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  1. michael.jenkin

    When is an Image file not an Image file ? (Another security Video)

    followup to yesterdays video, pulling apart a Dotnet exe file
  2. michael.jenkin

    Anatomy of a website hack

    Anatomy of a website hack, follow me on another "journey" https://youtu.be/Q2VO9XsJJxc
  3. michael.jenkin

    Video on fileless malware (Semi Fileless)

    Fliptopia ! Sounds like we travel in similar circles. turns out that Jumper is a modification of the Jamper Ransomware. they normally use Process Hacker to kill your AV.
  4. I thought that this might be of interest. Gets into a deep dive but if this information is not shared out there, none of us will be prepared ! https://youtu.be/uUelJ-E2ZwE
  5. Ever wondered how a Microsoft Help CHM file could be dangerous ?
  6. michael.jenkin

    Extracting and viewing bundled malware in EXE file

    Thanks fliptopia ! A good reply. No, I never checked out that website. I might if I get bored but I am more about passing along the information about how to avoid getting caught by these sites
  7. another post in my series about pulling apart and dealing with Malware. If you like my series and have any ideas of more subjects / topics I would love to hear about the ideas !! As always, these videos are my community effort to help people like yourself, knock malware on it's head !
  8. michael.jenkin

    Pulling apart APK files

    https://youtu.be/UwFXndJH_34 I thought I would share this video I created where I pull apart an APK file looking for malware :)
  9. I am often asked, how to I find out what an EXE is doing. As if we need another Ghidra Video Pulling apart Executables with Ghidra Disassembler !
  10. michael.jenkin

    Mickyj Whitehat foundation videos

    Hello, Since starting the Mickyj Whitehat series, I have had a lot of questions about the tools I use. I decided to create a sub series based on the basic tools I use. I called it Foundation as it is the Foundation knowledge needed to follow some of the videos in the other series. Some of these tools can be used standalone and many of you may have used them. Here I try and show you how to get the best out of them. I kick it off with "Virustotal" and "Hybrid-analysis" online virus analysis tool and sandbox. If you want to see how I use these tools, take a look at the foundation series. If you like where this is headed, I would love your support. Please subscribe !
  11. michael.jenkin

    What the heck is IDA? Ghidra? Take a look. - Mickyj Whitehat

    Yes, IDA was awesome but now ... a little old. As long as this tool from the NSA is on the level, then suddenly everyone has access to make an even better tool
  12. The NSA released their reverse engineering tool to the public, called Ghidra. It has been treated with a lot of suspicion. I downloaded it and gave it a quick once over. Has anyone else here played with it ?