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  1. I am often asked, how to I find out what an EXE is doing. As if we need another Ghidra Video Pulling apart Executables with Ghidra Disassembler !
  2. michael.jenkin

    Mickyj Whitehat foundation videos

    Hello, Since starting the Mickyj Whitehat series, I have had a lot of questions about the tools I use. I decided to create a sub series based on the basic tools I use. I called it Foundation as it is the Foundation knowledge needed to follow some of the videos in the other series. Some of these tools can be used standalone and many of you may have used them. Here I try and show you how to get the best out of them. I kick it off with "Virustotal" and "Hybrid-analysis" online virus analysis tool and sandbox. If you want to see how I use these tools, take a look at the foundation series. If you like where this is headed, I would love your support. Please subscribe !
  3. michael.jenkin

    What the heck is IDA? Ghidra? Take a look. - Mickyj Whitehat

    Yes, IDA was awesome but now ... a little old. As long as this tool from the NSA is on the level, then suddenly everyone has access to make an even better tool
  4. The NSA released their reverse engineering tool to the public, called Ghidra. It has been treated with a lot of suspicion. I downloaded it and gave it a quick once over. Has anyone else here played with it ?
  5. michael.jenkin

    New YouTube series: Mickyj Whitehat

    wow, freaking out when I opened word, that would have made me jump ! Thanks guys for subs. I know the content is not for everyone however, there are a few things it does. -It shows people the tools that can be used. -It shows people that at the end of the day, these viruses are just badly written code. -It means others, if they have the interest, can dive in and figure it out -We all learn better security practices. Not everyone cares to see the code but when they do, they comment, "That's it?". It breaks that mysterious boundary and people suddenly understand a hidden world. Thanks again for joining me and spreading the word.
  6. michael.jenkin

    New YouTube series: Mickyj Whitehat

    Hey everyone, It has been a long time since I frequented Atomic. Lot's has happened in life. some good, some bad. Recently I decided to try and make a dent in the world of Malware and share what I know. I started a YouTube series called Mickyj Whitehat. I am sharing the tools I use to find, remove and kill malware. I thought it might come in useful for training other IT pro's on what to do. Then I thought, people here might also like to take a peek. I only have a small subscriber base and to make the channel effective, I want to get some exposure. The channel is not monitised so I am not earning big bucks from it. It is simply me doing my bit for the community. So I would appreciate, if the information is of interest to you, that you subscribe or share the link around. I am a tech, not a sales person so I am not great at "selling myself" but I figure this info speaks for itself. The Channel has other stuff on it (https://www.youtube.com/michaeljenkin) and the playlist for the Malware stuff is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i17_ZtvAk9g&list=PLodEQVE4Lw01mtCM_LAn6e0tPNd5BfERv . I am a true geek and shyly hiding behind my keyboard but I have learnt to have a YouTube personality (loud and in your face) so I know some people I know form this forum may be a little shocked :) So, if you subscribe what's in it for you ? I can keep you up to date with teardowns on VBS, js, exe, scr, hta, powershell and more malware. I can satisfy that urge to know how something works. I can pull apart the latest ransomware for you. If you get something you want documented and pulled apart for the world to see, I would love to see it. I hope that this post does not violate any of the terms and conditions that I just accepted (again). It is not my intention however mods, feel free to remove if I have. thanks all, have a great day !
  7. michael.jenkin

    michael.jenkin Photos

    I have been flat out working... not posting photos. missed you guys. I have however been perfecting my light painting orb spinning rig and firewool spinning technique. So here are some links to what I am up to and some images http://blogs.msmvps.com/mickyj/blog/2015/06/14/light-painting-with-orbs-and-firewool-spinning/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9xhhs5qg6w
  8. michael.jenkin

    Smenkhare's Photos

    Nice deep space images. I need to get my scope out. I think you just motivated me :)
  9. michael.jenkin

    Toshiba Flashair

    Hello, Recently I bought a Toshiba FlashAir SDcard. Combined with my CF to SD adaptor and some software called Snowy, I now have my camera SD card contents copied automatically to my laptop via Wifi. I have turned my Canon EOS into a Wireless camera. The video, Raw and jpg files are all copied accross. I started doing some digging and found out that there are no actual Australian Distributers for this item. I made contact with the overseas supplier whom has asked if I would like to be a distributer. I like the product so much (32gb, Class 10 with non obtrusive wifi easy to setup, fast, works in more than just cameras, supports wireless n - What's not to love?) http://www.toshiba-components.com/prpdf/6431E.pdf http://www.toshiba-components.com/FlashAir/ Whilst I know that there are competing products out there that do a similar job (this supplier also does the Flucards) this one just seems more polished. The issue is, I need to order a large quantity of these upfront to be a distributer. I want to be sure that there is a market out there else, I will have these sitting around for a while. Are you guys interested ? Especially if I give discounts to Atomic Forum posters? - :) There are a few other forums I will pose this question in as I want to see what the real market is saying. My aim would be to have local stock, sort out any warranty issues locally and give local (english) support and hopefully good prices. Thanks
  10. michael.jenkin

    michael.jenkin Photos

    Thankfully I have used my camera and lens elsewhere and can't see any problems. no obvious dust on the body or lens. None when looking through the glass. I did stand with the wind coming from behind and was a distance from the dust. I would be more cautious next time :) (or not do this event at all). There would be loads of camera phones that are now stuffed:) Yes, I shot in Raw. thanks for the idea, and feedback.
  11. michael.jenkin

    michael.jenkin Photos

    Then I see this post .... http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/05/how-to-ruin-your-gear-in-5-minutes-without-water#more-13806 hmmmm
  12. michael.jenkin

    michael.jenkin Photos

    Thanks. I have to agree about the kid being cropped out. On the day, it was really hard to keep clean and also avoid all the other people blocking the shot. It was a really busy day. Here is another of the same people but not as appealing.
  13. Hello, For those that participate every year .. this year is not happening. Here is an email from Canon Thanks for your interest and involvement in Canon’s photo experiences. We’re reviewing our programs to take things up a notch from 2015. For now we’ve taken Photo5 offline. We’re still running Photo5LIVE at events such as Vivid and the Digital Show. We’ve got more to come next year and there’s plenty of inspiration and challenges on offer in Canon Australia’s social channels and new live experiences: • YouTube: Your hub for ‘How to’ tutorials, inspiring Canon Masters content and product overviews: www.youtube.com/CanonAustralia • Facebook: Your community to share images, tips and tricks, and hear it first from your team at Canon Australia. • Canon Collective: Your complete Canon experience. Sign up to Canon Collective events for rare experiences that are bound to open your eyes, challenge you, and create friendships with fellow photographers. Follow the fun online if you can’t be there in person! www.canon.com.au/collective • Instagram: Your inspiration fix. Discover great photography and get discovered by tagging your photos @CanonAustralia. Also follow the latest from #CanonCollective http://instagram.com/canonaustralia • Canon Shine: We believe images have the power to change the world. Keep an eye out for #CanonShine in 2015 We hope to see you at upcoming Canon Collective events and online. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, The Canon Team
  14. michael.jenkin

    michael.jenkin Photos

    I wanted to take my daughter out on a day with difference. We went to the color run in Adelaide. I had every intention of wrapping my camera in plastic protecting coverings but in the end, I left the camera naked and it managed to stay clean. Here are some of my favourite shots.