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    The Mrs Needs a New Phone

    I have the sony m5 aqua it was just 350 and I got a glass cover faceplate and a soft clamshell case. Its the bomb, its a great mid priced phone, waterproof as well.
  2. pumpjockey02

    Help me buy a smartwatch!

    I have a blaze and the fitbit app works a treat for fitness. The watch lasts 3-5 days with no heart rate monitor on. It has just got an update with better watch faces. however its not very feminine, although the black looks good on the female form. The Garmin VIVO HR is the best for fitness fanatics. The new whithings watch looks the best for low key fitness/fashion conscious. The new swatch beats is a funky option. As for smart watches. The apple 2 is miles ahead with the waterproofing and new updates. Saying this and i have a blaze cause I cant resort to buying another IPhone. The huwaei smartwatch is VERY heavy for a watch. Try one out in store. Not sure about the ladies version. pump.
  3. pumpjockey02

    Which mac for the job? Need some advice.

    Hi guys I really need a new laptop for work and play as my old netbook wind is just too old. I need to get a small form computer as well to work on my university work at home, too. Looking to play some PC games on the laptop and at home but prefer to play on console xbox 360 or One, PS4. I really want to play civ 5, total war napolean but no FPS, except the original withcher. I will also need to edit ma go pro so should I get a macbook pro and a windows based home theatre PC or a mini mac and a good ultrabook laptop. I will need windows on the lappy too. I need to access mac for uni too so what do you guys recommend Macbook pro + small HTC or Alienware computer + mac mini. Thanks for your help Lachlan.
  4. pumpjockey02

    BSOD on a Macbook Pro?

    If you are a professional working with the hardware I can't understand how they will not take back your product. It is old but JB have a brand they need to maintain and they are a publicly listed company now so returns are just a tax concession aren't they for mutinationals to be offset against their company tax. I have another good story about apple my mum bought a 4s from apple and had it for 6 months the speaker stopped working she went up to the apple store, they replaced it with a new phone, transferred all her data and installed the new OS on her phone on the spot. She rang ahead in the morning. Customer service 5 stars for that. pump.
  5. pumpjockey02

    Help me choose a language

    Scythe I am learning java too, You can get the learning java the hardway of the net and I am also using pythonista on my ipad. Its fun so far.
  6. pumpjockey02

    Smart Watches

    Have a nano watch band and it's great, espically for walking and fitness, it's so convenient to wear and listen to tunes, get long headphone cord, just for those nickel allergy sufferers, my sister got me a wood watch, they are lovely to wear, check them out on the web, super light too, turns heads too. Pump
  7. pumpjockey02

    Htc incredible s problem

    Yeah it's over 2 years old worked super well before this, reckon worth fixing, just wont boot past the htc sign into sense screen tried manual factory reboot won't work either. Alternatively anyone recommend upgrade looking htc one s as replacement phone used for pics, music and calls mostly, little texts or games, maybe note 3 as upgrade. Major problem incredible s was poor microphone when answering calls.
  8. pumpjockey02

    Htc incredible s problem

    Hi all, just had my incredible s go belly up after using angry birds new racer, it's literally bricked it, will not boot out of rom loader What should I do, any suggestions. Any help, advice greatly appreciated, Kind regards, Pump
  9. pumpjockey02

    Gaming guts upgrade - $1000ish

    Atlantian that looks like a great build, power supply are so important as after you have dug around all over a new build after having a dodgy power supply you will not make that mistake again, currently have antec and seasonic no problems. pump.
  10. pumpjockey02

    Gaming Desktop

    Laptop to desktop is quite a change as you will be seated in a spot so make your gaming position fun. I would agree get as reliable and quality power supply as possible, modular if you are going to tinker with it inside. I think the cpu/mobo instillation is tricky everything else is easy, however if you want back up warranty/help go with a store. Ram is always easily upgradeable, gpu cards more expensive although they tend to last a while these days. As for monitors the decision is ips panel vs other ones and I have 24inch benq screen that is amazing and retails for like nothing these days, I prefer benq blacks, asus brighter, philips sharper maybe go and look at a few. Also dell are good but you step up to 400 mark from 200 with ips. pump.
  11. pumpjockey02

    The latest roundup of new Apple products!

    Never got into gaming as you qould have to wait for ages for a release and then only a few would be released on mac. So no interest before but for uni and work, i need to keep abreast of everything ipad, apple and I refused to buy an inferior product apple mini, when apple had already started making retina mini's. So yeah new retina mini is out I need to get one, but is reading electronic books on it any good. i dont like kindles.
  12. pumpjockey02

    The latest roundup of new Apple products!

    Scythe I have actually waited for these new macs to play games, what is it like reading journals, books on the mini as I am pretty sure I will get one, GTA V purchase 79 dollars, + 600 for my new mini. Scythe I have actually waited for these new macs to play games, what is it like reading journals, books on the mini as I am pretty sure I will get one, GTA V purchase 79 dollars, + 600 for my new mini.
  13. Feel your pain tastywheat, had my hotmail account compramised and they definetley copied my password from a promotional web page or something, how hard is it to have more than three passwords, I changed mine to another password, I always think nicknames and dates are good, I know have a special password I only use for that account and its working well. Funnily enough microsoft were not too concerned about my situation, couldn't give a stuff until I emailed those chaps in the US and they were lovely fixed in it like 30 seconds. pump. I also am being stalked to a degree by twitter. A girl I met at a conference has been sending me tweets, although I didnt tell her my name, mobile, twitter account only where I worked. These young lasses these days can be keen. I never use recognisable words, names, places etc. also spelling words wrongly is a good idea.
  14. pumpjockey02

    tafe, diploma of software development

    Definitely, because graduate programmers for the very large part are near useless in the real world. You cannot throw them a spec, or point them at a customer, and say "I'll see you 6-12 months when you've finished their application" (and expect anything finished or anything that would pass internal quality standards). My experience with Uni was that maybe 20% of the students studying IT/CompSci/Eng (SE) could actually develop software. Certainly by 3rd year and decent scale project work it became bleedingly obvious. A One of the problems with tafe and uni is that the corporate world has taken the academics over and then it took over the universities as well. Tafe is being gutted by state and territory governments. Big time. Here is an example of uni changes. When I was undergrad after school in the late 90's If I was late to a tutorial or didn't do the readings the lecturer would make me come to a later one, 2 hours or so and after I had completed the readings. This year in my course no one, maybe 5 percent of the course does does any readings for tutorials. The tutors all know but they care little as long as the students pass. In one subject in my course this year a lecturer gave students the essay question for an exam before the exam and let the students bring in the pre-written essay and 50 pages of notes to bring in on the exam. 50 you could basically type out the whole exam summary. In another subject the students had to listen to the lecture notes and bring no exam notes in, oh the squealing. Thats unfair, thats not how we did it in high school. Thats too hard. Even though all the questions were pulled directly from the lectures. What you mean you have to learn something. The problem is the babying of children at school these days and the lack of focus on trades at school. I have seen the worst babying ever at uni. All the good academics can earn in 2 months in buisness what they can earn in a year at uni. Then all the good academics left for buisness and the uni opted to casualise the workforce to save money. This is effecting the students the most. All the lecturers want to research and not deal with the whinging students.
  15. pumpjockey02

    Programming advice for newbie.

    Found a stack of good books from uni on python, more for javascript and java though. Looks like a solved my project for 2014 too, going to get a hold of one of those rasberry pi computers to muck around with and devise some lessons for 2014. All looking good for the python code. Start tommorow.