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  1. Hi Lambo! I hope all is well. I found your post regarding a marquee you made for a cabinet and was wondering if it would be possible to get the high res file from you so I can use it for my cabinet. It's this one - https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=&url=http://forums.atomicmpc.com.au/index.php/topic/18236-worklog-lambos-mame-cabinet/page-4&psig=AFQjCNG1sGzJRu6tS-YhwOTcfOL3KjOCbw&ust=14504710...

  2. Lambo

    Atomic Top 20 Games

    Submited. Had to trawl through my steam list and think of some but got to 20 in the end.
  3. Lambo

    Come back you bastards.

    Hello you old bastard. :P
  4. Happy birthday mate

  5. Lambo

    [PC] Atomic F1 season... 8!

    No it's not a case of abandoning here. We will still be posting here updates, just that the bulk of the discussion regarding the leagues will go on at ASR. It will give more freedom to branch out in conversation rather than trying to do it all in only 2 threads.
  6. Lambo

    [PC] Atomic F1 season... 8!

    8PM isn't really an issue, because lets be honest, last season people kinda dicked around, didn't get into the sessions straight away, wanted more laps, or would say 'hey im 5 minutes away' and then 20 minutes later would arrive. And that was fine because the reality was we kinda had wiggle room. If we move to an 8PM start time, there is no more wiggle room. We'll need to enforce a strict starting time and ask people be ready to join 5-10 minutes before a race and be ready to go green right on 8pm. Alot of us need to plan our family life around our racing, and having a consistent start time is important. So yes 8PM is ok for me, but if we say 8PM we mean it. Not 8.05 not 8.10 Worth chucking up a vote post Ben on the ASR forum maybe, see if this is ok with everyone.
  7. Lambo

    [PC] Atomic F1 season... 8!

    The bromance continues ! I hope this season brings better results for you guys so you can shake the establishment up a bit. For sure season 7 was a difficult one for us. But for sure we think we can be competitive out of the box.
  8. Lambo

    [PC] Atomic F1 season... 8!

    For sure it will be a good season. For sure team McLaren will aim for a better result than last season. For sure.
  9. Lambo

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    It was alot of fun last week, it's very high speed, so it should be a fun F1 track.
  10. Lambo

    [PC] Atomic Dirt 3 Championships

    Not to hijack this thread, but people will notice that the old domain atomicf1.net now points to the new one. The old site however is not dead, just doesn't have the domain connected to it anymore. If you wish to visit the old site it will be www.atomicf1.weebly.com
  11. Lambo

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Hey guys, tipping results are now up. You can find them here: http://www.atomicsimracing.net/atomic-f1-2...und-13-results/ Also the new forum is up and open for business now. You can find it here: http://www.atomicsimracing.net/forum Or click on Forum from the home page.
  12. Lambo

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    Ok here you go guys: Alan's answers on the feature driver series: http://www.atomicsimracing.net/general-ato...ies-alan-jones/ And the whole interview: http://www.atomicsimracing.net/general-ato...ith-alan-jones/
  13. Lambo

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    We didn't actually see him have a crack. Apparently he tried at before we got there and was kinda....crap at it....didn't want to be embarrassed! :P But yeah it was amazing. Will be uploading the interview today and the driver profile. Stay tuned for that.
  14. Lambo

    AtomicF1 GP2 Season 3

    So exciting news from yesterday that I just gotta share with the group! So I just got back from a two day trip from Sydney. Why was I in Sydney? Cause Ben misses my face, and voice...and other things.... But mostly because on Friday we got a hands on demo of F1 2013. The cars, the new tracks, the classic modes..... What topped it off tho was a one on one interview with ALAN JONES, Ploddy, Ben and myself for a good 40 minutes. But I'll get to that. So it was a fairly intimate event only about 10 people, but Ben had manged to sneak Ploddy and myself in. We were certainly the only gamers/racers there, everyone else represented the games/car industry. Setup wise they had a few XBoxs, a PC and two play seats setup. So obviously Ploddy and I were straight into the action. I cranked up Albert Park, jumped in a McLaren and after messing with the wheel settings for a few minutes hit the track. I should strees that it's hard to gauge any real knowledge on the changes to the driving model because of the wheel and setup but there were a few things that started to jump out at me. The complaints of the understeery feel of F1 2012 seem to be addressed by making the cars very over steery. While this kinda suits me, it looks like they have reverted or gone back to a similar front end feel they had with F1 2011. The rear end has been changed too, were you only needed to plant the foot out of a corner in 2012, you have to really feather and nurse the throttle or else the back end will step out. While I won't say it's awesome yet, it certainly didn't feel horrible. First thing to is the mirrors are massive in the 2013 cars. In car animations are entertaining. If someone cuts you off, your driver will waive their hand out the cockpit alonso style. That was quite entertaining. But the real fun was had when we switched to the classic mode. Obviously with Alan Jones in the room and his car and brands hatch in the game we fired that up. Man was it fun. Once again it's hard to give a 100% accurate gauge of feeling, but the cars felt alive. The FW07 was awesome to drive. When the turbo kicked in you really felt the car move, and because the car is manual, when you change gear there is a slight delay as you watch from the cockpit your driver change gears. All the power was at high revs and at low, you really had to feather the throttle especially in low gears as there was so much power. The Lotus looks AMAZING, that was easily everyone's favorite, the Ferrari and Williams 80's cars were pretty nice too. Once of the highlights was asking Alan if they had faithfully recreated his car, livery and suit. He said yes the car is 100% but one interesting thing he did say was 'my cockpit was black tho'. He said it was because he found a white interior distracting especially when it got dirty. Ploddy and I got a little competitive on brands hatch with the FW07. Ploddy beat my time, I would beat that, and he responded with an even better one. At the end of the day I pipped him by just 2 tenths. We couldn't test any netcode, it was all single player. So couldn't comment on any of that, other than it will continue to be P2P. We then went in for a one on one with Alan. That was a relay insight. He was funny and open, and very honest. It was a real thrill to hear some of his stories. Ploddy asked some really good questions and Ben at the end asked Alan the 10 questions that we ask drivers on the 'driver feature' article. So that's so going up. There are lots of pics and I think some video, so I'll be putting them up on the site soon. We recorded the interview as well, so we'll totally chuck that up as a pod cast. I'll put it all up shortly, but here is a photo of Me, Alan and Ploddy: