATA BLACK bluray burner BDR-206BK $116 ARC Parramatta $1888.32 ARC is not too far away from where you shop and there are substantial price savings I't seems there are no 2600k's instock at any ARC's guessing the 2700k is due soon. With the free change buy the missus something and you might get away with this :P
  9. Pigs can fly

    Rapid Build - High End Gamer

    personally I think there is a fair bit of wasted $ in that system the UD7 is EOL so it will be harder to find. Also top end products are rarely carried in stock. I think you'll struggle to find any board these days with a native parallel port or even a header best solution for that I think would be a USB to parallel port converter. Another thing to consider is clearance for ram with that heatsink, I would be pretty certain the fan included in the ripjaws kit you mentioned would not fit.
  10. Pigs can fly

    HIS Radeon 2gb - H695FN2G2M

    I run a HIS 6870 and cannot fault it, i never hear it's fan even in extended gaming sessions edit: now i'm really tempted to upgrade the card
  11. This may be a statement of the bleeding obvious, but is the knob on the front panel in the on position? I have the exact same drive and yes I have done this myself.
  12. Pigs can fly

    I'm pleased to say I survived!

    I haven't been here for years, but it great to read your battle, well done Matt :)
  13. Pigs can fly

    Who's still here from the olden days?

    Thread is full of name from back in the day ps hi guys