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  1. actually dont worry, i read http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976 and changed the 2 registry values and all is sweet on ahci! :)
  2. So i just installed my new shiny Crucial M4 250 and went through the windows setup and all and in the middle of setting up win7 with all the drivers and my profiles, i had a memory blanks... did i set the sata ports to AHCI or IDE. so i restarted and immediately checked in the BIOS.... oops... IDE. Is it alright for me to change it to AHCI and not reinstall windows? i just remember reading that SSDs need AHCI so i was wondering if i can just change to AHCI and keep running or should i reinstall windows after changing it to AHCI thanks
  3. nismohks

    camera insurance

    Hi everyone, ive been looking at getting camera insurance for my gear as i often bring numerous lenses around and go on holidays etc and have become increasingly worried about my gear and their security. together, i have roughly 12k worth of gear i'd say and although i only do photography as a hobby i'd rather have the peace of mind that even if something goes wrong, ill be protected. so any suggestions as to what i should look for to get insurance for them? how are items covered; do i tell them each item i have or just give them a figure i want to cover? thanks
  4. nismohks

    Recommend a 4 port raid 5 card?

    so ive got the 64bit version of freenas now! how slow would it be to run it from a usb drive? i found an old one which has like 2MB/sec read speeds. would it be sufficient to run freenas from that?
  5. nismohks

    Recommend a 4 port raid 5 card?

    looks like im going to install freenas and be done with it :) which should i get, 7 or 8? any particular raid settings i should use? Thanks!
  6. nismohks

    Recommend a 4 port raid 5 card?

    hmm i may have a look at freenas then :) i had a quick look and it doesnt seem all tooo hard to set it up. any tips? i guess one of the things that kept me with win7 was that i could still use it as a system, but on second thoughts i dont really need it anyway so i may jsut give up on that idea. should i use a flash drive to install freenas? the microserver has an internal usb port i can plug one in to :)
  7. nismohks

    Recommend a 4 port raid 5 card?

    how different is setting up a zpool or zfs from raid5? yea this pc will only be used as a storage box. the reason i wanted to stick with windows and a raid card is because im not familiar with any other OSs out there so just wanted to minimise complications. performance is not an issue as long as they are decent, and what you just said about them being controller agnostic is a really cool feature which is what i want. im only scared of other hardware failing, as i know hard drives will definitely fail. Windows raid? does this get affected if the windows partition bombs out? i havent heard much of this, but i will have a quick look at it to see what it's about. any users out there who use this?
  8. nismohks

    Recommend a 4 port raid 5 card?

    yer im not aiming for mega throughput, its just a system at home where i can dump stuff once in awhile thats all. budget is around $250? ya i know i wont be getting a full hardware raid but thats fine with me also, just want to have something where if the mobo dies i can move the array on to another system without data loss. can i assume that if the card dies, i can get a new one and it will be picked right up? does it have to be the same firmware as aliali said above? i dont have onboard raid5 on the microserver so not much luck there. thanks everyone for their help!
  9. nismohks

    Recommend a 4 port raid 5 card?

    im planning to just use win7 as im not too familiar with other operating systems... :(
  10. nismohks

    Recommend a 4 port raid 5 card?

    lol. ok chill yes i know, which is why i said "some sort of data redundancy" too primarily im just sick and tired of putting my data across several separate disks and would like to try and help prevent data loss from hardware failure. i dont need a backup solution to recover files in case of accidental deletion, i will only use this to archive media. anyone know of replacing rocketraid cards in case of hardware failure or any recommendations?
  11. Hey everyone, Im currently looking at purchasing a 4 port raid card so i can put 4x 2tb seagates in a RAID 5 configuration for some sort of data redundancy/backup. This card will be going into my HP Microserver (which has a minisas cable built in to the backplane i think so i'd like to use that if possible) So what card should i be looking at; any recommendations? Also i just want to ask, if in some point in the future the card decides to die or something is it possible to just buy another similar card for it to pick up my array again? Or if my system mainboard dies, can i just move the card and the drives over to a new pc? Thanks in advance!
  12. nismohks

    a $400 budget box

    for an ultra low cost and minimal risk option you can try this: i would reformat the existing box and give it a good service to start. just tell her you have change the parts on the inside and she will THINK it's faster anyway. since you already have 1.5gb ram, i'd get a new hdd to speed up the system. IF she still reckons its slow, just build around the new hdd you got her lol.
  13. nismohks

    Camera Bags for Travelling

    since you have the battery grip i recommend u get the 7 million dollar home. it will fit everything you have comfortably and also a 580exii if u decide to upgrade later on. the 6 million dollar home may be a bit too tight, especially if you are using the battery grip. personally i have a canon 5 million dollar home and a Rufous Whistler (basically a 5million dollar home) and a 7 million dollar home. in the 7MDH, i can fit my 7d +batt grip, 580exii, 70-200 f4L IS, 10-22+lenshood on body, 17-85, 50, lens baby, very easily. i did test the 6mdh, but found it a bit tight and especially if you are going to carrying your chargers too, the 7mdh is definitely your safest bet. for comparison's sake, my 5mdh will only fit my 7d+batt grip, 10-22 or 17-85 attached lens and the 580exii. there is no more space for other lenses or accessories (except memory cards and a filter or 2) hope that helps
  14. Im currently in the market for a Lensbaby Composer + 0.42X or Fisheye but just want to know if i should. i currently use a 400D but will upgrade to the 7D soon, but more importantly i just want some suggestions. the 0.42X converts it to an apparently 21mm but i read on one review site that their optic system is not exactly 35mm equivalent, abd thus it becomes something like 3xmm on fullframe? i am slightly baffled so just wanted to ask if anyone has these lenses and whether they can comment on it. thanks!
  15. nismohks

    Public BBQ locations located around Sydney

    is that the place where u drive past star city and on to the pier overlooking anzac bridge and the docks? i totally forgot about that place, and its quite nice aswell! do they have bbqs there?