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    Rockin game soundtracks you listen to regularly

    I've been collecting the Final Fantasy games since 1996, and I started collecting the soundtracks around 2004. Got quite a few now Lost Odyssey soundtrack reminds me of Final Fantasy (probably because it's Nobuo Uematsu) I still listen to the Portal 2 soundtrack regularly. You can download it for free, but I ordered a copy on CD. Street Fighter 2 and 4 soundtracks are a regular thing. Same with Kingdom Hearts. Both by Yoko Shimomura. She's also done the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack. To The Moon is worth a listen. Ni No Kuni soundtrack too. I still listen to one track from the Unreal Tournament soundtrack - Foregone Destruction. Anyone that is familiar with the Facing Worlds map will know this track. Red Dead Redemption has a great soundtrack too. The original Flat Out soundtrack is also on my phone for regular listening. Same with a few songs from the Road Rash soundtrack Halo soundtracks occasionally, but it's not as much as the ones above. I like my game soundtracks
  2. *waves back* As I said, it depends on what style tattoo and where you're willing to travel to. One of the artists that worked on me is Onnie O'Leary. Her work is NSFW https://www.instagram.com/onnieolearytattoo/?hl=en I believe she's currently overseas at the moment. My tattoo from her (from the game The Wolf Among Us) https://www.instagram.com/p/_dvqZksW8I/
  3. Piercings - I've been going to Stone Heart Body Art in the city. http://www.stoneheart.com.au (Formerly known as First Blood) Joeltron has been my piercer for many years now. Done almost all of my piercings. Oyster Boy has done a piercing on me too. I've been happy with them. They don't use cheap jewelry and they are always friendly and great. Best example I can show is the Homer Simpson Corset Piercing I did a few years ago https://news.bme.com/2012/10/20/great-corset-piercing-or-greatest-corset-piercing/ Joeltron is only there the last week of the month, as he spends the rest of his time in his Perth shop - Opal Heart Piercing Oyster Boy is there most days of the week. They have a new piercer, but I don't know her. Tattoos. I've been going to the same place. But I don't have a regular artist. It really depends on what style of tattoo you want.
  4. morris

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    I was posting that animation before I was in atomic, and I'll keep posting long after
  5. morris

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    In the last 10 years * I'm divorced. * Moved interstate a handful of times. I'm settled in Sydney for now * My hair thinned out enough that I just shave it all off these days. I miss my mohawk. * I got my first piercing 7 years ago. I've kind of gone all out since. Tattoos too. * I have many extreme body mods * I've been at JB Hifi for 9 years now. * Went to hospital for early signs of heart failure last year. Many of my health problems are sorted now or any least manageable. Found out I'm diabetic. * rediscovered my interest in horror movies. Helped a few friends produce a couple short films.
  6. morris

    Roll Call!

    I can't speak for anyone else, but it wasn't facebook that made me choose to leave this place. I only popped my head in because apparently there was an Atomic Meet and it looks like no one showed up (Two people contacted me because they knew I worked in the area). All I'm contributing now is nostalgia. Anything I modify now (Computers, body mods, arcade sticks etc.) I post elsewhere.
  7. morris

    [Syd] Meet 12th July

    So... from the overwhelming responses... I'm assuming this event didn't happen.
  8. morris

    Roll Call!

    I lost the mohawk over 2 years ago. Been at least that long since I saw you, then. Good to know you're still alive and haven't been killed by having your magnetic finger suck all the iron out of your blood, or something. ;) It's now 2 magnets (and I'm tempted to get a third). Plus a whole bunch of other mods that I'm not going to list right now.
  9. morris

    LAN scene in cairns?

    Not many atomicans in Cairns. I left in 2010. Ug Lee left over a year ago. I haven't talked to Wormstrangler in a long time now. eveln lives up that way I think. And there was another atomican too. I used to have LANs with workmates. I helped open the JB Hifi in Cairns Central.
  10. morris

    Roll Call!

    I lost the mohawk over 2 years ago.
  11. morris

    Roll Call!

    I joined around May 2002.
  12. morris

    [Syd] Meet 12th July

    So... did this happen? I work in the CBD. Had no idea. Been ages since I looked here. Didn't think of it until I saw Vanna and Mr Friendly mid-week.
  13. morris

    American Mary

    Been following American Mary since the beginning of the year. Even been emailing the directors back and forth, so I knew they were coming to Australia. Unfortunately I missed out on seeing them (attended a wedding). One of them was nice enough to use my friends phone to send me a message. My friend also got me a signed poster. The Soska twins are awesome. Body mods have been my thing for a few years now, especially the extreme ones. This movie is my thing. If you haven't seen their first film, get it. Dead Hooker In A Trunk.
  14. It was at Atomic Meet 10, back in 2010. By coincidence, it was Cheeky's birthday the next day and everyone knew this. So Juggs wanted to give her present with everyone watching (hence why her arms are outstretched like she's going to catch a baby)
  15. morris

    What of Atomic?

    I just heard about this news. Sad to see the print go, but it's the community that kept me around. I still have a subscription. My sister renewed it last year for my birthday. I still read it. Even brought it to work to let workmates have a read. Wrong crowd for it, but I think they were amused by the photos from the last meet. I've been mentioned a few times in the magazine (14 last time I counted) and always enjoyed reading it. I still carry it in my bag to and from work. Have done so for nearly a decade now. My current obsession for modding various things is just an extension of my interest in case modding which started with the first issue of Atomic that I bought (#15). I'm just glad to read that the best part is continuing on. Thank you David for keeping the forums alive. Most of us would have little idea what kind of fight you've had to keep this place going. Thank you. Quite a few of us have stopped posting, but those of us that stuck around long term have made life-long friendships thanks to the forums. We are Atomic.