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  1. Nan0_Seconds

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Having trouble deciding these days, to many games, done a massive uninstall recently, still to many.... just bouncing between BF3, Hearthstone.
  2. Nan0_Seconds

    Laggy Glitchy.

    Seems to undone it self now, weird.
  3. Nan0_Seconds

    Laggy Glitchy.

    Also can confirm this doesn't happen offline single player as well.
  4. Nan0_Seconds

    Laggy Glitchy.

    Hi Atomicans, Having a drama with my Laptop and been doing some trouble shooting as to why my FPS games lag and keep dragging me back even tho good latency around 30-50. (CSGO Battlefield 3) Specs ------- Alienware M17XR4 Windows 8.1 64bit Intel Core i7-3720QM 16 Gigs Ram GFX ATI Mobility 4000. ------- So far, Checked for malware/viruses. drivers checked, no latency issue Wifi/Ethernet checked, Dropbox exited before gaming, VPN always on and never done this before, running defrag right now. Other than all this the machine runs fine, checked my resources and doesn't max out whilst in game play, last major change was I installed my LG 40inch TV and put my Benq gaming monitor as extended. Any questions just ask me.
  5. Nan0_Seconds

    Twitch Streaming

    Hey guys, Just letting everyone know I'm streaming on twitch and looking for viewers, so if/not allowed can removed mods. my addy, http://www.twitch.tv/culpritsnake29 Cheers Atomicans. Nan0.
  6. Nan0_Seconds

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Witcher 3 for me, really enjoying it, I disliked the first 2 simply because the combat was horrible if not for that they would of been pro.
  7. Nan0_Seconds

    Stretching a movie 2 screens.

    Going to check it out, kinda wish I could get a third monitor but no more ports on my laptop. I got it to go both screens just need to piss the borders + controller off now.
  8. Nan0_Seconds

    New job come Monday.

    Moving to Acer full time instead. Still got two more job interviews in Que Unisys and one for it tech at qld medical, one I am at now isn't working out.
  9. Nan0_Seconds

    Stretching a movie 2 screens.

    I was doing so research to see if I could do a movie wall over my 24 and 22 inch wide screen monitors. VLC has potential but can seem to break it from just being in the middle or stretch to both screens at full screen. Anyone got any ideas?
  10. Nan0_Seconds

    New job come Monday.

  11. Nan0_Seconds

    New job come Monday.

    First week was totally awesome really my type of environment and the team is awesome. Get your quite and busy periods, bring on week 2. Can't do server work yet till boss knows I'm compentent but learning as I go.
  12. Nan0_Seconds

    New job come Monday.

    So after a year and a half being not completely jobless but doing bits and pieces as a casual tech for a few companies, I finally land a full time job at an small IT business. Basically a combo of field tech and in house tech, 8am to 5pm Mon - Fri, yes actual decent hours to days ratio. Going to read and sign my life away to contract on monday morning but dam can't believe how long it has taken to get back on this horse. Will keep you guys posted on my progress. Nan0.
  13. Nan0_Seconds

    King of Fighters.

    I picked up the triple pack on steam 98, 02 and XIII and wondering if anyone else keen to play. Nick name on steam Nan0_seconds.
  14. Nan0_Seconds

    Netflix complete Australian Catalogue

    IInet have poor performing NBN speeds ? I demand they fix this issue and bring my speeds back up to an acceptable level At least you got good speeds, trade yours for mine, this is Dodo ADSL2+ in TSV QLD.
  15. Nan0_Seconds

    What if I told you.

    WITU I'm going on holidays for the next four days.