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  1. I look forward to your many alts :)

  2. Fair well sweet prince.

  3. LogicprObe

    Becoming a bachelor again...

    Haha, while it wouldn't quite be an extraordinary culinary adventure, she knows I am perfectly capable of cooking for myself and getting all stuff I need. I think it's more her overly-strong motherly instinct. Rob. Look at him! He's so thin!
  4. LogicprObe

    Dear Chrisg...

    Busier than Bankstown now?
  5. LogicprObe

    [SYD/NSW] _sentinel, meet Sydney

    And the place goes downhill again!
  6. LogicprObe

    What am I good at?

    That.......or get some Zoloft!
  7. LogicprObe

    Dear Chrisg...

    I live near Sydney airport and the only traffic we get is a prop plane a couple of times a day. They are usually so low, you can see peoples' faces in the windows!
  8. LogicprObe

    Very Peeved Off

    Well, see......the bells should have been ringing when they said' fuck you, you're not using our account'.
  9. LogicprObe

    felt strangely dizzy for the first time

    Press the button..........you know you want to.........
  10. LogicprObe

    Very Peeved Off

    I think they're his friends.
  11. LogicprObe

    Very Peeved Off

    Nah......fuck 'em. Delete the account, finish their job and send them a bill!
  12. LogicprObe

    Anybody need any gardening etc done in Perth?

    LOL! Robzy has MD's account again!!!
  13. LogicprObe

    Very Peeved Off

    Who cares about the votes/views if you are washing your hands of it and think they are arseholes? Delete the whole account!
  14. LogicprObe

    Very Peeved Off

    Oh......I forgot! It's the film industry!
  15. LogicprObe

    Very Peeved Off

    How can a site allow that without your password - or, did you give her your password? That's what I'm wondering.