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  1. /rant (not aimed at superfireydave) I can't understand why I should have to blow up my video cards BIOS to make it work! This is just woefull. Why should I, the consumer who pays good money (ok ... the business bought it fo r*ahem* 'testing') have to dick around with the internals of the card when it should work out of the box or there should be an official fix/recall/refund. Very little support from ATI/AMD makes me a sad panda.
  2. Further testing ... System at idle ---------------------------------------------------------------- Playing Crysis: Warhead. The drop at the end is the system dicking around as I crtl+tabed out, otherwise - not much deviation ---------------------------------------------------------------- Playing WOW. We have a winner!
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    New build weirdness

    How many Drives are spinning up at the same time? Edit ... never mind ... just read your edit :p
  4. gee ... been a while since I've been in here ... (wanders around going "oohhh" & "ahhh") Heya kids. Did a forum search but didn't find anything relevant so I thought I'd post some findings. Recently made up a nice rig which included a Sapphire ATI 4870 512MB graphics card. Let me first state that I'm no fanboi of any manufacture or product ... I'm driven by performance vs the dollar value but I will not buy certain products due to their ultra-crappiness (things with "take" and "Thermal" in their names spring to mind) ... but I digress After making this rather nice rig I thought I had better test it out on some *ahem* "intensive 3D applications". These included COD4MP, Crysis and Crysis Warhead. Better try WOW as well :p Well... long story short ... WOW hard crashes the system ... so does spore ... and HL2 But it runs Crysis like a wet dream! Tried many things ... many. I even dismantled the card and was dismayed to see that the heat sink had a rather large chunk and gouge in it! no wonder it got so fricken hot! Milled that out and re-assembled and the heat dropped dramatically ... what are they using for QC? Trained Caucasians? After much rhetorical conversation on the ATI forums there was an interesting post; I find it ironic that the Catalyst download offers WOW free trial with its download ... left a nasty taste of irony in my mouth. But that's the thing with irony ... it is often ironic.