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    So... Whats up with Gmail?

    I'm on the same boat as Genisis X. Haven't use Windows for many a year as well though. I setup a very not technical/savy friend PC's years ago and he uses Gmail. The best thing I did (IMHO) was to completely hide IE, use Firefox and set virus and Windows updates to automatically update. He still uses WinXP to this day, and the same Gmail account. Only thing I've found is that AVG won't perform application updates without user interaction, which is a bit of a pain.
  2. The one that saves me a lot of the time is quite simple: alias vi=vim So use to typing vi when I want vim. Especially painful on a new CentOS server.
  3. sime

    Android / HTC Dream

    Had the phone for a week now and today I manage to upgrade to 1.5. The new cupcake features include: record video, voice search and it has an on screen keyboard. The interface is a little fancier (transparent background in some apps). I like the on screen keyboard because I don't always want to slide open the built in keyboard if I'm doing something quick. Next on the list is to write an app.
  4. sime

    Android / HTC Dream

    I just got the Android Dev Phone 1. Basically it is the developer friendly version of the retail HTC Dream. This it the first phone of mine that that did anything fancy. I'm kind of the mindset no one really needs a smart phone, but it has Linux! So if its good enough for my router/desktop/server it's only natural for it to run on my phone as well. The main reason I got it is because its an open platform from top to bottom. Not because of its features. My plan in the next day or so it up update to cupcake (Android 1.5) as outlined on the HTC site. Being the Dev phone, I don't have to 'root it' (Android equivalent of Jail breaking I'd assume) to do cool things with it. http://www.htc.com/www/support/android/adp.html At work we have ongoing joke about the plethora of unboxing videos... so we did one :)
  5. sime

    MySQL on Cent OS 5.2

    MySQL on CentOS to me can run with virtually no touching. I would uninstall anything and everything relating to MySQL and reissue the yum command. Then start it with the following: service mysql start The .sock file is created on the start up of the daemon, so no need for manually creating it.