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  1. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    There's still some of us with teams on zero points still.................
  2. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    Even if you drop your screen res to 1024x768................the VM shrinks with it! I spent years writing that accounting program and I'm using it until I die! (it might be a Pentium that computer........)
  3. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    Haven't tried it from the Mac side................fucken dos and 98 piss me off when you end up with a screen the size of a playing card!
  4. LogicprObe

    how crap is this government ?

    This only benefits tradies working on their own joints! Yeah, I know...........they don't................but they can get their mates to do it!
  5. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    I find VM very clunky compared to running the real thing.
  6. LogicprObe

    how crap is this government ?

    No one is going to qualify for this........................legit. If they get more than a 10% take up, it'll be rorting! Every quote has just gone up 25k!
  7. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    But have you got a computer running it? (virtual doesn't count) Mine is a 486sx!
  8. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    I've got one of those!
  9. LogicprObe

    What's on your mind?

    I could go on about the Win 98 one as well!
  10. LogicprObe

    how crap is this government ?

    They say labour in China is becoming expensive, hence the shift of a bit of it to India but they say the next untapped source of cheap labour is Africa! Good luck with that............
  11. LogicprObe

    i see dead people

    I thought he was already in this thread! (they ran a Jerry Stiller special on Netflicks at the time) I wonder if they buried him in the BRO?
  12. LogicprObe

    how crap is this government ?

    We were probably heading for a recession anyway in the near future but Covid has saved the Government some embarrassment. We definitely will have a depression if the Government tries to start up the immigration ponzi scheme it has been running for years. The construction industry has been waning for some time and using covid as an excuse to try and prop it up with public borrowings and largess is going to be another pink batts fiasco. They are trying to make it to the next election with a chance but that sort of crap is just giving Albo a leg up! The only thing going for them is that Shorten keeps sticking his ugly head up more frequently.
  13. LogicprObe

    What a joke

    Thanks Leo.
  14. LogicprObe

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    One of the daughters did the makeup and appeared in that one.....................ended up dead like the rest of them! By memory they used 6 gallons of fake blood!
  15. LogicprObe

    What a joke

    First I get bullshit emails about Covid19 and now I get this shit.................... To the Etsy Community, The past days and weeks have, once again, shone a spotlight on the tremendous injustices in our society. We stand in solidarity with our employees and communities who are voicing their anguish, anger, and deep frustration with systems that oppress and devalue Black lives. We stand against police brutality in all forms. We stand against a criminal justice system that disproportionately targets Black Americans. We stand against the widespread disenfranchisement of Black and Brown communities whose voices are silenced at the polls. Allyship with Black communities is as much a moral imperative as a requirement of our business. We can’t fight for small businesses, if we don’t also fight for the empowerment of Black business owners. We can’t hire and care for our Black employees, if we don’t also protect Black lives everywhere. We can’t be there for women employees, if we aren’t also standing up specifically for Black women. We can’t advocate for parents, if we aren’t standing with Black mothers and fathers who fear for their Black childrens’ lives. Black Lives Matter is the civil rights movement of our time, because it addresses a fundamental inequality in our society: that Black lives are too often undervalued. This notion inspired Etsy’s own internal commitments from diversity and inclusion to economic empowerment. We also believe that it’s critical to provide support to organizations working tirelessly for criminal justice reform and those that assist Black-led institutions. That’s why today we are announcing donations of $500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative and $500,000 to Borealis Philanthropy's Black-Led Movement Fund, as well as matching employee donations. We encourage our community to join us in supporting these important organizations. Etsy is built on a belief that communities have the power to change the status quo. Change is hard-fought, and we are committed to this fight.