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    +1 for Nexus 7, anything nexus also gets the most recent version of android without waiting for the manufacturer.
  2. bastard

    Windows server 2008 or 2012?

    yeah I work quite a bit with VMware in the servers space, IMO they really are pricing themselves out of the market though. We are actually in the process of moving our platform over to Xenserver as a result. That and we run Xenapp as our service offering so it is a logical hypervisor of choice. From a VDI deployment point of view, MS are almost on par with XenDesktop as far as ease of deployment goes and setting up is actually easier. Depends where you want to position yourself. Having MS certs is a good baseline for getting a job, but consider adding an specialised industry cert to compliment it, Cisco, Citrix, VMware are all good options.
  3. bastard

    Windows 8 Information ?

    Been using it for about a week now, love the responsiveness, but using it with multiple displays sucks balls. The metro interface can't span multiple displays and as soon as you invoke the start screen, it stops displaying what you are looking at if it is part of the metro interface. I can see how it will work on a single monitor, but for productiveness, it is a step backward. So using windows mail (which connects to Exchange now) in the metro interface on my left screen disappears if I invoke the start screen on my primary monitor.
  4. bastard

    Windows server 2008 or 2012?

    2012 to be sure, I'm currently playing with the RTM it in my test environment and the improvements with VDI/Hyper-V are damn impressive. Adding to that the hybrid cloud strategy MS seem to be taking with this one is also another great argument for certs in 2012. You want to be in a position to offer new IT strategies to your company that will be a cost saver as well as offer substantial business benefits.
  5. bastard

    Windows 7 fail!

    I am a little late to the party, but I have found John's background switcher combined with Dual Monitor taskbar to be a nice free alternative. No refresh rate/graphics card stuff, just the basics. http://johnsadventures.com/software/backgroundswitcher/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/dualmonitortb/
  6. bastard

    The last backup did not complete successfully

    Some more information would be nice. Operating system? Backup Software? It may be USB chipset related so you might want to take a look here if you are running an Nvidia chipset http://support.microsoft.com/kb/976972
  7. bastard

    Server 2011 SBS Essentials

    Will joining my SBS 2011 Essentials Server to my Server 2008 R2 domain with my RDS cals resolve this issue? Other way around, you will have to join your 2008 Server to your SBS domain. An SBS server can only act as a "head" of the domain. You will still need to obtain RDS CALS after that. Or get the premium add on.
  8. bastard

    Server 2011 SBS Essentials

    From Microsoft: Q. Is Windows Server Remote Desktop Services enabled in Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials? A. No, RDS application sharing mode is disabled in SBS 2011 Essentials. To implement Windows Server Remote Desktop Services with application sharing, you would need to add another server to the Essentials domain running either the SBS 2011 Premium Add-on or Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 and acquire RDS CAL’s for either users or devices to use Remote Desktop Services.
  9. bastard

    Second Life?

    All I heard in my head after reading that is that Second Life is like "Bow Chika Wow Wow". You know what? After reading that again, I do to now! XD
  10. bastard

    Second Life?

    All up it is like this: If you have a non adult account you can look at VR galleries, take part in games, Role plays, talk to people and make friends If you have an adult account you have cybersex. That is all.
  11. bastard

    Xbox game recommendations?

    Don't forget Limbo, Braid and Bastion. Co-op there is Dungeon Defenders, Crimson Alliance (to name a two) I would also say that Raskulls is a lot of fun as a competitive multiplayer... provided your friends don't throw controllers... Also as far as region connecting goes, it depends on the games for multiplayer, Halo for example you have to set your search criteria if you want to only find Australian players to play against.
  12. bastard

    The LAN at home!

    I have good and bad memories... Good: Beating a team of 5 with a team of 3 in a Q3 ctf final. Bad: Having crusty eyes and feeling so tired delerium sets in... looking around the room/hall and thinking "what the fuck am I doing here?" Good: Actually picked up at a LAN... did not end up staying for the LAN... ahem. Bad: Self designated "sysadmins" who were just dicks...
  13. bastard

    Exchange Email Client

    That isn't really a full alternative to Outlook though is it? I mean, you aren't getting the full MAPI functionality and calendars or contacts don't get synced do they? Why not just use Outlook web access instead?
  14. bastard

    Netgear Users + XBox Live

    Silly question, what is the DNS set to on your xbox?
  15. bastard

    Exchange 2010 Hosted mode - Tracking log tools

    Linux, yeah, circular logging means it overwrites logs instead of accumulating. So in case of a disaster you would restore from backup and that would be it, you couldn't bring yourself back up to date by replaying the log files. That being said, how quickly are those transaction logs filling the system? An increase in creation of logs usually means a problem of some sort and by enabling circular logging, you could just be suppressing the issue rather than addressing it.
  16. bastard

    Hating Windows 8 = Hating New Technology...?

    I have only had a mild interest in Windows 8. I like what they are trying to do though. Personally I think the move towards alternate interfaces can only be a good thing, it means that developers now have an excuse to "make a better mouse" if you like, which means potential for new innovation. I will grant that for gaming KBM is still going to be the best, but I can see even now a multi-touch trackpad is better suited to the Windows 8 metro interface than a mouse is. The "Geeks" seem to also forget that MS are competing against Apple, Google and Linux and they need to throw in an innovation (or evolution, whatever) or two otherwise they will be left behind. Seriously, it has been 16 years since MS changed their UI significantly. I am glad they have looked at what others are doing and gone with their own spin. Edit --> removed "I, for one" from my last sentence... made me cringe.
  17. bastard

    5 Reasons It's Still Not Cool to Admit You're a Gamer

    What about race queens and 30+ sweaty bogans excited about having their photo taken with them? You answered your own question...
  18. bastard

    5 Reasons It's Still Not Cool to Admit You're a Gamer

    I have to agree with pretty much all those points in that article. It does make me sad that one of my hobbies really hasn't grown with the times or at the very least hasn't bothered to analyze and cater for the varied demographics of it's customer base. To the industry and the regular social streams, we are still 15 year olds that get excited about "awesome" features in a game and wanking over the hot chicks that are part of it. You know what makes my skin crawl the most though? Booth babes. Or rather the pictures of sweaty nerds my age (30+) getting all excited about having their photos taken with them, I am not sure who it degrades more.
  19. bastard

    5th Cell's new video game

    +1 Spawn a trex in a top-hat to chase my enemies!
  20. No need at this stage you get bogged down with conditional forwarders unless domainA is not authenticating with domainB. The problem is exactly what your boss told you about, its the hosts tables in the 4 computers that is incorrect, for some reason your company has decided it was a good idea to roll out a hosts file to those 4 machines rather than get DNS working correctly. You'll find the file under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc (on a windows XP and above machine). Open the "hosts" file in notepad and take a squiz, make sure the entries in there resolve to things that actually exist. Incidentally, can you tell us if there are actually two domains onsite? It almost sounds like a DC was removed and a hosts table was added in to allow things to "resolve" to the defined resources. Edit --> used "to" instead of "two"...
  21. bastard

    So many consoles

    hmmm lesse... Odyssey 4000 (played) Atari 2600 (owned) Atari 7800 (Played) Colocovision (Played) Intellivision (Played) NES (Played) Sega Master System (Owned) Vetrex (Played) Sega Mega Drive (Owned) SNES (Owned) Amiga CD 32 (Played) Atari Jaguar (Owned) NEC PC engine (Played) Nintendo 64 (Played) NEO GEO (Played) Sega Saturn (Played) Sony Playstation (Played) Sega CD (Played) Sega 32x (Played) 3DO (Played) Microsoft X-Box (Owned) Microsoft XBOX360 (Owned) Sega Dreamcast (Owned) Sony Playstation 2 (Owned) Nintendo Wii (Owned) Atari Lynx (Played) Nintendo Gameboy (Played) Nintento Gameboy Color (Owned) Nintendo Gameboy advance (Owned) Nintendo DS (Owned) Sega Gamegear (Played) Sony PSP (Played) Nintendo Virtual Boy (Played)
  22. bastard

    Mass Effect 3

    I don't have a problem with adding a little MP, as side content it is most likely an exploration for EA to see if they can expand ME into more genre areas. What I would like to see back is a little bit more loot management... I know it was cumbersome, but I would have liked to see some more traditional trading and equipping in there. The Kinect integration sounds... interesting as well, although I mostly left my AI characters up to their own devices (well until I had different characters with pull field and throw fields... way to much fun!)
  23. Back to using folder redirection, are you using Exchange as the backend for mail boxes? If so then allowing an offline copy of the mailbox (OST instead of PST) would be the way to go for that. Then elect not to sync the OST files. As far as things accidentally getting deleted, there is a policy setting that allows you to only update from the laptop and vice versa. If something on the server gets replaced then you just need to take a look at shadow copies. Not trying to push the sycronised folder thing, but just making sure you know the full details. robocopy is a good option and is available via the 2003 resource kit. What you will need to be careful of is that is doesn't have full bit level checking, so it will copy full files rather than just the changes. I would also recommend checking out rsync for windows.
  24. Have you thought of folder redirection? Ie, using a group policy to redirect the desktop, my documents and app data areas to a network share? It would save grabbing all the profile data and that way you could use shadow copies to back up the files. Edit --> if you combine that with offline caching of those shares then that might be a quite workable solution.
  25. bastard

    Where Are The Good Games ?(RPGS)

    Alright, you used Fable as an example of a "great game" and completely neglected to mention Jade Empire and the KOTOR games. I understand that I might be coming off as rather judgmental as everyone is entitled to their own opinion as far as "great". You have gone on about DA2 being a console game, and yet, by all reports, it is a fantastic game, big world, big story etc... the only real beef you seem to have is that there is some homosexual interactions. Now why you seem to have a problem with male advances, that is something that you will have to sort out for yourself... but that begs the question, can't you just say "no" and continue on with the game? Again, I will draw back to your original argument, you cited Fable as a great open world game and yet you found the content of Fallout and NV lacking??? I am not going to argue points to what others have commented as they do a fantastic job.