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  1. Nich...

    Atomic 3.14 Changelog

    Welcome to the latest version of IPB! As part of this upgrade, a few things: We have a slightly shinier theme. There's now a real mobile theme. We have a slightly consolidated sub-forum index. In the technical (and feedback) sub-forums, the OP can now select the 'best answer' to their question. (I've made this thread an example of the feature, if you're curious what it looks like) Youtube embedding is now done with a plain URL, rather than tags. Embedding will also work with vimeo and some other sites. Gravatar is enabled (previous avatars (mostly) did not make the transition)). You can now hit 'like' on posts you want to +1. Some extra formatting options, both in .sigs and in posts Notification centre now tells you about things! A maximum of 30 images can be shown in a single post Post below if you find other new things you think are worth making note of for new/returning users! There are some new BBCode tags to play with and discover. For editing posts, one of my favourites is the [ hr ] tag, which puts in the above horizontal line. If you're using actual code in [ code ] tags, try using [ php ], [ sql ], or [ html ] for some syntax highlighting. When you're looking at an index page full of threads, if you scan over to the right - right of the thread title and who started it, but left of the last person to have posted in it, it'll say how many replies and views the thread has. If you click on 'x replies', it brings up a window showing each user who has posted in the thread and how many times. (I don't remember this happening in 3.0, but it's not something I remember checking, either.) Reputation has been expanded: while there is still the 5-star system on profiles (where you vote for the user), you can now also upvote and downvote specific content in threads. See link on how to not vote like a reprobate. Relating to the Youtube embedding mentioned up above, URLs from these sites should now auto-embed without needing to use [media] or etc tags: Youtube, Google Video, Myspace Video, YouTu.be, Flickr Image Set, MP3, Vimeo, GamesTrailers Users on the Lurker rank will have no ability to vote in the reputation system, and also have URLs and images turned off in their sigs until they hit 16 posts (Quark). Animated GIFs are currently disabled pending discussion. That being said, they can be used as your avatar: they'll be static everywhere except your profile. If you haven't noticed, little grey down arrows appear on threads rows on index pages - clicking it will give you a preview. If you click on the number of replies in a given thread, while on the index, it will show you which users have posted ordered by number of posts within. By the way, polls can now be set so the results show which users voted on what options. There's a clear option showing when this is enabled by the OP, and it can't be edited in after the poll is made. See here for an example. Taptalk integration should now be working. There are other features floating around, here and there. Please use them responsibly.