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  1. Quasimodo

    An interesting thing

    Already installed, which would be the point of my previous post.
  2. Quasimodo

    An interesting thing

    Fixed the UT problem, don't know why I didn't think of it before. I had forgotten to run the dual core fix since going from 32bit Vista to 64bit. I haven't reinstalled Far Cry yet, though it may well be a different issue, I'll let you all know how it goes.
  3. Quasimodo

    An interesting thing

    Not overclocked, and yes on the drivers. An interesting thought on the Glide thing, with UT.
  4. Quasimodo

    An interesting thing

    I recently put together a dedicated gamebox, with the specs in my sig, and yesterday struck something quite odd. I installed Far Cry and Unreal Tournament and when I fired up FC it ran the intro fine, and menu/options OK, but the game presents itself as though not rendering correctly. The screen is a washy pale blue, and looking around I see items in the game, but almost floating in a ghostly haze. UT is even stranger, with the game visual perfect though running exceedingly quickly, like a video on picture search. After checking all game settings on both, and in the case of FC setting it to lowest quality there is no change. In UT I have wound the game speed down to 50%, as far as it will go, and made sure the 'Desired frame rate' is at the 28 fps default. Area 51 flashes by the install in the blink of an eye, but doesn't actually install. All other games so far (Doom3, Supreme Commander,rFactor) run beautifully. All I can think of is the 64bit environment is the cause with the problem games, and am considering going back to running the 32bit version, as I am only running 2GB RAM anyway. Any suggestions, or confirmations?
  5. Quasimodo

    new graphics card

    Depends on your PSU, and what new bits you throw in your case. Some of the new higher end boards require an 8 pin CPU power connector, does your PSU have one? He's already said money isn't an issue.. Then the choice is clear, 4870X2....and make sure of good airflow in the case.
  6. Quasimodo

    Vista + Monitor Issue

    Yes, this would be good. Also you say the settings are screwed, but in what way? Is the screen an odd colour? Do you mean it resets the resolution? Does it only come up in 256 colour? Help us to help you. What card are you running? What drivers are you running? What monitor do you have?