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    Saaaay...has anyone seen jim_doki around?

    She liked Johnen man, JOHNEN!
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    Saaaay...has anyone seen jim_doki around?

    Come on, ditch the bitch!
  3. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies and advice. I'm currently sitting on this build: Fractal Design Define R3 Titanium $145.00 ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 Motherboard $145.00 Intel Core i7 2600K $325.00 Corsair Force Series 3 120GB SSD $219.00 HIS Radeon HD6950 2GB IceQ $279.00 G.Skill Ripjaws F3-12800CL9D-8GBRL (2x4GB) $65.00 Silverstone Strider Plus 750W ST75F-P $145.00 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64bit with SP1 $135.00 Logitech G110 Gaming Keyboard $65.00 TOTAL $1523.00 + $66 shipping from PC Casegear I'm going to use existing monitor, speakers, hard drive and dvdr Is there anything above that could be improved or that is over the top? Will I really notice the difference between an i5 and i7? What will be the bottleneck here? Cheers, fb
  4. Thanks for the reply, it's looking good, is ASRock any good compared to ASUS / MSI / Gigabyte? I haven't really heard much about them. Also, I've heard about triple channel ram, is that available on the 1155 socket? Would I be better off running a lot of smaller modules (like 4 x 2gb) or is it better running fewer larger ram modules (2 x 4gb)? Thanks again, fb
  5. Hi All, My current PC is on it's last legs so I need to find a suitable replacement. I am able to scavenge some parts listed below but will need new everything else: Re-usable Parts List: 23" Samsung LCD Monitor 2.1 Logitech Speaker System MX 518 Mouse Pioneer DVDR 212 SATA Seagate 1TB SATA II Apart from that it's a blank canvas. Would prefer to stay below $1500 but want enough grunt that it could run the latest games nicely as well a handle large CAD and photoshop files and keep up for the next couple of years. CPU: I was thinking an i7 system, not sure if that's overkill or what the sweet spot is at the moment between i5 & i7. Probably won't be seriously overclocking it but may tinker with it to have it running a bit faster but still stable. RAM: I was thinking around 8-12GB ram MOBO: No idea what's good currently, have had good results with Gigabyte and MSI in the past. Prefer on board HD audio and LAN, latest SATA, USB and PCIE. IE1394 would be good too but is not a deal breaker. PSU: I heard the Silverstone Strider Plus 750W ST75F-P was good but have no real idea. Would like to keep cables neat and have it running quiet. CASE: I heard the fractal cases are good. Preference is for neat and tidy plus quiet as well as being well laid out and easy to use. Min 2 x usb at the front (more would be a bonus) GPU: No idea what's currently topping the charts, Nvidia or AMD, have had both in the past and liked both. Currently running a HD4850 (upgrade from a few years back). HDD: Have heard SSD is all the rage, no idea on the brands / setup. I presume you can get this in SATA 3 and it acts just like a regular drive? OS: Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate, not sure on the differences. Kind of games I'd be looking at running are Deus Ex, Dead Island, Space Marine, GTA IV, Dawn of War series. I also run AutoCAD and Photoshop. I would really appreciate any help and guidance on the build, also on what online shops have the best price / service currently. The last I used was umart which became ijk, not sure how their prices compare or if they have slipped in the years since though, it would be great to hear if they are still good. Thanks all! Cheers, fb
  6. Hey all, long time no see! Things are good though I've moved to a place with little to no internet access so am rarely around. There are a few Facebook posts and some text messages going around asking that Australians email federal members of parliament to request that Gay Marriage stay illegal in Australia. They have set a deadline of 5pm Monday for emails to be sent. This is being orchestrated by the Australian Christian Lobby in an outstanding display of non-Christian values. I've had a few requests to solicit MP's to keep gay marriage illegal. I thought I'd respond by starting up my own campaign trying to get the voice of people who actively support gay marriage and those who just don't care what people do, heard. The ACL is very good at organising grass roots support and so if we want to see some change we will need to fight this, being apathetic isn't good enough anymore. In order to combat the hatred and bigotry out there I proposed that we fight fire with fire and get as many people as possible to email their local MP supporting change in this area and request that Gay Marriage is legalized in Australia. This link ( http://www.australianmarriageequality.com/ ) will take you to Australian Marriage Equality which is an Australian organisation working for equal marriage rights for all. Just a few clicks is all it takes to send a template email to your MP. Please help Atomic! let's break down some emotional walls! Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere
  7. I see someone else frequents reddit :)
  8. Fillerbunny

    Eating insects

    I won't eat crap, in or out of it's shell.
  9. Fillerbunny

    Car advice (exhaust / extractors)

    Wow, I bet that'd add at least 100kw! This is the truth. If the engine is in good nick, it won't cost any extra! A carby car from around 1990 isn't gonna have enough compression to take advantage of it, or a knock sensor to optimise ignition timing with. Luckily it's EFI, I'm currently running 95 but will try 98 to see if there's a difference. I find the economy and response better with 95 vs 91/92.
  10. Fillerbunny

    Car advice (exhaust / extractors)

    What's the most effective bang for buck way to improve torque? I assume extractors would help throttle response, is that right?
  11. Fillerbunny

    Car advice (exhaust / extractors)

    This is why I love atomic, love the suggestions guys :) As much as I'd love to chuck a V8 in it I simply don't have the coin. Same with a turbo setup as I'd need to upgrade the gearbox, suspension, brakes and wheels. I was thinking of just taking the opportunity to upgrade a component that looks to be clapped out. It's a daily driver so even if it's a little more responsive and a little better on fuel it'll be ok if I had to replace the component anyway (not the manifold, the exhaust), but if I'm getting the exhaust done I may as well get the manifold done. I'll probably try and pick up some second hand extractors and get the mechanic to throw it in with the exhaust from the cat. The pulsar definitely did come in a 2.0l model in the Q model, it's basically a SSS without the ABS. I did think of just putting some SSS decals on it as that should be good for at least 10kw but I couldn't live with a massive canon exhaust even though it'd add at least 20kw. So I'm seeing a split of "yes extractors work" to "no! chuck a V8 in it". Does anyone have any numbers from previous experience? I'm assuming realistically that I might pick up 5kw but it'd be smoother delivery of power overall and that I might pick up 0.5l/100 assuming that I don't drive like a hoon. Do they sound like realistic numbers?
  12. Fillerbunny

    Car advice (exhaust / extractors)

    Are you sure? I've heard many say otherwise, I haven't been able to test drive extractors vs stock though. It's an SR20DE, I'm not going to bolt a turbo on it but I had heard the extractors improved the power and fuel economy for the NA engine though.
  13. Fillerbunny

    Car advice (exhaust / extractors)

    Hi Guys, I bought a manual 2.0L '91 Nissan Pulsar Q today and it seems like it might have an exhaust leak (crack in the muffler joint). I was kind of thinking of killing two birds with one stone and replacing the whole system. The current system is all stock and I was thinking of putting some extractors on and replacing the leaky stock exhaust with something a bit better. Can anyone suggest what extractors / exhaust system I should be looking at? I don't want something loud and showy with a huge cannon or anything, something that looks as close to stock as possible but allows for better performance would be best. How much would you estimate it'll cost, can I do the fitting myself or should I leave it to the mechanics? Any help appreciated! Cheers, Fb
  14. Fillerbunny

    It's not a caravan, it's a tiny house on wheels.

    This one? http://www.burnmycar.com/Story/224/Douglas-DC-3-bus