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    When does the customer stop being right?

    I just look at customers with a puzzled expression when they decide to have a little rant, maybe they got out of bed the wrong side that morning, maybe they treat everyone like that, maybe they are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Quite often the other customers are just as puzzled as I am. Anyway customers shouldn't listen in on what's going on in the kitchen, we are calling each other arseholes as it's a little bit stressful with 50 orders and no one arriving to eat at the time they booked. If you hear the word "arsehole" and automatically assume it's directed at yourself, well you may be just a little bit paranoid that you have been appropriately detected, analyzed, and categorized. That my dear is not my problem as there should be music playing to soothe the chef and drown out any kitchen banter. I assure you I'm usually very polite and jovial, when some random fruitcake is not raving about the lack of mind reading skill exhibited by a poor confused staff member.
  2. I once saw a crown fire (one in tops of trees) go 400m up a hill in probably about 5 seconds, well it seemed like 5 seconds, it was very fast. It even frightened the local fire fighters. I suggested the fire fighters move their truck a few minutes earlier and they said their truck was fine, so I pointed out there was an awful lot of smoke coming from their tires. Just after the fire fighters moved their truck, the fire jumped the road via the tops of the trees, tor through where their truck was parked and shot up the hill while we all stood back flabbergasted at it's ferocity. Luckily there were no properties where that fire headed, out into the bush behind my old farm. It burnt for six weeks until it rained for two weeks and put it out. I'd fought quite a few fires before that one, but I'd never seen anything like that crown fire and conditions have been much worse in the last decade. Western Australia is like a tinderbox lately, with thick scrub surprisingly now 10 feet high in many places from the late rain. WA has had just a couple of fires with some unfortunate loss of homes in the hills above Perth. Victoria looked pretty dry when I was flying over. I hope everyone will be safe, and also their property and especially their animals. My house in WA is right opposite bush. I'd just grab my wife, dog, and maybe my PC, HDD's and a couple good books. I wouldn't even attempt to save my house, not worth it when the weather is like this as it's just too dangerous. I used to do volunteer fire management a long time ago, guys and gals today have way more courage than me and I used to think I was pretty tough and experienced. If I saw an opportunity that was safe to help save someone else's property I would help, but I'm insured so I consider myself a lesser priority and frankly my home is not defensible IMHO.
  3. AnthraxPants

    Corsair PSU Reliability

    I've had quite a few Corsair PSU and never had a problem, though I always get the more expensive models. I've seen plenty of cheap no names or less reputable brands fail regularly, the no names sometimes taking out whole builds. A friend a couple weeks back had his whole system die because of cheap dodgy PSU. I gave him an old Q6600 build with a 4890 and I think 4GB Corsair RAM with a Coolermaster 650W PSU, and that PSU is pretty ancient and still running fine with a hacked 6 pin+8 pin on the 12v rail for the video card (don't hack PSU's as I am thoroughly irresponsible and shouldn't be certified for electrical work).
  4. Hi Anthrax hope your well!

  5. AnthraxPants

    I'm not bored

    I'm just moving some shit. :D AND REFUELING
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    I'm not bored

  7. AnthraxPants

    I'm not bored

    BUt what if there Is something there?
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    I'm not bored

  9. AnthraxPants

    I'm not bored

    ...say this vessel is instead filled with energised particles. These particles coalesce together and exploded with enough energy to destroy the planet earth.
  10. AnthraxPants

    Thanks everyone

    I shouldn't of jammed that network cable in my ear, while I was watching this. Ever since, my brain has become a cultural experiment, and my heart feels like it's going to explode out of my chest. Too much love to give, in a world where true romance is dead, but still it was one hell of an experience. Beautiful, complicated, and delicate like a spider's web.
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    Thanks everyone

    Cheers :D
  12. AnthraxPants

    Thanks everyone

    I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone. Recently I've had a few struggles but I've managed to keep my head above water. I'm getting treatment for my illness and I couldn't have made that step without a bit of help from some great people in the community. I've lost a lot of memories so I apologise to anyone I've forgotten about. I'm not being rude, I might just need a bit of help in remembering who some people are. Hopefully I don't have some kind of degenerative condition or another underlying problem that could slowly rob me of my mental abilities. I still have to wait on a proper diagnosis and have a few more tests before I know what condition I'm in, but at least I'm prepared to deal with it now. I'm hoping I have many more years ahead of me and if I don't I'm going to make the most of what I've got left. I've got a little thank you project planned. May take me a while because I'm going to be busy doing other things too but I'll post a link when it's up. If there is anything I've forgotten please drop me a PM so I know. I'll listen to anyone's problems and try and help where I can. Happy Australia Day everyone! :)
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    youtube down?

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    Well that was a bit of fun!