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  1. LogicprObe

    People are watching you && your phone.

    Nice. I think Nich is a big Radiohead fan.
  2. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    Islam has it's own rules........................that we will soon be following.
  3. LogicprObe

    What a joke

    That was why forcing kids to continue through to year 12 was a dumb decision in the first place. It was a ploy to cover increasing unemployment, albeit temporarily.
  4. LogicprObe

    the atomican child of ravenclaw

    Seems that I've been assigned as Teacher of Spam.
  5. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    I agree. For all the carry on about the transport lock, a microswitch and wiring would have cost about a dollar and saved a lot of greif!
  6. LogicprObe

    how crap is this government ?

    I always said it was a rort! Very disappointed that Keating squibbed it after showing some guts previously.
  7. LogicprObe

    i see dead people

    Like I said, even if we go back to living in primitive conditions under Islamic rule, we'll still be emitting C02. (Praise be Allah)
  8. LogicprObe

    Rules Must Be Obeyed !

    I'm guessing that working with such high frequencies and voltages may have a detrimental affect on the brain! They also experimented with a lot of toxic chemicals in making capacitors etc.
  9. LogicprObe

    i see dead people

    See? In the face of the truth, there is no argument.
  10. LogicprObe

    Rules Must Be Obeyed !

    That grub Edison was an inventor....................Tesla was a Genius!
  11. LogicprObe

    i see dead people

    Closing Australia tomorrow and emptying it of people will save 1.3% of world emissions of C02. Grounding all aircraft tomorrow will save Nearly 2%. What do you think is easier and which would have the most affect?
  12. LogicprObe

    how crap is this government ?

    They should have cut immigration by 75% two years ago but it would have caused a recession. Now, when we do have a recession, they'll have to find the dole for a couple of million more people..................and their families. The main reason the Government won't raise Newstart is they know it is going to happen sooner or later and the longer they drag it out, the worse it will be.
  13. LogicprObe

    What a joke

    Look at how the British Labour Party has been hijacked by even loonier loons!
  14. LogicprObe

    i see dead people

    It's not a matter of denial. It's a matter of logic and sensibility.
  15. LogicprObe

    Rules Must Be Obeyed !

    No.............it's a middle aged Tesla................in the Colorado Springs time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesla_Experimental_Station