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Found 1 result

  1. I've got a Gigabyte G1 GTX1070 (8GB) graphics card and I need to connect it to a Samsung SyncMaster 940N monitor with only VGA input. Note: I only want to connect the card to this one monitor, not two or three. The output sockets on the card are DVI-D, Displayport (as far as I can tell they aren't DP++ Displayports) and HDMI. So obviously, I need something that will convert one of these to VGA. I've looked at going through the DVI-D port, but this seems to be an expensive route, with the cheapest reliable adapters beginning around $40-50. Displayport seems a bit cheaper: the cheapest (apparently) reliable adapter I've seen there is $24. So far, browsing the market has been a confusing and stressful exercise, as there are adapters for both of these sockets that will apparently fit in the sockets, but won't actually transmit a proper picture to the monitor! In the case of the Displayport adapters, I apparently need an "active" adapter, not a "passive" one, but very few of the adapters I encounter on the market state one way or another which kind they are! So now I'm looking in to my options with the HDMI port and I'm afraid that it will be an equally confusing situation. It seems whoever invented these damned ports didn't standardize them! e.g. a DP++ Displayport is visually identical to a non-DP++ port, but they require completely differant hardware to make a VGA connection, and NOBODY, not the card manufacturer, not the adapter manufacturer or merchants seem to explicitly state this! There are HDMI-to-VGA cables going for around $6 on ebay, but considering what I've discovered thus far about the other sockets on the card, I'm feeling like these cables are too good to be true and that for some reason they won't actually work. Can someone give me a bit of insight as to what my best (i.e. cheapest reliable) option is for connecting my card to my monitor?