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    Roll Call!

    out of my mind...back in 5 minutes
  2. mm80x

    house hunting question

    One of the agents told me that it needs to be disclosed for 2 sales. But I understand it to be the agents responsibility to disclose that information. The vendor does not need to do it. It's a grey area and there isn't a law in NSW that I can see about matter of fact history.
  3. mm80x

    Roll Call!

    I remember the green slushy Out of my mind back in 5 minutes
  4. mm80x

    house hunting question

    Well it's bank auction. No say in discount and no reserve.
  5. mm80x

    house hunting question

    didn't have one to start with. Then the more we thought of it the more it felt with that it is a place someone took their own lives in.
  6. mm80x

    house hunting question

    Hi All, Its been a while since i've logged into atomic and thought this would be a good time. My wife and I have been house hunting for quite some time now and recently we found a place that we thought was perfect. Area was great and street was nice and quiet. We even asked the agent what he thought was the price range was and what he told us made us thought this would be a bargain. However he did tell us to read the contract closely which we did. What we found was that the previous owner had committed suicide. That had kinda put us off and the more we thought about it the more we questioned if it was a good idea. What do you guys think? Would you ever buy a place you know someone has died in it?
  7. Does anyone know if it possible for a departure flight date be changed to be after the the return date? I'm looking at flights to Singapore return and the cost of a return ticket is about $1200in September via Qantas website. Depart 17th and return 22nd. Now if I put in Singapore return for dates 8th depart singapore and return 17th. The cost is $800. I'm thinking of then changing my departure date to be the 22nd and just part the cost to change a ticket. Doing this will save me approx 400 per ticket plus the fee to change booking. Will Qantas allow for that? The flight number for departing sydney is identical flights just one week later.
  8. mm80x

    Strange addiction

    Coffee anyone? Well at least your husband lets you have a long black in the arse
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    Out of my mind...back in 5 mins! Actually it's been a while since I posted. I actually forgot my password and could not remember which email it was linked to HAHAHAH Thanks to the support team in helping me retrieve it. Now I can start commenting on Robzy's jokes.
  10. mm80x

    Anyone work as a train driver?

    puts on the Robzy hat.. If you are keen to be a train driver then you're on the right track...
  11. mm80x

    It's on!

    Mark Arbib has just resigned... http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-ne...0227-1tyar.html
  12. mm80x

    i need to exercise...

    You should see his right arm. HAHA
  13. mm80x

    i need to exercise...

    i know its kinda old but it still is catchy and i just can't look away...
  14. mm80x

    Never masturbate on an airplane

    Because you aren't allowed into the cockpit?