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Found 1 result

  1. codecreeper

    Here is good idea for an article

    Why is it so Wrong that users and such have to protect their own accounts from hacking in MMO's and everywhere on the internet now. Why as a deaf person who has no needs for a mobile phone have to go and buy a mobile phone then pay for an access plan to use the mobile phone just to secure a online gaming account. And its getting worse. If i buy a game or open a an account now most times i am asked for a SMS number. Now to me this is blame shifting that companies and Software developers have given up on Security. When i play i do "NOT" own anything associated with the game i just hold the rights to play it. So why should i be blamed for the lack of security on gaming ,banking accounts and in general. It seems no one can see that other side but say just buy a mobile phone ,or my friend is deaf and uses a mobile phone. No this is plain wrong that blame is being shifted on too users. Its these companies who harvested email addresses are to blame and its also their fault for making people use email addresses as login accounts. Its the Software companies and developers that should provide the security ,not place added stress and anxiety on those who cannot use these devices or cannot afford to pay for a device. I know what the response will be already ,just go buy a phone as this what that with hearing will say. But a disabled person with deafness will say something different. I remember one of the founders of ADAM BBS in Adelaide Stephen White who was Deaf and Dumb told me once always stand up for your rights and never back down. Why is this such a taboo topic? Why is everyone keeps saying email addresses are safe?