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Found 1 result

  1. codecreeper


    Forums ? What are they and what do these forums mean to you ? For me its a place where one can participate in discussion and ask advice. But it seems that some in these forums do not quite understand that. A couple of weeks ago i was kicked in guts by some comments which left me kind of ill feeling ,so i took a break. The comments that hurt me was over getting advice on a computer build. So what are Forums? “meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged” But when one encounters phrases like ; “When someone, a professional, comes through, who IS 100% informed, you don't turn down their advice. “ Then it changes the whole scenario about what forums stand for ,don't they. Then followed by; “That's called being a rude, timewaster, and you wonder why people are pissed?” But as I wanted to know why in certain instances that I needed such and such part. “ You ask about RAM, we advise, you decide to ignore it and get more (at least for another bunch of posts) You ask about PSU, we explain its bad to overkill; yet you continue to do so for at least 3 more posts, again! “ Is this open discussion or pointed views ? Then I mentioned I wanted to use a particular supplier and things got really nasty as this person had issues with this Supplier I use. He then berates me forcing me to comply with his instructions by using another ,anything other that what I use. Is this freedom choice? Is this how we should behave in the forums to berate someone so bad they almost left the forums for good. Why have forums if we cannot discuss things in an open form. Coming in too these forums and berating posters for their comments for not living up too another posters views is called “ Bullying” and its bad for the forums in any respect. Yes i have my PC Built for me and its sitting in its box still ,the response from these forums make me feel so guilty that i want no part of it. For now.