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  1. OCAU seems to be going along quite fine. It has nothing to do with the demise of the printed magazine or other forms of social communications.


    I do have some observations though.


    1. Get rid of the ranks, only need to look at this thread for a great example. It is off putting to new members.


    2. The post counts, again this thread is a great example. This is a tech forum first and foremost, General chat should never be included in post counts.


    3. Atomic has always had a cliquey feel to it, That's not a good thing especially when you are generally appealing to the nerdy/geeky community.


    The governmental action was set off after the minister was informed about the game's alleged violent nature by a videogame journalist. The scribe told Islam the game rewards players for murdering other players, which includes women. The journalist then asked her what the ministry intended to do about children supposedly exposed to violence by the game.




    Ok we can make death machines for all the critters, but it doesn't mean you have to. Hell you can be vegetarian in the game if you want to.

  3. I have a pretty overpowered Plex/NAS server.


    Xeon 1260l 4c/8t 45w

    ASrock Z77 Extreme 4

    16GB Samsung 1600 DDR3

    4x 3tb WD green

    2x 2tb WD Green

    1x 160GB WD raptor

    Corsair rm 650 PSU

    CM Stacker 830 case

    Windows 7 pro

    Plex Server



    The server delivers to 2x HTPC, 2x Apple TV's, 2x droid tablets & Phones. Tested the server with 6 concurrent different transcoding streams without a hitch. downloads are handled via a seedbox/VPN, whilst I can't automate the downloads the peace of mind makes up for it.


    The only thing I had to purchase when building was the CPU everything else was in my parts bin/ i was originally going for a low power i3 but the price on the xeon was just to hard to pass up.

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  4. My old Samsung series 4 plasma is on it's last legs so I have been shopping around of late. I also have a Panasonic 100 Hz 42 inch in the house, which has been a brilliant TV.


    4K is atm a waste of time, as Rybags said there are no standards set, nor is there the content. Also as the TV upscale, anything less than 1080 looks bad. Realistically in Australia unless you are a 4k content creator, there isn't a good reason to go 4K and with our abysmal broadband we can't have 4k streaming (if it even existed here). For Australia 1080p is the way to go.


    The problem with the curved tv's is that if you are not in the optimal seating poistion then the image at the side you are closest to gets trunkated. I had a good look at these while in Singapore and it is a noticible issue. These TV's would need to be 100 inch + to work correctly. Then there is the 4k issue.


    Other brands to look at Panasonic (IPS panels), Sony & LG (IPS panels). I would also recommend have a look at the TV's in a shop other than JB as you will get more help there, eg taking in a blu ray so you have a visual standard to compare with.

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  5. Holy crap!


    I could never let it get anywhere near that on my old keyboards if I saw something down there, out came the vacuum, if that failed I'd take it apart and wash it. Now have a K60 and I can rest easy.


    This reminds me I need to clean the other keyboards.

  6. I was pretty suspicious when I read your first post, glad you got your money back. I agree and I will always try to use paypal when possible. It's a great service.

    If I am ordering anything of value online, I always pay for registered/tracked post so that I have a tracking number and it's not just left somewhere. I've had things go missing before without one, from ebay etc. You get your money back, or another item, but then it's another few weeks waiting.


    You can get 7970s new for about $350 these days, might be the way to go now? :)

    I think I'm going to go with nVidia next actually (probably just before star citizen is released). I've never tried PhysX so I think I'll be waiting to buy dual GTX 690's for around $200 ea. My 6970's are cutting the mustard for now :)



    I think you will be waiting a long time before they hit that price.

  7. Has he considered the next gen sims such as Asseto Corsa and Project Cars.


    Also another option is a 21:9 screen



    As NukeJockey has pointed out 3x 1440 screens will need a beast setup to get it to run at a decent frame rate. Triple screens is big budget for sim racing cause quite frankly 30 fps is terrible you have to target 60 fps minimum. I'll get you a fps on my rig for Dirt 3 Project cars etc later

  8. 1. 40 cm lazy susan


    Posted Image


    Brilliant for PC assembly just plonk case on it and spin, rather than lift and turn. Found this at a local $2 shop for $6.50 nabbed 2 of them.


    2 Toshiba 3TB HDD


    No pic seen 1 HDD you've seen em all.


    3. Fallout 3 bobblehead and lunchbox


    Posted Image


    one off the wanted list.


    4 Drinking Bird


    Posted Image


    Have wanted one of these since childhood, spotted on ebay and nabbed.

  9. Time for a PC clean and revamp


    replaced stock coolermaster fans with bitfenix fans. also installed some strip LEDs and created the plate for the 5.25 bays

    some nice things in there.

    lables on drives,

    the strip LEDs, I have the old led on a sleved wire but that looks so even and clean. the rear is nice too. just put it on the birthday list.

    is that crbon fibre or a fake , either way it looks nice.



    I had the NZXT led wires in there before but these give a much more uniform light. All the leads in these new LEDs are sleeved in MDPC. Finally bought me a ratchet crimper so I have to complete the wiring (LED strips switch and Fan LED switch)

    The carbon is the fake 3D wrap. I'm waiting for the 700 series cards before I order a new set of bitfenix cables.

  10. Bent pins are classed are user mishandling thus not covered under standard warranty I'm not saying that you did bend pins , it is a great way for the manufacturer/distributor of avoiding having to honour warranty.


    I would never purchase a PGA board online cause of this issue. A good retailer will inspect the board along with you to verify no bent pins on purchase. If there is an issue upon return repeated inspection at the shop to verify no bent pins. If something happens between the shop and the manufacturer you are covered.

  11. The best selection I can determine by myself is:

    Corsair CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3

    Gigabyte GeForce GT 630 2GB

    Intel Core i3 3220

    ASUS P8B75-M-LX Motherboard


    Have I missed a trick?


    @pigs - No, different house. And as I am not replacing them, why?


    As you said upgrade i thought there could be reusable parts for example there could have being an AM3 motherboard.


    This is just my opinion with such a budget I'd be look to 2nd hand parts, but otherwise the parts you listed are perfectly fine